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  1. The Groundspeak App does not have an 'average' feature. Well isn't that just spiffy? gc.com isn't even aware of the community's "best practices", or if they are, didn't make it part of the spec requirement for an application that they knew full well would be used to place caches? No wonder folks are having trouble. I wouldn't insult finders by taking a "snapshot" coordinate to place a cache with any of my Garmin handhelds, much less something with fairly common drift issues like the iPhone. i'd be curious to know if there are many 'veteran' geocachers using iphone4's to make hides. i don't have a lot of finds and hides only because i'm a casual geocacher, but i've been doing it for a while. i have a garmin vista hcx and an iphone4 and would never think of making a hide with an iphone4, or making a hide without doing some serious averaging with my vista hcx. if i was out and about with my iphone4 and i was bored i might try to make a find with it but it will never take the place of my dedicated gps. is the popularity of the smartphone going to dilute the quality of hides, and geocaching in general? i could see it happening.
  2. hi and welcome. maybe this will be what you're looking for: http://uud.info/en/map/
  3. will there be any help of any kind from the powers that be so i can solve this problem? what could have been changed on geocaching.com that could make it unbelievably slow to load on a windows laptop running ie7. every single other website loads perfectly fine on there, just as usual. thanks. i probably have to do something on my computer, but i need to know what has been done to cause it first.
  4. unfortunately it is slow on my companies laptop, so there's nothing i can do. it used to work fine on there until recently. every other website is fine on there, so i know it is something with geocaching.com. i wish someone from there would respond and and let me know what changes they made to the website, then maybe i could work around it. i also just noticed that i didn't receive notification that someone found one of my caches.
  5. i talked about this in another thread, but ever since a week or so ago, it takes about 10 minutes for geocaching.com to load on one of my laptops, gets to '1 item remaining' and sits there. when it finally loads it then takes forever if i click on 'hide and seek a cache' or 'forums'. that's a windows laptop, when i use my apple macbook pro, like now, everything is hunky dory. anyone else experiencing a slow down, or have any suggestions on what to check on my windows laptop? thanks.
  6. thanks again folks. and timpat, your thomas jefferson quote is so fitting, because i will be travelling up in that area by myself.
  7. site doesn't seem to be working well...anyway i'm trying to convert the following, no luck. i tried some online converters, but since i don't know what type this is it won't work for me. thanks. Latitude 36.089060460282006 Longitude -87.27951049804688
  8. thank you very much. i printed a couple to take with me just in case. they look interesting for sure.
  9. thank you very much. i printed a couple to take with me just in case. they look interesting for sure.
  10. it's taking me forever to get on with a windows laptop, gets to "1 item remaining" and sits there for well over 5 minutes. when i use my macbook pro which i am to post this, it's working fine...both using my same network.
  11. gonna be up there this weekend for a bit, with a little time to geocache. thanks.
  12. hey friends. i recently got rid of my desktop pc and replaced it with a macbook pro. i don't really want to install stuff on the macbook pro so i want to use my work laptop to get caches onto my vista hcx. my question is can i just install easygps on my work laptop and download cached to my gps, or does easygps somehow use the garmin plugin? thanks.
  13. that's not exactly right. you can use 発見しました! or 見つけた ! the second one is more casual. So something like this would be fine? looks good to me.
  14. if that's the case they should not complain in their logs seconded.
  15. you're welcome. i lived in japan for 4 years and my wife is japanese so it was a little easier for me without downloaded maps when i was visiting last year, but like i said, enter your home coordinates in gc.com and you will be on your way. i hope you have fun. post back in here and let us know how it goes.
  16. that's not exactly right. you can use 発見しました! or 見つけた ! the second one is more casual.
  17. after you get your gpsr and it acquires satellites, you can just go to the hide and seek a geocache page, enter those coordinates and it will show you all the geocaches in your area. pick some geocaches that look interesting to you, enter the coordinates and follow the arrow. the arrow will point you stratight in the direction of course, but you get my drift. you don't NEED any other maps to go geocaching. they are helpful though and someone should be along with the link to open source maps. if you don't have any experience at all i would recommend waiting til you get your feet wet a little bit before you start downloading maps.
  18. thanks all, i'll give it a try...
  19. how about if i'm not a premium member, never used gsak, don't go paperless and just want to use my macbook to get the coords on my vista hcx? any help on that? i used to use easygps.
  20. i wonder why people make silly assumptions. the Mac is working fine. i haven't even tried to install mapsource or basecamp or whatever on it as of yet. i figured maybe i could get some tips from a Mac user before i start, and actually my original post was about getting mapsource transferred over to a pc anyway. as i said, i ended up buying a mac. do you have anything substantive to add?
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