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  1. Thanks! Wanted to put my location there... done. Thanks again!!!!
  2. The text below my aviator now reads "Premium Member." How do I go about changing that text to read what I'd like? Thanks!
  3. +1 And I'll add... give it a rest. your quest to rid the world of caches you don't like is becoming tiresome. +1 Thanks
  4. So to make caaching the safest, ban the use of automobiles in getting from one cache to the next
  5. There you go... had to drag us left handers into the mix:)
  6. GeoRVers


    I carry a fanny pack filled with cheap, 2-3 for A dollar, toys, bracelets, sunglasses, etc... for the kids. Seldom do I swap swag, but I'll leave a small handful in a caches that is depleted. If you can keep kids interested, the game will go on forever.......
  7. Even today. After lunch with the mother-in-law, we stopped and hit two caches on our way home
  8. I haven't been on here that long and didn't know that they use to show the location. Just couldn't imagine why they wouldn't think location was good to know info. Thanks...
  9. Just about every forum I participate in shows the poster's location in the information below their avatar. Why not here on the Geocaching.com forum? This is a location based game and knowing a persons location would help in understanding some of the post. Just as observation...
  10. I love my 400t and the .gpx PQs load perfectly.
  11. Not a great idea - I go after the treasure chest on the GPSr. Once at GZ and not able to find the cache, I'll pull up the description... and the hint, after some more searching.
  12. I'd explain your hoplophobia to him and he may choose to find someone else to cache with... no need to stress yourself.
  13. Caching with your own pack of muggles lol
  14. I congratulate you on your 'trying to get it right'. Like other said, try to meet the mission... get to Drumheller, which it has already been... and other places with fossils. Sounds like Utah to me. Drop the owner an email letting them know your plans and all will be happy.
  15. At least the cache has been visited every few days... as bad as it sounds, maybe it will be recovered. Best of luck!
  16. I'd probably be apologizing to the CO for shotting his cache before figuring out the snake was fake
  17. So when is this return to virtuals suppose to happen? I would like to see a minimum of rules to place virts... with those like the National Forest making it difficult to place physical caches, 10s of thousands of acres of land around us are effectively offlimits to caching. Virts could open up hundreds of miles of roads and trails to caching....
  18. Animals chew on bone for the calcium... might not have been a muggle
  19. I don't think I'll be searching for any more of their videos...
  20. I've noted this variable notification on my 400t also. I have the street maps on my unit and get the same notification for destinations and upcoming turns. I think that the notification is based on time to arrival/turn.
  21. I just love those logs (wet) that fall apart while trying to sign with the Write-in-the-Rain pen I count those as finds and make a note about the wet log so that the CO can do some maintenance.
  22. Electronic Geocaching Gadget Electronic Gismo Guru
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