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  1. I just tried to send an Archived cache to my GPSr via GSAK, and it isn't working. Is there a setting I need to change to allow this? What I'm doing in the Real World is I'm gonna place a cache where one was Archived and the original CO is OK with this. But I have to find the location per coords first. I'll do a Manual Mark for now, but was wondering what's up with the GSAK program cause it won't send a dead cache to my GPSr. I suppose it makes sense if there's no provision for this, but I think I'm making it pretty clear here that I do some things just a little bit differently than most do. If there's a help for this, Thanks. If not, I'll deal with my strange methods myself. At any rate, Thanks again for the helps so far. []
  2. Oops! I missed ranebo2001's reply ahead of mine. Sorry! Still, I think I gave a good answer regarding LPC's too.
  3. I can be a lazy guy at times, and was disappointed that this wasn't directly posted as an answer to the OP Question. So, in an effort to save anyone else from this terribly difficult task (just kidding... ) I figured I'd go ahead and post in the C&P from the above provided Link that was shared. "A GRC or Guard Rail Cache is a term used to describe any cache that is hidden on a guard rail, this is often used as a derogatory term by cachers who don't like Guard Rail Caches." This might be of assistance to some of the more 'casual readers' here at the forums. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the record I'll also list the 2 that I just used here within. OP = Original Poster (of the Question or Topic) C&P (one I think I made up myself, but maybe others have used it too....) Copy & Paste. I'm glad I happened to see this topic here tonight, cause I wasn't familiar with GRC either. Now I know, huh? Also, an LPC is a "Lamp Post Cache", also sometimes said derogatorily, as these aren't exactly what some cachers consider as a unique cache. In case you don't know, many Lamp Posts have a skirt that can be lifted up around where the actual Post is bolted to it's foundation. Thus, there is room for a Micro Cache that is often labeled as an LPC. That said about the LPC's, I've found two myself and I liked them enough that I decided to Hide one as well. To make mine somewhat Unique, the Container itself is a stripped out "AA" sized Mini Maglite Flashlight. Heck, I've even gotten some compliments in the logs so far! One log told me that it was "very illuminating!" Check out GC23G1D if interested in seeing that particular cache listing. I thought it was pretty clever myself.
  4. As a Hunter of the cache, there have been times that I kinda wished there was a Spoiler Pic.... Maybe. But as the Owner/Hider of the cache, why would you want to give it away prematurely? To me, that spoils (duh!, thus the name, huh?) of the hunt. As a Hunter, I've asked for and received helps from the CO when I got stumped at GZ and couldn't find the cache. Heck, a couple times, my lack of a find has resulted in a Maintenance Check from the owner, only to find that it was indeed missing. (one time With, and the other time With Out me sending an NM log) As the CO/Hider, I would return the favor if asked via email or log entry. But I don't see why you'd want to post a Spoiler Pic right in with the listing. ~~~~~~~~~ I'm a newer CO though, so I guess different folks have reasons for doing what they want. So the above is just my humble Opinion. As for me, I've been using different Background Images to reflect the area or the specific nature/theme of the cache.
  5. My very first Hidden Cache was taken over under very similar circumstances. I tried contacting the owner for adoption after having seen a few NM logs, and I got involved again after seeing an NA log from someone else. I even went back to this cache to make sure that it was still there. (it was) A reviewer stepped in and helped me/answered questions about me taking it over without the original owner being around. So I learned some things. A) Adoption Can Not happen in the CO is absent. (as others have said, it's time for it to die. ~ such a sad scenario, I know) But it needs to be Archived. The Archival Status frees the site for a new cache to be listed. And that's Exactly what I did after the original listing was archived. I used the same coords, container and everything and re submitted it as a new cache after having cleaned up and dried out the container. After a couple of logs talkin' about the coords being off by 40 feet, I submitted new coords for what it now My cache and all is good to this day. Since then, I've also Modified the original container and if closed properly it will never be wet inside again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` To answer the OP question though, Posting an NM log also sets an Attribute on the listing's page and to the CO via email. If one NM log was just done 2 days ago, no need to send another. Just note your find and the condition of the cache in your Found log. However, your story goes that the CO hasn't been around for Months and that there was another NM log some time back. This is your chance to post an NA log for a Reviewer to see and take note of. The NM logs only get sent via email to the CO, but the NA log is also sent via email to the local Reviewers. If you're like me and have any interest in Owning a cache for yourself, you can start talking to the reviewer that will eventually first Temp Disable the cache to give the CO one last chance to reclaim and maintain it. If that fails the reviewer will then Archive it. Once Archived, that site is available to anyone for a new or restored cache. I now own 5 caches, but this happened to be how I got the first one.
  6. Look at post #5 and post #6 for the transfer to GPS part. As for the rest of GSAK... yes, it is quite a handful. I believe different people use it differently. If you feel a need, start another thread, or check GSAK's forums. Thanks! Looking back at those logs was a great help. I'm gonna try to print out this topic now. I got 5 more caches into my GPS with GSAK, but I kept forgetting a step. Printing this will help. Thanks for the info and tips. I sure appreciate it!! EDIT: Printing worked well. ( I even figured out the Manual Duplex mode to get 4 sheets instead of 8. )
  7. As a cache Owner, I like personal logs. As a cache Finder, I try to write personal logs. I'm also old fashioned, so I bring along notes for the caches. When I find them I jot down the time and date. I'll usually include that info in with my log by typing it in manually. The only count I've entered is my 100th find, and though a milestone for me I more so mentioned it cause my 100th happens to coincide with another member's 1000th find, and the cache I found was placed in honor of him. I had no idea or plan to make my 100th find at the cache hidden for the other guy's 1000th, it was just pure coincidence. I just saw that as I began my log for it, and the previous log said I had 99 Found. Other than that one example, I just figured nobody really cares how many caches I've found or placed. So why bother even keeping track of that on my field notes that I jot down? If anyone wants to see my numbers, they're in the profile somewhere on the site.
  8. commercial grade GPS systems can be, such as starfire. but for that to be really useful, both the hider and the seeker would have to use that. not that i would find geocaching very challenging if i had accuracy readings of less than 10 cm. I'll agree. If the GPS I got at WalMart took me straight to each and every cache dead on accurately, I would likely loose interest in the hunt. The failures can be a bit frustrating at times, but the Finds are then that much more rewarding!
  9. Could be low battery, though I've run my GPSr DEAD and didn't have this issue. Wind certainly will not effect a compass, neither Electronic or magnetic/mechanical. My guess would be the variables involved with the position of the birds in the sky (the locations of the Satellites I mean, not real birds....) and also the time of day when the GPS unit is being used. Remember, those birds (satellites) are always on the move, and in this game Location Means Everything!
  10. In all honesty, you can count on your GPSr to get you within 30 to 50 feet of the Real place you need to be. There are just too many variables involved with the GPS technology we use in this game, one of which you did mention. Overhead Sky conditions. Other variables include GPS brand differences and the alignment of the satellites during the day when they are in use. In other words, you have GPS brand A, and the person who hid the cache has GPS brand B. The hider may have hidden the cache at 8:00 PM, and you might be looking for it at 8:00 AM. When each given GPSr could have an accuracy rating at the time of say... 15 to 25 feet? If you combine the numbers together, you could really be off by 30 to 50 feet. Sometimes even more. Make sense? It really is all in the variables, and GPS is NOT dead on accurate yet. I'm not sure that it ever can be really, cause we only have 12 or 24 satellites in the sky and there at least 4 Major brands out there who make GPS units, each with there own proprietary programing being used. I hope that helps, and I encourage you to not give up just yet. It take practice, that's for sure. Welcome to Geocaching, and Have Fun with it!!
  11. I have a Triton as well, and the Vantage Point software works really well with the .GPX file from the site. A few more steps than I cared for, but I was already used to these steps with the Magellan eXplorist 210. And the eXplorist didn't even give any info other than the name, cause the .LOC file was all it would handle. Anyhow, even a software dummy like me figured it out so I'm sure you will too. I know the manuals included [could] be a little more forthcoming, but you'll get it. It makes sense once you get used to it. I enjoyed the Triton and all the info while I was still using it, and I may go back to using it again if I ever figure out a way to make a set of batteries last more than a single day.
  12. Well I downloaded GSAK last night and started playing with it. Holy Crap!!! Confusing!!! I'm gonna have to do some research on this for sure. I'll try to figure out what I want from it, but a new topic might be coming if I'm really stumped. I did manage to get One cache to my Garmin by Name though. No descriptions, notes or Hints, but at least I got the Name listed. If I never figure out any more of the program, I'll be happy having the Primary concern solved. Thanks for the prompt to at least try it out.
  13. My eTrex Venture HC has the same rubber strip and I've heard of this complaint too. This might be a 'cheap' idea, but wouldn't a regular super glue work? I once had a plastic piece fall off a cell phone (antenna cover, FYI) and a couple drops of super glue has kept it place for... I dunno, almost a year now? Is there any reason that it wouldn't work on this rubber strip as well? Just thinking here.
  14. Bump... While not a big fan of 'even More fricken Software'... I've decided that maybe GSAK or easyGPS might be better than nothing so that we can have Names in our Garmins. Since I'm somewhat accustomed to that additional software with 2 Magellan GPSr's maybe a third party package won't be too difficult to learn. Now I am Assuming (and let me know if I'm wrong on this) that if I go with a 3rd party package then I will give up the Easy Site Loading as I know it with the Garmins. Correct? At the site, all I have to do is hit the Send To GPS button and they're loaded. First mine, then my daughters. BUT, only with the GC # that I don't want. If I get one of these 3rd party software deals here, how does that work? As easily as the site's Send To GPS button? (again Assuming, I'd have to send the cache info to the program first, right?) At this point, I'm counting on being able to get the .gpx info to that new software, and that's Far better than the simple .loc file, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forgive my persistence on this, and my stupid questions. I know what I want, but I also know that Software is my weak point in understanding this stuff. My questions aren't the best, and my comprehension of some good answers can take me a bit to grasp. In other words, if you want to help me out here you're really gonna have to spell it out Step by Step. If you have a Link to an Owners Manual that would be Great. Sadly, I am full aware of the lack of Manuals when it comes to Software. I have yet to figure out just why that is. Y'all should have seen me trying to get the Triton going as far as I did. I got it going OK, but it's a really cumbersome unit compared to the Garmin and the battery life Really is Bad on the Triton. Enough of my rant. What say you fine and all knowing folks?
  15. Same here. At one point, I felt sure we just weren't going to find the thing, and I realized how much money and time it would cost to replace it. The welcome screen on my unit displays my personal information, so I could hope that whoever found it would be kind enough to return it. I'd rather not depend on that, to be honest. --Larry Not sure I'd want the lanyard around my neck, but... Our newer Garmin eTrex Venture HC's (daughter and myself) came with a ridiculously long lanyard, far longer than a typical wrist strap, and I think we like them a lot! We've come to use them on our wrists as they have a slip lock included to close the lanyard around the wrist. If we drop the GPS, the farthest is will fall is about half an arm's length. Perfect, IMHO. To answer the Signal Question, the Garmins can hold a lock in the basement apartment we live in. I was Impressed! My newer Magellan Triton can hold a signal sometimes as well. If they'll work in a basement apartment, surely they'll hold a signal in the field in a pocket. Even my oldest Magellan eXplorist 210 kept a signal in the field, but it Never worked in the apartment. Interesting thing though. The Magellan's didn't include a lanyard at all. I wonder why that is, cause I Prefer having it now.
  16. Thanks for the help, but.... Looks like I'm Not gonna get what I was hoping for on this. Additional Software (something that I'll admit I'm not good at learning....) is not what I was looking for. Also, I don't have the $$ for the higher end GPSr's and/or a Pocket PC device that will allow total Paperless Caching. It should appear to me that I'll just make due with my cheaper Garmin and simplified Field Notes for now. That said, I'm Thankful that my cheap Garmin has the geocache site support to simply shoot the GC # to our devices very quickly. The daughter and I are pretty happy with the Garmins we're using now and I'm happy with the fact that I really don't have to mess with any additional Software Program complications or additional steps like I did when I had the Magellan unit(s) as our Primary caching device. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If I really want Paperless Caching, I can deal with the Magellan package and just carry the two devices that I already own. The Triton 400 has Terrible battery life, but it does hold all the info for any given cache. (if I mess enough with it to bother to load it up.)
  17. I'm new to the Garmin GPSr line and the daughter and I both have the eTrex model listed in the title of this topic. Since I do all of the loading of the cache listings into both units, I absolutely LOVE the fact that the geocache site is set up to just click a button to Send To GPS. (Garmin) Beautiful! Having cached a couple of years with a Magellan eXplorist (and recently a Triton 400) I could explain what a PITA it used to be to load caches into those units. No site support, so you have to rely on Magellan's software to do so, and that just adds more steps to the process. But I would digress from my question if I got into that. What I want to know is this. With the Garmin eTrex units, is there a way to have the GPSr show the Name of the caches in the list rather than the GC#? That Triton 400 I have does a pretty good job of saving caches to it with all the information from the cache listing pages, but I have to go through Magellan's program to do all of that. As already stated, kinda a pain in the tail! The Triton can almost make me a Paperless Cacher, but I really like the Garmin's support at the site that allows me to just send the cache info to the GPS. Understanding that we don't have an advanced Garmin that will allow Paperless Caching, can we at least replace the GC# with the Cache Name??? I can reduce the Paper notes for our cache hunts, but the GC# instead of the Cache Name is a PITA as far as I'm concerned. In Practical Field use, the GC # is meaningless to us. Is there a Fix to this issue?
  18. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong on this, but in my experience... it is Not uncommon for the GPSr's to act differently on different days even under the same weather and sky clearance conditions. The Satellites that we receive the signals from are always on the move. That signal strength will no doubt add or detract from the GPSr's accuracy rating at any given time. When the satellites are lined up good, we get a good reception. If not... we don't. I used to think it was all about the weather and/or tree cover overhead, but I've since been to the same location under different AND same such conditions only to find that the accuracy ratings shown on the screen are totally different compared to the last trip. This is My experience, and my hypothesis on this problem. But it's only logical to me that we have to remember that the satellites may or may not be in the same position each time we use our units to get the signals.
  19. If you're ever in my area, I'll be Pleased as Punch to read your Found It logs in the caches I've hidden. Before too long, you'll be Hiding your own caches too. Happy Caching!
  20. When I check out my Friends at the Geocache Site, the Hides that they've hidden never Update in the Status Bars in their Friends Profiles. The Found caches update, but their Hides do not. What am I missing here on this? My Profile & Status Bar updates when I find or Hide a new cache, but why do my Friends not show an update for the caches that they have hidden? I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but when I check out my Friends, I'd like an Accurate Update on the # of caches that they've Hidden listed when I click on the My Friends list. ~~~~~~~~~~~~` I know, I can get into each Profile for an up to date list at each Friend, but why don't the Statistics update on the Friends page? I must be missing something here. Please let me know, huh? One of my Friends has hidden 50+ caches, but when I look at my Friends list, he still has Zero (0) shown. Another friend has hidden 12-15, but she also shows a 0 at my friends list. Both of their Finds are updated regularly. I must be missing something here. Just don't know what it is yet. Thanks.
  21. I'm not familiar with this particular Forum's Software package, but the ones I am familiar with do have the ability to alter certain settings that will remove inactive users, thus freeing up the user names. (Maybe?) Maybe Not. And here's why: The methods I'm aware of will "Ban" a member by using the IP Address (on the computer) of the said User ID. This will prevent the guy with the user name 'John Doe' from ever logging into the forum again by associating the user name and password with Any computer's IP address that the user can find. Let's say that 'John Doe' was Banned from the forum due to misbehavior from his Home computer and thus the IP address linked to that computer. Thinking that he can get back into the forums by logging in at his Work computer, he tries to stir up the same trouble that got him Banned in the first place. Before too long the System (Software Package of choice) will pick up on that and thus ban that user again by associating the new IP address of the work computer under that User ID and password. If 'John Doe' tries a friends computer with it's own IP Address (and yet another perhaps...) the process will only repeat itself to keep that guy out. This is the Option that a Forum Owner has to keep out a bad pickle, and to the best of my knowledge, this is what is designed into the forum's software packages that are available for the Owner/Operators to use. By this design/automatic process, I do not believe there is a way to free up an expended User ID. Once the ID has been taken (for good or for bad) it's taken. If that ID is never again used by the Owner of the ID, that is his or her prerogative. If that ID was banned, I do not believe there is a way for the PTB to make any adjustments. I'm not about to claim myself as any Expert on this though. I'm just sharing what I do know and understand as a user and an Owner Operator. Maybe a Moderator here will come along and set us all straight on this one, huh? I'm just sharing what I understand about these types of forums in the hopes of lending a helpful answer. I'm more than willing to know more from the PTB myself, ya know? Take care, Folks.
  22. I'm new to my Venture HC as well, and I'm not familiar enough to work with GSAK. I don't want to seem like I'm stepping into the op's thread to much, but is there a way to load caches to the Venture with the Name of the cache as opposed to the GC # only? If this warrants a new thread, just let me know and Delete this post. Or steer my in the right direction. Thanks.
  23. There are 2 or 3 eTrex models that are yellow. But from what you say, it looks like you have the basic eTrex H? Mine is the brighter yellow too, but on the screen itself it has the model Venture HC printed on it. There is also the Summit HC model that is a duller tone of yellow. The H is a gray scale screen, while the Venture and Summit are both Color screens. Anyhow, I'm still new with mine too, so the Datum WGS 84 setting is something that I will look into on mine. I believe it's set at that as standard though, cause I never changed anything like that when I started using it for geocaching. As far as what to bring along on a hunt? This will become a personal list of basically what you feel is best, and that will just come with experience. I started out by bringing along a printout of each cache listing that I was going after that day. (now I jot down pertinent notes only and bring along the least amount pf paper as possible.) I try to remember my caching sack of stuff with trade items when going after the larger caches. If I forget to bring that along, I just don't do any trading. I'll sign the log book and carry on to the next cache. If I'm only going after Micros that day, there's no need at all to bring along any trading items. All you can do is enjoy those hunts and sign the log sheet when you find it. Something I've started to learn to do though, is a little bit of Recon work prior to setting out on the trail. (or shall I say, the possible LACK of any trails!) What I mean is, take some time to get to know the area where you're about to go hiking after any listed cache. I can't tell you how many times I've bushwhacked through some really thick stuff, only to notice a nice hiking path just a couple hundred feet from my bushwhacking trek. OOPS! Of well, live and learn, right? A hiking trail may take you up to a half mile out of a direct path, but that half mile on a trail is certainly better than an eighth of a mile through thick brush. I can also tell you that the Satellite Views on the map alone (at the geocache site) won't always make those trails well known. Tree cover can easily hide a trail from the air. Back to what to bring along on the hike. A bottle of water is good to have and also a cell phone in case of an emergency. A Real Compass is handy too, as the electronic ones in the GPSr devices don't normally function when standing still. (Unless you have a higher end model, and it sounds like you do not. (Neither do I, BTW) A Flashlight is good to have if you accidentally find yourself on the trail a bit longer than you thought you would be. I've done that a few times myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've a good idea that I didn't help you much on setting up your GPSr, but these are just a few of the things that I've picked up on with a little bit of geocaching experience. Hopefully, some of this will be useful to you as well. Good Luck, and Happy Geocaching!!!
  24. I'm certainly not going to log a cache that I never saw. And thanks for the report tip.
  25. I have caches hidden within 5 Miles from work and also 5 Miles from Home. Given the 5 mile space between work and home, I guess I have about a Total Radius of 15 Miles that I would be comfortable with to Maintain the caches, given a Centralized Hub somewhere toward the Center of that 15 Miles. Give me some Slack in my radius range, and I may be comfortable with a 25 Mile range Max radius of the caches I would Hide and Maintain. In my case, that central Hub would be midway between home and work and that turns out to be about 2.5 Miles SE of my home coords. That's what I would be comfortable with, and that's just my humble Opinion. Of course, different folks have different Options. Myself, I have a farm 3 1/2 hours away from home that I could place several caches on. It's MY land, so I know I can hide them there. But.... I'm not there frequently enough to maintain the caches properly. So that leaves me out of owning any caches in Michigan!
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