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ammo cans are they available near you and how much?


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Went to grab a couple ammo cans today in knoxville Tn at Cherokee army surplus and while I wasn't surprised he had them I was at the price. I got lucky he happened to have like new cans $5 for a 30 cal $10 for a 50 cal. Which isn't bad in itself with what seems to be a current shortage. What surprised me was he had larger ones for very reasonable prices and even had some "less than perfect" 30 and 50 cal cans for $3 and $5. I say less than perfect but don't be mistaken these cans need little or no touch up I got 3 30 cal cans for less than $10 out the door :) . One needs a sticker removed then all need a few minor touch ups to the paint. honestly nothing more than what I would have done to cover up the lettering probably anyways. :)


But the question is are ammo cans avail in your area and what are they going for these days?


It just seems like all the posts I have read say most of of prefer ammo cans to other containers when they can be used, yet it seems like there aren't as many out there as there could be are they really that much more expensive. To me a can for only 3-5 bucks even if you include a little spray paint is a far better choice than a lock n lock for 2 or 3 that doesn't stay as dry or animal proof and often needs/gets covered in camo tape (which only adds to the cost :) ) makes much better sense and would last much longer as long as it is placed well and doesn't get muggled.


I am fairly new am I missing something?

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Trying to figure out if I can take any home from here.


When I was in and while I was growing up when my uncle was in we could but them cheap at the post px. I would assume that is where he got all the ones I was given growing up ( that I know kick myself for not keeping :) ) . You may still be able to get them on post if you are still serving currently.

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They've gotten really pricey here in the Dallas area. The store I go to used to sell 30 cals for $3.99, now they're $12.99! I have no idea what caused the huge price increase, but I've switched to lock-n-locks because of it.


I've bid on a couple of military surplus auctions for pallet loads of cans but I always lose out. :)

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It's nice living near a military base. The little town near one of the entrances has 5 surplus stores and they're all after your business, so the competition keeps the prices in check. I can't remember what I paid, but it was something like $4 for a .30 call and $7 for a .50 cal. Even better is a local cacher who won a pallet load and has been selling the 50 cal cans for 6.50 a piece if you can meet him somewhere. I grabbed five last time I saw him, though I still haven't used them.

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