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  1. I just now tried the new log page. It doesn't work. It requires the entry of a log date but that field is not accessible. At least not in my browser (IE). I've recently been logging via third party software or via the phone app. Thankfully I can opt out of the new page and the old one works just fine.
  2. The event attendance is for July 15 or July 16 and results in a souvenir for the attendee. You get 10 coins for attending. However, those 10 coins will disappear on Monday when the coins reset for the new week. Coins for the next souvenir start on Monday, July 17 and all coins of your "Crew" count, including yours. You have to have at least five coins (one cache, any kind) in order for you to qualify.
  3. I would say that they could log the find if they signed the log back in 2013. Happens all the time with children that later get their own account. Just make sure the log is clear about what they are doing or it will look phony.
  4. The release notice does indicate it will take a few extra days for Android users. Third paragraph from the bottom.
  5. Unless GC loosens up the criteria to allow the use of the cache name or other fields, then I don't think there will be enough caches created to warrant a separate icon. We've had only two published since the moratorium. That's in a radius of 30 miles with thousands of caches. That's hardly enough to create an icon for them. Retroactively reassigning challenge caches to this new icon would be darn near impossible given that the word challenge in the title doesn't guarantee that it is, indeed, a challenge. "Challenge" in the title is enough to be able to filter for them (or filter them out). So, my vote is no (for now).
  6. Inasmuchas there haven't been any new challenge caches published in my area (30 mile radius) since the moratorium was lifted, it's really difficult to answer this question...... I really think this new system has killed challenge caches. Now we just work off the grandfathered ones, just like virtual caches.
  7. Depending on your unit, perhaps it needs to be calibrated.
  8. I use my Oregon 450T for all of my planned caching trips, downloaded with PQs for the area. I've tried using the old and new apps on the phone but find the navigation is nonresponsive/slow. And "nearby" caches are limited. Battery life of the phone is awful (Samsung S6 Edge) with the Geocaching app running. So I find I use the phone for those "What's around here?" occasions and copy the coordinates into my Oregon and use it for detailed navigation. I'll also copy the coordinates into my Garmin nuvi for road navigation. Both manually, of course. The app is useful for looking up previous logs. Now, if I could figure out a way to pair the phone app with my Oregon/nuvi units, I'd be really good.
  9. We have only one new challenge cache within 30 miles of home coordinates. It's a Jasmer Challenge that has be published multiple times. I do not qualify for it and probably never will (missing most of year 2000). I really do miss the name-based challenges as they prompted me to go for caches that I probably wouldn't have selected (primarily due to terrain issues). And I don't mind doing database searches to determine qualification. Some were actually quite interesting. And you never know how much effort was done by the CO to make a good physical cache. Sometimes you are surprised. I understand the problem with geocheckers and name-based challenges. The set of correct answers has to be defined and not open. State names or state capitals is a finite set. Names of flowers or foods is not (unless you create a HUGE list of foods/flowers and constantly add to it as new foods are proposed). So, bring back challenges that require a closed set and continue to ban open set challenges. At least some would be better than the current NONE.
  10. Again, in my area, "booger" (pronounced boo'jer) is almost always the electric transformer found in all shopping malls, strip malls, light industrial area, residential areas, etc. They are almost always green although many seem to also come in tan or sandstone colors to blend in better to our environment. Cache is usually under the bottom lip and magnetic.
  11. In my area, PUB stands for "Public Utility Box". It's usually the box that holds the electric meter.
  12. Have fun in Ireland! As you set up your routing, be sure to check on the counties you might travel through. Ireland is set up as 5 separate counties, much like the US and it's states. As such, there is no souvenir for "Ireland" but there are souvenirs for each county. We visited Ireland and found caches for "Dublin" as we didn't know about the county setup. We were within a mile or two of the next county and missed it because of the way it's set up. Here are the 5 counties: Connacht, Dublin, Leinster, Munster, Ulster
  13. I also wish GS would allow the users to remove any souvenirs they don't want from their profile. B. You can, at least, hide them.
  14. AH, thank you for the info. I had deleted that email but hadn't "taken the trash out" yet. I, too, had to google the hint but then it was simple. Thanks again.
  15. Where are you getting the password (from the souvenir? - if so, I can't read part of it). Also where are you entering it to get the badge? I see no link to do that.
  16. They were referring to the decal version of a Travel Bug. I have one on my car and, around here, it's referred to a s Mobile TB. It's logged onsite like any TB - except you can't retrieve it or grab it - only discover it.
  17. Bump. This comes up quite often these days, now that many people are using phone apps to log their finds. Multiple logs because the phone didn't react quickly enough so the sender hits "Send" again. It would seem to be a rather quick programming assignment to do this. Comment field would be best instead of a drop down. Also, it doesn't HAVE to be mandatory, a good CO would want to give a better reason than nothing at all. Good to learn that it's on GC's backlog list but that was two years ago. Can we get it pulled from the bottom of the list? Much nearer to the top!!!
  18. I've done a couple of night caches. One was on a lot in the hills with lots of trees in the area and they used fire tacks to get you from one spot to next. Had trouble with that one as they looped back and forth so you quite often might be at stage four and could only see the stage 2 tacks again. Finally got it though. The other was a series of caches set in the Nevada desert - not trees! They used stakes (mostly PVC pipes) just a bit taller than the bush and added reflective tape around the top or down one side). We had rather weak flashlights and the distance were too far to see the next point very easily. So, bring a VERY bright flashlight! As many lumens as you can afford.
  19. Challenge caches have been effectively eliminated for my area. No new challenge caches within 30 miles of home since the moratorium was lifted. Most likely because all of the "standard" ones are already in place (i.e. Jasmer, D/T matrix in many forms). Creative ones using the title have been eliminated, most likely because of the open versus closed list issue that would be needed by the checker to work properly. Perhaps they may revisit the issue in a while (not holding breath here).
  20. You could also go to the Help section to see the list of available souvenirs. It doesn't seem to be updated frequently as they just added "International Geocaching Day" for this year. And, they don't include dates. It also doesn't include today's Mission nor the next one. But the last one is included. This is what is currently included: Hello 2016 Leap Day 2016 Leap Day Weekend 2016 CITO Week - April 2016 Get Outdoors Day 2016 Mission GC Favorites Are Forever 2016 International Geocaching Day 2016 CITO Week - September 2016 GIFF 2016 Go here https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=792
  21. If the cache was ORIGINALLY placed without a stamp then it was mistyped as a Letterbox. But if the stamp goes missing (or destroyed or rots or whatever) then a "Needs Maintenance" log would be appropriate. Same would apply to any cache that was missing a required element (such as a log). From a Geocaching.com point of view, the presence of that stamp trumps all other cache-type classifications. That's what the attributes are for as well as the advisement to "Read the description". I'm leaning toward the idea that it should be the other way around. Letterboxes should adhere to their traditional guidelines (Stamp required, GPS to get to the start and clues/directions to the final).
  22. I just checked on how many new challenge caches have been published in my area since the moratorium was lifted. Zero. None. And that covers an area of a 30 mile radius (that's 12,246 square miles, if my math is right. And that is with no restrictions for D/T. Only search criteria was the word "Challenge" in the title. Question now is "why"? My guess is the restriction that the Cache Name cannot be used is the culprit. We have many (pre-moratorium) that are Jasmer based and DeLorme based but no one wants to put any more of those out. We even have JasmerX2 and JasmerX3 where you have to have completed the grid multiple times. The the vast majority were creative, word based challenges. Yes, there are your usual extreme challenges (3 States of GeoArt, Noah's Ark, etc) but for the most part they were rather straight forward and easy to document. To be honest, I do have over 18,000 finds so that gives me a great starting source and I qualify for many almost outright. If I don't qualify, I usually don't have to find many more. That helps me select target caches in my area that has a balance of over 6,000 unfound caches (same area as above). There are 5280 active caches I've already found in that 30 mile circle with a T rating of 2.5or less. That's aver 11,000 caches available in the area. I also admit I use GSAK and the Name Search function is one of the best. You can search for any string you want and it'll search within strings on the fly. I realize that someone without database skills is at a disadvantage here, but that's no different than I am when it comes to puzzle caches. I enjoy them more than many of the puzzle caches that area out there that require skills that I just don't have. How you can look a string of numbers and somehow know that they are Dewey decimal codes for books with numbers in their titles. Or they are player numbers that were once playing for the Yankees and you have to somehow know that the number you are looking for is the finaly digit of their rookie year? Or how about the ones that are narrative stories and you somehow have to know to use the third letter of every five letter word in the story. I do not anticipate very many challenge caches coming our way within the near future. What does everyone else foresee?
  23. Did you check the boxes that accept the terms and conditions? I think there are two on that page.
  24. We did almost the exact same thing this past week. Series of six caches with numbers in the lids. Could not find one of them. Object was to insert them into the final's coordinate template. The template had two places where the missing number was to be inserted. Fortunately, the CO had provided a checksum. Basic math applied and we had the final. Not what the CO intended but we got it anyway. So far, no deletion.
  25. We use a Garmin nuvi for driving navigations. We load up to 1000 caches as "favorites" and they then show up on-screen as we drive. We also have 20,000 caches (or so) in special POI files but they don't show up as nicely on-screen as the favorites do. Have not tried using smartphone as that uses too much data.
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