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  1. Color me cautiously optimistic. It feels like more thought was put into this over previous iterations of non-physical cache-like things. Good job, Frog.
  2. Rest assured, he's aware of the post and thread.
  3. There's currently a list of 3000 trackable codes making the rounds in events in Germany and Denmark. Somebody compiled a list, posted it on dropbox.com and has QR codes that either link to the drop box URL or automatically log finds, I can't tell which. I've been deleting logs from this list by the dozens to my trackable that was part of Snoogans' last traveling piece of fencing project thingy. Grrrrrr.
  4. As I've been saying since the first power trails started appearing, no good would come out of taking a low impact, low visibility activity and turning it into a high impact, high visibility one. And that's precisely what these PTs and most of the "geo art" have done. I was pretty much a voice in the wilderness in the beginning. Glad to see that more and more people are starting see this nonsense for what it is, a threat to the long term viability of our game. We're already seeing the fallout from power caching in NJ with a new, draconian state parks policy and a total ban on some state lands. At yet, what do I see on the geocaching.com home page, proudly displayed for the world to see "There are 2,641,900 active geocaches..." The low impact, low visibility factor isn't what the mothership is promoting. It's not just power trails and geo art. It's time to consider if there are just too darn many geocaches, period and if maybe the possible places we can hide them in accordance to the guidelines got a little narrower.
  5. The problem is just not the geo-art and power trails, it is caches period. Many single caches had to be archived because of irate neighbors. The only sure fire way to prevent these problems is to put a moratorium on all cache placements. I don't recall problems of this magnitude in the "old days" when we were told to not hide a cache every 528' just because we could. We have seen problems of this magnitude repeatedly since. However, I think the horse it out of the barn, and probably won't be getting her back in. It's almost as if at one time there was a reason for not doing these things and then somebody said "but think of the page views, man" and then all heck broke loose.
  6. I eagerly await the eventual release of the Ultra, Supreme, Super and Epic Event types.
  7. You know what, I don't see the harm in this. My caches are listed on the largest depository for such listings on the planet and if that isn't painting a large enough "MUGGLE ME" sign on them then nothing will. We have actually found some of the same caches in the Bankhead area- I recognize your user name. Although mine might be too far south for your needs, feel free to use the locations of any of my active caches as source material- it would be cool if you found them first. Please do not use any of the archived caches.
  8. You want me to wear safety glasses in the woods. Seriously?
  9. Hold the phone. This actually happened? I thought this was abandoned and never came to fruition??
  10. Geocaching is iPhone-app-level-mainstream.
  11. I'm not going to stop riding a train, flying in a plane, visiting major landmarks, or going on vacation. However, I'm not going to be caching anywhere near an active crime scene investigation anytime soon.
  12. Thou shall not maketh thine own self the center of every discussion.
  13. If you don't feel safe hunting a cache then you don't have to hunt the cache. Caches are placed in the real world were real dangers are present all around them. How many venomous snakes and other wild animals have been encountered while caching? How many cachers have become lost in the woods? How many cachers have been killed or injured while climbing to a cache? So yeah, be careful- at every cache.
  14. Yes, that is what I'm saying..."some of us". I would suspect that at least a few of you who have been caching for 10 or so years may have given it a whirl. However, I also think that there are many who have not. My reasoning for the thread is to raise hands-on awareness of what drives this side game. I read a lot of analogies regarding why it may appeal to some people and that tells me that some are forming opinions without ever really understanding. I think it's a pretty simple concept to understand, much in the same way that I understand trepanning enough without having to experience it to understand it more completely.
  15. Are you going to actually slow down to find the containers or will you be driving and tossing out pre-signed film cans? I ask because it makes all the difference in the world as far as planning. Also, will you all be in one car or recklessly racing multiple cars down a public road? Again, big difference in regards to planning.
  16. I haven't found anything specific for the "defacement guidelines" so if you have a link, that would be great. As far as dead trees...I've had two reviewers say that sawing/drilling dead trees is fine....because they are DEAD. Look a little closer: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx
  17. I haven't found anything specific for the "defacement guidelines" so if you have a link, that would be great. As far as dead trees...I've had two reviewers say that sawing/drilling dead trees is fine....because they are DEAD. I know this is a silly question, but have you discussed your plans with the landowner?
  18. Groundspeak's guideline has little to do with the protection of the tree as a living organism and more to do with destruction of property and impression it makes to new cachers and non-cachers. In much the same way, Groundspeak is not concerned for the safety and well being of dirt but has a no-digging policy.
  19. A person in a wheelchair may not be able to meet the D/T Grid challenges. A person in a wheelchair might not be able to find a great many other caches as well. What if the challenge cache itself is a terrain 5 cache?
  20. I have to admire someone that ignores the fact that 1)challenge caches are in the extreme minority of total caches and 2)nobody is making you hunt them.
  21. Im sure it would be fine considering half the garbage I find out in the woods that shouldn't be there and weird stuff oil etc glue nails sounds fine Just because you've found garbage doesn't mean you have open license to nail anything to a tree. I've found couches in the woods, doesn't mean I can leave a dining room set right next to it.
  22. I still see some abuse. Just give your friend the code and its over with. Or maybe not. Agreed, my idea is 12 hours old, although its an awesome idea it does need some tweaking. Isn't that a term used about meth-heads? They always have the best ideas. Yah, we'll they laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the earth wasn't flat. Just imagine that below these words are multiple links to articles clearly demonstrating that the world was long known to be round and that Christopher "The Silly Slaver" Columbus was not trying to prove any such thing. You'll have to imagine it because I'm not putting forth the effort to post it in this thread.
  23. Or you could just not hunt puzzle caches. What's next, direct to your door delivery for people that feel getting out of their house is too much "jumping through hoops"? Either solve it or find somebody that has solved it and get the coords from them. Geez.
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