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  1. If you get a program with API rights like GSAK you can download 6,000 in one swoop. Add the PQ's and you got 16,000 downloads a day.
  2. Need more info. Are you talking about on a device like a phone or table? If so what device and what APP. Or a computer and of course there is the hand held unit. You can click the GPX file to download it to your computer and then put it where you want.
  3. Sounds like you are working from the preview page. Follow Bear and Rugged's lead to the proper page. s
  4. But they didn't do it 50 times or more a day. And if it was a double workload I would bet the times it would be done would drop drastically
  5. How about hosting an event (Cachers don't need much to get them someplace where there is food and alcoholic drinks) with the Title being what you want and then he can come and talk to a bunch of people and have a good time while interviewing.
  6. I've found that for anything beyond the simple parameters allowed by GS the best way is google. Start the search with site:geocaching.com and then the words separated by a space.
  7. That bug was remedied in the latest app update. See this post. So, if you can get caches onto your ignore list, then they won't show up in the app's map/list views. Just checked. Thanks. Still can't figure out why it wasn't in at the start.
  8. Although if you use the GC APP they will show up there since it doesn't filter them out like the old discontinued one did. So break out the GPS to benefit from the ignore list.
  9. I seriously doubt that. But let's try it. You go find one of my caches and log multiple finds on it, and I'll delete one of your logs. Then you can appeal the deletion and we'll see who's right. I think the closest to you is Texas Canyon Rest Area: I-10 Rocks! -- one of my favorites. Though while you're in the area, you could also get my other earthcache down in Bisbee, and we could try two experiments in order to confirm results. There a number of reasons not to do that. 1. This issue has been addressed many times and the GC policy is if I find a cache and sign the log that is a find. If I choose to find it multiple times thatis ok with them so your lack of knowledge of policy doesn't warrant me driving 130 miles. 2. It''s an earthcache there is no container or log to sign. So not a valid example.
  10. And ifnthat person appealed to GC that log wpuld be reinstated ans locked
  11. Because multiple finds are allowed. The cache owner doesn't really have the authority to prevent it. If i want to find a cache I pass often that's OK
  12. The icons are different. The new one is a white background with a goofy looking green G on it
  13. Don't forget it ignores the ignore list so it shows me all the caches the area that I don't want which makes it absolutely useless to me.
  14. Are you doing them one at a time. If so you are probably running into the Garmin communicator problem
  15. One good way to approach it is to remember that each criteria is an AND function so the more you add (as mentioned) the more restrictive it becomes. It seems like you may have been thinking that they were OR function so you would get all caches that had any of the requirements.
  16. To address the issue of not seeing them. It is a well known issue that occasionally you boot up a Garmin and the caches have disappeared. Doesn't seem to happen as often but to avoid being in the middle of a 25 mile bike ride and have that failure (personal experience) you should always put the caches on the SD Card. Then when you get that you turn it off, remove the SD Card, reboot, turn off, replace SD Card, turn on and it will read the file. It sees it as a new file and reads it. There have been several explanations about why this happen and as many denials from Garmin that it happens at all.
  17. The local power trail has over 200 caches listed as 'small'. Over 90% of them are micros. That keeps them from being filtered out for micros. They also list them as unknown to not be filtered out. With regard to the original issue the definition of what should get a favorite point is individual. A couple of years ago at a mega-event and went to a cache that had a large amount of points and it was a micro on a fence post with no redeeming value. I am guessing it is friends trading points.
  18. When I open the old app today it said it was being retired March 23. Retiring it when the new one doesn't have the features the old one does is the height of hubris. I can see about 30 ignored caches when I open the new one. Going to have to find some other so I guess. They must figure since they are the only have in town they can degrade the experience and we have to live with it.
  19. The change was the new app. It ignores the ignore list and had less features than the old one. Fortunately I still have the old one on my phone
  20. I agree. I was stunned when I updated and the thousand+ caches I ignore started showing rendering the app useless to me. Fortunately the old app is still on my phone and works. How they could release a new update that isn't as good as the previous is a mystery to me? Maybe they should consider taking action like Apple did when they released their mapping program and prevented google maps from working. Shortly thereafter the person in charge joined the ranks of the unemployed.
  21. An earlier response from the powers says that they are making modifications to provide a better system later. That involves modifying each file so since they were modified they will show up in last 7 days. He said it should be finished in a couple of weeks. So it looks like live with it until then
  22. The PQ has both. What you need to do is look at the settings on your device. Also try dropping the PQ (after unzipping) files directly onto the device and see what you get.
  23. If the final location is the log container then for sure that counts. Keystone differed from your opinion about whether or not the chirp counts as a saturation point. It looks like the reviewer has some flexibility. Also consider a multi with 4 points from the start to finish. That creates 4 saturation circles although they do not affect each other.
  24. If you are planning on putting out more you can also just leave them in your profile and change all the info when you do the next one. I don't know if you can Archive a cache that hasn't been approved yet.
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