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  1. Yes, much appreciated to anyone involved. We as a community do appreciate this being fixed in a timely manner as well as on the weekend. Thanks for the explanation though most of us have no idea what you said :-). All the same it seems to be running smoothly now. Thanks
  2. No the problem started after this thread was was posted. The OP looked into their crystal ball and knew there was going to be a problem. Thanks for at least acknowledging someone is paying attention. This has been going on for closer to 36 hours now and this is the first response from Groundspeak that I have seen. Hope it gets fixed soon. Server overload maybe?
  3. We have the update kit available brand new. It looks like it would cost $24.95 plus $14.00 for shipping to Australia. PM me if you are interested.
  4. That is the same weekend as FFF. I like the idea though and also would be interested to see the final product.
  5. The Space Coast Geocaching Store is located in Merritt Island and is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If you cannot make it between those hours then shoot us an email and we will make arrangements to meet you there after hours or on the weekends if we are around. We have everything you need with over 300 different trackables at any time.
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding. We will be getting more of these soon. We just came back from Woodstock where we sold out again.
  7. This is a new Trackable travel tag that we had made when Groundspeak visited the Space Coast to shoot some video.
  8. The Space Coast Geocaching Store has been granted permission to distribute these coins in the US. They are listed on the website at http://shop.spacecoastgeocachers.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=snoopy
  9. What is everyone selling the multi event coins for this year?
  10. Got mine yesterday...they look great. Good job avroair and Geoswag!
  11. The Space Coast Geocachers plan to be involved once again so count us in.
  12. Any idea what price range you are looking to get out of this unit? We are always looking for good used units. I am assuming this is in good working order?
  13. Please email pics directly to me at Email me Thanks
  14. The Space Coast coins arrived today and look awesome! Our event published yesterday as well 11-11-11
  15. Well I am interested but this is too rich for my blood. Both very nice units though and would make anyone very happy. Good luck on selling them.
  16. Check out the all new Space Coast Geocachers 2011 Geodesic Space Shuttle Geocoin. This is the Black Nickel finish LE. Only 25 were minted and they will nt be minted in this finish again. If you have seen our other coins you know this is an awesome coin to add to your collection. Check it out here
  17. Is the price still firm? I am still interested. scga01@gmail.com
  18. Why not take it back where you bought it and tell them you are not happy with it and you want to upgrade to a new model? Then you will get full price for it.
  19. Is this unit still available and do you have any pics? I would be willing to make you an offer with more info.
  20. If you would like to make a package deal contact me at scga01@gmail.com. I would be interested in both of them.
  21. Finally remembered to send email.
  22. The Space Coast Geocachers are in for the event coin again this year. We have been involved since the crazy 8's. Like Lionslair we may be in Savanah that weekend but someone will be here to represent no doubt. Put us down for the Space Coast Version in Florida. Love the poppy design. I feel the only way to go considering what day it falls on.
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