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  1. I know most points have been made pretty clear here that we should be getting these emails and reading every one. I get that. But, my email doesn't allow for filtering and frankly, turning off found notifications seems like an obvious feature. I'd love to turn off found logs for a few of my more popular caches and only leave DNFs, NM. The newly added cache owner dashboard makes it simple to monitor logs and caches. Heck, even getting a weekly digest email with all of the logs and other updates would be a more reasonable option. Anyways, just putting my vote towards an option to filter emails per geocache, digest emails or some other option that is something besides a ton of emails.
  2. Is there anyone who would be willing to sell me a single one or could I get one of the samples? I actually do strongman competitions, but am out of geocoin collecting these days and just would be fun to have a single one, not super interested in how rare it is or anything. lemme know, I'll even post a couple of pictures of me lifting heavy things Dustin
  3. This is an almost complete set of poker coins that were sold to raise money for GW8, each one is/was limited to 100 coins (I think). I'm missing red and dark purple. Please PM any offers before I send them to eBay. I will ship international if you really need these Yes, unactivated and very much trackable...
  4. King Tut Geocoin by Avroair (not pictured) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/221332866727 Tribal Sun in Black Nickel - http://www.ebay.com/itm/221333706745 The Original Micro w/ Pathtag - http://www.ebay.com/itm/221333707726 Pathtag Sherpa w/ Pathtag - http://www.ebay.com/itm/221333708586 Seattle 2010 Geowoodstock GW8 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/221333709648 All of the above are trackable at geocaching.com and are unactivated Ten more coins will be listed Sunday evening. The following are gone: -2006 Forty-n-eight - Caching Washington (silver) -10 years of geocaching, geoswag, cache royale version (gold) -10 years of geocaching, geoswag, rhine (gold)
  5. sorry everyone, been a very hectic week with work and the approaching holidays. I'll get replies to everyone tonight, but I'll most likely be just throwing these all on eBay over the course of the next two weeks. The forums are too limiting for a person who doesn't have time to create a spreadsheet that links to each of your emails, which then replies each time someone sends in an offer, etc. I probably should have done the research ahead of time, but some of these coins have never been on eBay or haven't been on there in so long that I have no idea what they're value or worth is and some I don't even remember what I paid for them. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'll reply to everyone in short order and also start posting eBay links.
  6. I don't see where that's specifically posted, sorry But, noted and I'll remove the prices. edit: Anything that doesn't have interest by this evening will be posted on eBay. I won't be able to keep track of all this any other way, sorry and thanks for your interest..
  7. the two in the last picture? Those are the WSGA coins from 2004 and 2005. One of them is Mt. Rainier
  8. I'm going to try and be as prompt and easy going as possible, I know the bidding thing is kind of annoying and you want coins now, but this works the best for me. So just send the email with your offer, per coin and everyone wins Also, thanks for helping me make a dream come true, well, hopefully a dream come true for my girlfriend as well.
  9. Alright, time to propose to the girlfriend and I'm trying to put some funds together to make it happen. I'm posting these here in hopes to avoid some of the fees associated with eBay, but will be posting whatever doesn't sell here, on eBay in a week or two. Please send offers and I'll add them to the list. Bidding ends on Saturday. If you're attempting to buy the coin before the bidding is up, go for it, but please make sure the offer is "generous" enough for me to think no one else will want it more than you. Also, please check back in on the thread, I'll try and email all the bidders for a specific coin on friday or so, just to say, hey, you've been outbid or you're the high bidder still, otherwise, check back in to make sure you're still winning These are all $10 minimum coins, at least for now, but feel free to make offers, bundle offers, etc. Please PM with offers on anything you see. There are a couple in here that I'll want a little more than $10 (the japan/koi one, etc). I haven't checked out prices in ages, but I'll check them as the offers come in. I'll check my PM's throughout the week and update this post with the current bids. I'll also try to get an actual list of the coins. If you need better pictures, finish, etc, please let me know. I'll snap better pictures of anything you need to see, but also know that it's been a couple of years since I got most of these and I'm not super keen on what was super rare or something they handed out at GW8. Shipping will be $2 for first coin, $1 for each additional. We can talk overseas pricing if that comes up. Oh and these are all unactivated So anyways, check the pictures and get in touch. LIST: Washington Coins -2011 Geocaching Block Party (Silver) -Washington Peace Geocoin w/ pathtag (GW8, bronze) -Three Bottles(Koma Kulshan (brushed gold?) -2010 WSGA (Polished Gold) -2007 WSGA Series - Puget Sound, Central Washington, Inland Empire, 48 North, cache-cadian (trackable ) -2006 Forty-n-eight - Caching Washington (silver) -2010 Forty-n-eight - Caching Washington (silver) -2010 Forty-n-eight - Caching Washington (gold) -Duncan Clan - Deception Pass (activated) Geowoodstock VIII coins -Landsharkz 2010 Summer Geocoin (Chrome) -Ape cachekinz -Ape Cache Icon Micro (Chrome) -Road to Seattle (Black) -Came, Saw, Cached - Seattle 2010 (I think this is the midnight madness coin, it's got a black finish) -Tiki Time, Tiki Luau (Copper) Each were limited to 100 I think -Tiki Time, Tiki Luau (Black)Each were limited to 100 I think -Official Geowoodstock VIII Coin, Volunteer edition I think (red fill) -Official Geowoodstock VIII Coin, standard edition (magenta fill) -Jokers Wild Poker Coins - this is the set, minus the dark purple and red Random -The Original Micro w/ pathtag (brushed silver) -Tribal Sun (Black Nickel) -Crazy caching with our Pug (magnet seems to be falling apart, weird:/ ) -Anasazi Geocoin Spirit Dweller, Kokopelli (limited, can't remember how limited it was, maybe 30 or so, chrome) -Pathtag Sherpa w/ pathtag (brushed silver, blue enamel) -Yemon Yime, Pink w/ pin and velvet bag -yemon yime, V3 (antique silver) -Quiver and Bow, event edition (Antique silver) -Japan Geocoin (chrome) -Guardians of the Night, owl (black, glow in the dark areas) -10,10,10, Powers of Ten (gold, Seattle version) -10 years of geocaching, geoswag, cache royale version (gold) -10 years of geocaching, geoswag, rhine (gold) -10 years of geocaching, geoswag, roulette (gold) -2010 Lackey Coin -Project A.P.E.: Tunnel of Light - NOT PICTURED (gold, first mint)
  10. Here is a site I started awhile back: https://sites.google.com/site/washingtoncoins/geocoins I have lots of Washington coins and will actually be selling them off shortly. If you're interested, I can go through my collection, find all WA associated coins and maybe we can work out a deal on some or all of them.
  11. I've got a pretty fresh PN40 up for grabs. I bought this a year or two ago and just never used it much. Probably went out with it three or four times. I've got it on craigslist for $150, will let it go for $125 on the GC forums. If I can't sell it by the time the craigslist posting is expired(one week from today), I'll probably throw it on eBay and let those people fight over it. I will ship normal, slow method unless you'd like to pay a little more priority mail or any of the other popular shipping services. I will ship it with a delivery confirmation number though, just to make sure we're both being honest It will come with the original box, cable and if I can find them, all the CD's and manuals. These were separated during our move last year and most of our stuff is in boxes while we remodel the house. Everything you need is available on the DeLorme website though.
  12. Welcome to owning trackables best of luck on tracking them down. Trackables these days seem to have better luck overseas.
  13. Couple from a hike last weekend up to second burroughs: http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-qWW8OkgPoYc/TmBdAYELEnI/AAAAAAAACQw/G_WzdUcjBeo/s800/corralpass-1-15.jpg http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-vZeBj74m57g/TmBdA5mNMbI/AAAAAAAACLs/nqSnsfPP4xk/s800/corralpass-1-13.jpg http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-MRGSKwn8Lf4/TmBc_bkjI3I/AAAAAAAACLY/sXDe2nDXTW4/s800/corralpass-1-18.jpg
  14. if I wasn't putting a roof on my house this weekend, I might just make a trip out of this on the new motorcycle. Good luck getting it back...
  15. Was in bremerton today and saw it, looked crazy!
  16. silver springs surprise is a fun one along 410, Arbor Cache driving into Enumclaw is another fun/head scratcher, Choose your bridge is kinda cool, may not be the best for younger children since you need to walk along 410, What's That? is neat, GRNH20 and warm up stop are easy grab in greenwater, which is always a good place to stop, both are very kid friendly. If you have time, Yosemite Sam and Betty Boop is a good one, but you do need to drive on some easy going forest roads to get to it and scramble down an embankment, but it's a good family cache I thought. That's all I thought of as I was running through the map. The silver springs cache would be the last one you wanna do, otherwise they're in order along 410. I haven't done the Gondola yet, but it sounds like a ton of fun!
  17. Isn't there a way to search for caches based on favorites? Do that, should give you a pretty good idea of what people are enjoying, plan a route and then find the hidden gems between those favorites...
  18. Isn't that all Makah Indian land? I believe you need explicit permission to place them, but I very well could be wrong and I'm not a reviewer. Maybe try contacting one of them for an answer
  19. My other post didn't get joined from one of the duplicate threads, so I'm posting it here: I wouldn't even worry about it. If they get off on having never visited some really cool caches, that's their issue. I dunno, kind of a bummer, but I'd just look past it and if they're logging your caches personally, just delete the logs.
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