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  1. One of my DNFs was right in the middle of a walk. All the hides were the same and I found the expected rock with the micro shaped dent underneath - the CO confirmed it was missing. It would have been nice had I been able to change the log to found given had clearly found where it should have been. In cases where there are several possible hiding places then you can't say whether the cacher would have found it had it been there.
  2. Yes, as you know I fell foul of this last week... As for the visual logging, part of me thinks "so what?" I would delete logs I know to be bogus from any of my trackables but would leave it at that. Logging loads of "virtual" trackable finds seems so pointless to me. Is there some kind of competition with respect to numbers discovered?
  3. I'm pleased/relieved to hear that it's not just me! There are a couple of my own caches that I have deserved to log as found whilst doing cache maintenance and, on a couple of occasions, DNF despite them being there but we won't talk about that. I never have mind you. There are some caches where a friend is the cache owner and I was there when they were hidden. I only log those as found when I send the smaller team members out to find them with no input from me whatsoever.
  4. Why are Earthcaches still allowed to be listed? Surely they fall under the same kind of umbrella as a virtual/waymark/whatever. There's no box to find. Just curious as to how the reasoning goes.
  5. It's boring. It lacks creativity. It's homogenous. The containers are usually cheap leaky containers, something free like film canisters or pill pots. Almost always micro so people who like to trade trackables or swag can't enjoy that aspect of the game. They rarely get maintained, logs fill up fast and it's too difficult to keep up with the work of replacing them. PTs encourage people to place throwdowns so they can get their smiley PTs encourage leap-frogging. It's all about the coveted smiley, otherwise why wouldn't a multi suffice? It's selfish - one CO monopolizes a whole countryside walking trail for miles. How do you know its boring? Have you done this walk?
  6. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. It's a 17.5mile walk, presumably in nice countryside, with a cache roughly every 0.29miles. It's not a film canister stuck to the back of every 10th lamppost along the M25.
  7. I had a magnetic one on my old car and then discovered tat the rear of the new car wasn't magnetic. The ever so nice Geotees folks made me a window sticker version with my old tracking no on for the cost of a new sticker minus the TB that comes with it. They may well make you two if you ask nicely enough. I will ignore the comments they made about my rear end problems!) Of course, this would have been great had I realised that the sticker/cling version would be invisible against dark privacy glass. They don't peel off and re-stick very well.
  8. When I put out a series, I always publish them one by one as there is a hotbed of FTF hounds in the area. I don't want one lot to just go round and FTF the entire series, preferring to give everyone a chance. However, I do make this clear in the cache description as I also know that there are cachers in the area who like to do a complete walk. I think this method suits pretty mush everyone.
  9. Not if you provide one of those "emergency" chargers that takes a normal battery and suggest on the cache page that cachers might like to take one.
  10. the horse was probably after a carrot or apple or some other kind of treat.
  11. Let me take the time to thank you now, even thought I don't think I've ever met your well-controlled dog. I do think that the long lines that many people use, are a very good idea. Here's another reason why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf8d47mxHns I watched that recently - that dog could so easily be Dill and I have been that owner running along behind a dog hell bent on running somewhere (back when I still had high hopes for his recall ability). There are wild deer and pheasants in the woods where I walk him and he has hared off after them.... to be checked by the long line. A long line isn't an ideal scenario to walk a dog but until he learns some manners, control and obedience its as good as it gets for Dill.
  12. My manners far surpass those of my dog. He is prone to jumping up at people in an overly friendly manner and refuses to come back when called. Thus, I keep him on a long line and reel him in when people approach, warning them that he may jump up but that he is over friendly, not aggressive. Once, someone took the time to thank me for doing so.
  13. Someone hid the ignition keys in a Tupperware box in the woods.
  14. I've had someone log a find when they found the cache mown to shreds and scattered on the ground. Fine by me although I doubt they managed to sign the log book I had someone who saw my cache in a tree but logged it as found saying they weren't prepared to climb the tree to sign the log. I deleted that log and explained why - probably the only time I have deleted a log for that reason, ordinarily I'm not bothered. I didn't want subsequent cachers thinking it OK to do the same though.
  15. I most likely already have a few along Sections 4 and 5 (West Wickham to Hamsey Green To Coulsdon South) and could easy lay some more... I even promise not to make them difficult. It doesn't even need to be a power trail as such. Unlike those American ones, there are unlikely to be neat, evenly spaced hiding places so they can be hidden more traditionally along the route, allowing some space to just enjoy the walk.
  16. I've allowed a cacher to change their DNF to a Found It when they have, for example, found the camouflage but the actual box has been mugged. It's a rare occurrence though.
  17. Well, the last time I went I had batteries, a pen, pencil, notebook, camera, a lump of cement, one film cannister, 3 Tupperware boxes and a large plastic pigeon. It's so easy to pick up a lump of cement instead of your GPS. mind you, she 'did' use a Colorado at the time... <<strokes shiny new Oregon possessively>> <<is thankful she spotted the iPad autocorrect to "organ">> To be honest, on occasion I feel the lump of cement or the plastic pigeon would be more useful.
  18. Hmm... iphone or camera. Both good as diversionary tactics for muggles with the phone having the edge as it may just get me out of trouble too! I'll go with the iPhone I think.
  19. Well, the last time I went I had batteries, a pen, pencil, notebook, camera, a lump of cement, one film cannister, 3 Tupperware boxes and a large plastic pigeon.
  20. Now that I hadn't realised. I didn't get the topo version - to be honest I think I always knew the Toaster maps would be sufficient for my limitedneeds. I am just in the process of wiping and packing up my trusty Colorado as I will be donating it to my sons' scout troop to go with their basic Etrexes. One of the leaders introduced them to the idea of caching (which has caused me no end of trouble and a small amount of embarrassment as I try to explain how and why I spend time lurking in the woods with an assortment of tupperware in my bag). thank you for all your help.
  21. Mmmm.... Shiny... The smell of new gadget... And no children this weekend - what a bonus. I have Talky Toaster's maps on my Colorado and you're right, they are great. I hadn't twigged that the Oregon uses a micro SD card so I will need to scavenge one of those from around the house somewhere! And find wherever my card reader/writer has gone.... Thank you for confirming what my gut feeling was. I don't tend to cache outside of the UK so worldwide mapping wasn't an overriding need. <<strokes new gadget possessively>>
  22. IMO, No, you don't need them. Save the difference and spend it on Tupperware - buy the non-topo version and load Talky Toasters OSM maps instead +1. I think the only benefit of the Garmin Topo Maps is that you can view maps in 3D mode, but contour lines show you all the sticky up bits. Fabulous. That is pretty much what I thought, thanks. I am running out of places to hide Tupperware though...
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