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First To Find Gifts

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If your cache is in an out-of-the-way town that you'd like people to spend time in, get a coffee card or similar for the local (good) coffee shop or ice-creamery.


A certificate (make your own in Word or Powerpoint) is valuable to the competitive FTFer. Sure it's just a token, but they do get to display them (in the office or wherever) and have people ask what they are.

A rosette is also kind of cute.


Do not spend more than $5 though.


Is there anything you can get through your work cheaply, that most people would pay a lot more for? Cheap for you, but of value to them.


What would YOU want?

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My only FTF rewarded me with a quarter. On the 2nd trip there.

Guess I made out better. I got a Jefferson dollar coin for my FTF. And only because it was in theme, and a Washington quarter isn't.


Anyway, my take on FTF prizes : leave one if you want to, not because you feel you have to. Something inexpensive. In theme would be a bonus.

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FTF gets at least one, and often two "prizes" merely by being the first to find the cache. As others have already pointed out, they get the clean log sheet (and bragging rights that may or may not go with that) and on a cache containing swag, they get first pick if they want to.


Aside from that, it is my feeling that there is no reason to bribe anybody to find my cache. Those that love FTFs will do it anyway.

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We sometimes put a $2 Jefferson inside the cover of the logbook.

EDIT: Not much good outside of the U.S. though! :D

EDIT (AGAIN): Not much good in the U.S., either!


Ummm... you get a lot of foreigners getting FTF up there in the U.P.? :laughing:


Ontario right east of us (but then, I don't consider Canadians "foreigners" per se, just good friends/neighbors). We even speak the same language, ubetcha eh?! As far as the FTF is concerned, dunno but not out of range, especially in the SSM area. :)

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Waht are some good ideas for FTF Gifts?


I usually put these in my new caches for the FTFer:






Those are awesome. My kids have left a few of those from different zoos and stuff as swag. Where did you get those?


I designed 'em and had them engraved on my penny die. I can pretty much smash anything, but the die is made to fit a penny.

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I usually just mention on the cache page that first-finders can help themselves to any swag in the cache and disregard usual trade-up/trade-even conventions.


But yeah, I find that most people that are really into getting FTF are not doing it for the extra goodies.


Just got my 390th FTF last night late been caching since June 16, 2008 not into it for the giftd just the high of being there before everyone else.



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