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  1. i'm done with this site and rude people, i'll take my money and go elsewhere
  2. you should never say to someone in writing what you are too afraid to say in person would you talk to me like that if we meet in person, not unless you like to spend a month or 2 in the nearest ICU so you should not say it here either
  3. no you saying I was whining is insulting, that is the way you speak to an unruly child not a grown man
  4. I just agreed and pointed out that I run into a problem with this in my fairly new geocaching hobbie so, if you have nothing constructive to contribute, without insulting, then please go away and let the discussion continue P.S. I was thinking about getting a Premium account, no matter if I agree with the POC deal but I find that too many people here (yes even the women) are just plain rude and insulting to others I can't pay and be part of a cummunity that incorperates such people
  5. no you are not alone, I agree 100% I placed a small cache in a wooded area and was told it was too close to another that was already there (a premium only cache) but on the map IT CAN"T BE SEEN by a non-premium member so I had no idea there was one so close so this is exactly what you are talking about... no I gotta drive back over there and find a new place for it farther away, but how will I know this????? I can't know if I place it most anywhere if it is too close to a POC or not, unless I check with a reviewer or (and here is my solution) they need to make them visible to all and just mask the coords or not allow a log entry without a password...but you are right completley
  6. I have a dedicated GPS for the car, and 2 for Geocaching, they are so in expensive anymore
  7. You will only see the back side on a pole... mostly head and tail show. edit: it's the first major right after the ferry ride from NY. 73 goes south from 74. Doug 7rxc ohhh my bad the video
  8. you have a good eye, I see not fich chaped sign at all
  9. wow, they need to do this in the republic of Texas, mainly south Texas
  10. when people say "paperless caching" what are you refering to?
  11. then use it, I did for my 1st find here in the city, but after the first find I got hooked and bought a handheld
  12. this is why I need to be tyrant of this country, I would not allow this free beer for everyone if I make it
  13. I agree, post the image, it will get it seen, most people won't click to see the image, and leave the page they were on, then have to click the back button to see their page again
  14. ok, so explain Selective Availability, is it on or off right now and does that mean it is more accurate on or off?
  15. how many people use their phones to geocache, and do you also have a regular GPSr if so how do you find the accuracy of the phone, and what kinda phone?
  16. I actually have the Meridian Gold and the 60csx I like both and both are really accurate but the 602csx it in color and has USB connectivity with my Magellan Meridian Gold I have to use a USB cable and Easygps software to transfer to my GPS so I recommend either, the Gold has 1 really "rugged" or "outdoors" advantage, it is suppose to float I know the 60csx had many more features, but for geocaching (except for the geocaching app the 60csx has) they are about the same (almost) I picked up my 60csx for $150 last week...wahooo
  17. are there any events held in San Antonio?
  18. been seen a few times, but not too much came of it, I was muggled by a cop while looking for a cache just across the street from the headquaters of the small town police staton he just looked at me and walked into the building, for all I know he put it there...lol but placing a cache on private property or even in a park too close to hi traffic area is just the sign of an irresponsible cacher but near a building or on it is much, much worse, it is inviting the cops/FBI or worse, HOT LEAD so I try to only look for and place caches in the woods that are NOT private property, say parks, or just off rural streets
  19. lol I like it, read the first 3 letters down kinda like a crossword puzzle (GEO)
  20. Contra1971

    Geomate Jr.

    did you ever get this solved, and get it to load more than 5 caches?
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