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  1. I guess I was cut. I was a player early on in these 2 games. As a matter of fact I was 2nd to receive Mission 1. I didn't figure I would get Mission 2 for a while because I was lucky to get Mission 1 early. I haven't been following the missions for a while because of home responsibilities. I checked today and I guess my name was removed from Mission 2. I suppose that's why I never got it in the mail. Oh well... PawPawGreybeard
  2. I don't know about "Fun" but Kachin comes from our last name "Cashion" (sounds the same). We also use it as the name of the guild that my parents, brother, daughters, and myself have on World of Warcraft.
  3. Thanks CF30, We're hoping for a 1.75", but may be 1.5", you know that budget thing. We haven't got the quotes back yet. Yes, the tracking info on the edge, a little more expensive but it doesn't take away from the artwork. Don't feel bad, I have great difficulty drawing stick figures.
  4. Don't know, haven't really thought about an "Official Name". Maybe that could be part of this little "Cointest" if you want to call it that.
  5. My wife and I both geocache and do 95% of all our caching together. However, we only see the need in having one Premium Membership. Is there a way that she can log a Member Only cache, with out buying another membership, since we both found it together?
  6. I am in the process of getting a Custom Geocoin made and need ideas for the icons. I would be willing to give the submitter of the best idea a free coin once they are minted. Here are what the two sides will look like.
  7. Waht are some good ideas for FTF Gifts?
  8. OOOOOOOOO Disco, Boy, that brings back some strange memories...
  9. I understand that the TB and Cache owners can mark them as missing, but that is evidently not working because there seems to be an awful lot of missing bugs that are not listed as such. As I said maybe there should be some kind of way that cachers can let Geocaching.com know that maybe the TB needs to be archived or at least checked into.
  10. I hate having to scoll down the discussions list to find this string, so I am adding A quick note to move it up the list.
  11. I went on a special "Bug" hunt today. I picked out 4 caches to visit with the express purpose of grabbing a few bugs to move along. The caches I chose all showed at least 5 bugs in their inventories. Unfortunately, NONE of them contained ANY bugs. Why doesn't Groundspeak or Geocaching.com allow cachers to mark these items as missing. One of the TB's had been on the inventory of a cache since 2006 even after several cachers noted it their logs that it was missing. In the least maybe there should be someone to audit the inventories after several "missing" logs the same as they audit and archive caches after several no find logs.
  12. Can someone tell me what technology the Motorola RAZR2 V9x uses with AT&T Navigator. Is it true GPS or some type of cellular "lookalike"?
  13. I'm getting ready to upgrade my cell phone, I have AT&T service, and would like to get one with geocaching capabilities. Outside of the iPhone, what phones are good for geocaching?
  14. I put my half of the card in the little zippered compartment with the other card halves. Oh, and PawPaw, thanks so much for the coin. I LOVE it!! Your welcome Lunamoth... I'm glad you liked it.
  15. I finally got the coin I ordered today, it has been sent to the next person. The mission was sent the other day and should be received today or tomorrow.
  16. Here's a retry of posting the coin that I received from FairyHoney, kind of a test.
  17. I have decided to use LadyBee's Idea and the mission will go out first thing in the morning with the coin to follow in a few days. Now the hard part, eenie meenie minee moe... here it goes!!!
  18. Thanks LadyBee, That's a good idea. But, I actually like the second coins I ordered a little better. WOW... Those are some big pics, huh.
  19. DARN, it just put the links in how do I upload the pic?
  20. I meant to include photos but forgot, here they are. http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af236/...rd/HPIM0049.jpg http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af236/...rd/HPIM0050.jpg I like this coin because I think everyone should exercise their right to vote, furthermore, I believe that if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain.
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