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Vehicle Static Cling/Decal/Magnet Travel Bugs?


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I not only have my TB window cling on "The Beast" (TB2A0F4) but I also have specialized magnets that I put on hime when I'm headed out on long drives for geocaching or not. Check out the magnet, I have one on the back and one on each door. With the magnets I have not had any issues after pulling off the road or when looking. I've had a few LEO's pull up, see the tag and drive off while waiving.





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My wife and I have just recived our order of two Trackable window decals for our Cars.... My question is do we register the cars? Is this a goofy question. LOL :lol: I was thinking that we make Two new Travel bugs the decals just show owner ship of the new bugs. What have all of you done?




SdrawkcaB Alfa Male aka Frank.

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Well, I myself have purchased a Car magnetic TB and have got it placed on the back of mine and my partners car (we co-own it).

I have also placed the dog tags dangling from the rear view mirror, so, they are both located in the same place.

I shall be attending the 10 Years of Geocaching event in Manchester, so, look out for a red Seat Ibiza with a magnetic TB and get it logged.

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I just received my magnetic travel bug and put it on my vehicle. I activated it and it's ready to go. My question is: How does someone log it if they don't know who I am? A friend and I couldn't find a link or place to log just a TB that isn't attached to a cache. What am I missing? Thank you for any help in advanced.


Shvaew :D



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They are primarily designed to be Discovered by cachers who happen to come across it. They wouldn't Grab it away and log it through a cache.


You can mark it as missing which will put it out to the Unknown Location and out of your Drop inventory. People can still Discover the TB even with it out to the Unknown.

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If I understand your question, if i see your travel bug, I take note of the number on it. When I return home I click on the "Trackable Items" link on my home page, then click on the "Travel Bug Home" link on the page that opens. When the next page opens I enter the numbers in the "Travel Bug Lookup" box on the right side of the page. This takes me to the Bugs personal page, and I log a "Discover" on it just like I would do in a cache. I do not need to know who you are, just know the numbers on the Bug!!

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I noticed on the Groundspeak shopping site there are car magnets and window clings that are travel bugs. Could someone explain to me how those work? Does someone record the number as they see you driving? Do they take the magnet and stick it on their car? Have you ever done it and if so how? Thanks for answering this newbie's question <_<

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So someone just writes down the tracking number as they see it and log it when they get home?


Yep. It's mainly to connect with cachers who happen to see your car with the decal/magnet. They would typically log a Discover.


A car Tb doesn't work too well as a personal tracking TB that you would log through caches you have visited. It's tough to get a car past the parking lot and to the cache.


I've had mine out there since March 29, 2007 and had only two logs, by people that I personally know. I drive at least 70 miles a day.


You need to decide if this is a tracking number you want to dedicate to your car.

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Hi there, we are new to Geocaching and looking at the trackables in the store area of the website and saw some window clings.


What can they be used for?


We thought that a person could put it in thier car? but... the owner will always know where there car is so...


and Now I am reading that you shouldn't have the # showing in pictures on the site...


Very confused here! Please Help clear the fog!


Thanks ;);)

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It is a method to turn your vehicle into a Travel Bug, of sorts.


Other geocachers can then "discover" (only) as they notice your car. Most often this happens at an event. Usually while driving, some cacher may see it, but either cannot maneuver to read the number, or have a pen/paper ready to write in down in order that they may later post the "discovery"


I guess a car thief could actually "grab" it. ;);)B)B)

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You don't want to post tracking numbers on line or show it in photos as it allow people to 'virtually' log the bug without actually having found it.


It is assumed that people would have to see your car and the decal to get the tracking number to log it.

Thank you Gitchee and blue deuce!

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Is there a way of putting the car tb info into your log when visiting a cache? I have seen it where others can place it on there log as a visit.


Typically you only log TBs that have actually visited the cache. if you hit some parking lot micro you would simply log it as you normally would by selecting the bug to be dropped along with your Found it log and then Retrieve it back out.

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I've been stalking around the TB forums, looking at the vehicle bugs, and then ordered one.


My question is how many people really have gotten more than just a couple "discovereds" on their vehicles, aside from the events? I kind of figured (based on some reading and a lot of speculation) that vehicle TBs are more of a decoration to let other geocachers know that you're an addict too. More like a "I know that you know, that we both know, that we're in the know" sort of thing?

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Some people with TB cars, dip them into every cache they visit to get a map of where they have cached. Map looks cool when you see where you've been! Plus you do get discovers, mostly at events. I love to scan the parking lot at an event and get the TB's to discover. I usally just take pics of them with my phone for easy logging when I get home.

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I just ordered a travel bug decal. I was going to put it on my car and then I noticed it came with a set of actual tb dog tags. I know one's a copy for me to keep but what is the other one for? Then the decal and a dog tag have the same number. I'm a little confused on how that works. Anyone?

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When you order a TB sticker you also receive the metal tags. If you decide to stop using the decal you can use the tag to release a standard bug.


Just throw them in a drawer for now.


Releasing multiple bugs with the same tracking number is against guidelines.

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The reason for the tags (outside of what BD) said, is accountability.


All travel bugs sold by Groundspeak are dogtags, each number has two -- the "original" and the "copy".


Since they are selling you the number, you get the dogtags (they are already made anyway, eh?). The fact that the particular travel bug you purchased is a decal is immaterial, they still have to send you the dogtags, as they are the actual travel bug, not the decal.


Their accountability relies on the fact that they sent you what you bought.


Clear as mud, right?

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My Travel Bug decal also arrived today and I'm wondering how the actual tracking works, since our vehicle is obviously too large to be placed in a cache.

Other people see your vehicle, copy down the tracking number, and then come here and log a "Discover" entry for the bug.

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Please see the pinned thread at the top of these forums called "How to Log a Travel Bug" and the link in my signature for the Groundspeak Knowledge Books for more information. It's all in there.

Merging this with the Vehicle TB thread we have open already.

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So the TB is never actually logged as placed into a cache, right?

I just dropped my mobile TB into a cache, and then retrieved it.



I have an archived cache that I use to store my coins and certain TBs in. I pulled the mobile TB into the garage, and then backed it out again, as the archived cache location is the garage. [:anibad:]

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