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Introducing our 2009 coins


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Shadow told me to tell you that he like mot of the stuff that has been listed but it's not his favorite. He has not been allowed to try beer. Shadow’s Friend always says no to beer even when he begs. Beside he is only 6. (I’m not sure what that is in people years.)


He wanted every body to know that his favorite treat comes in different favors and he loves all of the favors.

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Oh.... I am about 3 things here, but I only have one post left! :unsure:


Oh boy...Ihave to choose correct to have chances to win your beautiful coin!! The bunny shaped one is adorable!!! :ph34r:


What to choose.... OUAA!!!!!!


Well... I will give a try and....


How about... the cookie/ biscuits with flavors??


I do not know what you take.... berry heart, oxbow organic..., Auntie Em....

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Shadow’s Friend and I placed the three correct posters in the hat. Shadow jumped in and pulled out all three. I think he was looking for a yogurt drop. Congratulations to Mar-elendili, Seeker family and Li-Z! Please e-mail me your choice of coin and your address.


Shadow did have a lot of fun with the cointest. There were a couple of items that he might get to try out. I still think Shadow’s Friend is going to say no to the beer. He needs his rest now, and might have another cointest in the future.




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