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Introducing our 2009 coins


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I think that the USPS must either love Shadow for the money and hate Shadow for the sheer number of cards that are sent! :):lol:


I say today that 1952 cards in total were sent out and there were 40 different ones.....


Yes, he is trying to keep the USPS a float. Good thing that they came out with the Forever stamp. Shadow made a big investment.

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Over the past 6 years shadow has sent out 26 different cards with a total of 1624 cards put into the mail.


Christmas 2004 - 64

Halloween 2005 - 38

Chistmas 2005 - 77

Valentine Day 2006 - 39

St Patrick Day 2006 - 39

4th of July 2006 - 52

Easter 2006 - 38

Halloween 2006 - 50

Thanksgiving 2006 - 50

Christmas 2006 - 82

Groundhog 2007 - 64

Daylight Saving Time 2007 - 64

Easter 2007 - 64

Happy Gardening 2007 - 64

Geocaching 2007 - 64

Christmas 2007 - 82

After Christmas 2008 - 64

September 2008 - 64

Halloween 2008 - 64

December 2008 - 64

Christmas 2008 - 83

Spring 2009 - 64

April 1 2009 - 64

Christmas PT 2009 - 97

Christmas 2009 - 79

Spring 2010 - 50


We have two winners!


Post #146 anne.and.eli

Post #149 mar-elendili


Congratulation to the winners and thank to all that gave a guess. It Helped Shadow get over his spring fever.

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Hop Along Shadow Halloween Cointest!

Guess what Shadow is going to be for Halloween this year! He said that he wants to be a rabbit, but Shadow’s Friend say nope!



Cointest will run until October 24 at 5 pm CST

One guess per person per day

All correct guesses will be placed in a hat and Shadow will pick the winner

Winner will receive a Hop-along Shadow geocoin AB or AC.

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Let's see.... what today's guess will be...


How about.... how about..... hmmm... I have something freeking in my mind but I do not want nosnow to think anything bad for me! :D


So... how about a zombi or a dracula rabbit that instead of a coffin... is coming out of a saucepan??? Is that too much??


edid for some spelling that killed even me! B)

Edited by GATOULIS
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