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  1. It does say trackable at geocaching.com but I can't find the code Look on the edge of the coin, sometimes it is there.
  2. Opalsns, Thanks for the mission. I am going to be traveling alot the next 6 months, so You had better take me off the list. Thank you snowball 58
  3. We're in business, Monkey business, but it's still business
  4. "I'll Knock the fart out of you that will whistle like a ten penny nail!" said by my grandpa just before I was about to do something to get into trouble Edit spelling
  5. Check out these http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...fc-13d648c4dde7
  6. Thanks wavector, I recieved my Hampster caching prize coin and path tag this past week.
  7. Congrats, Gatoulis on your win!!!! See,Having Dead Fread In your Inventory was not bad luck after all!!!!!
  8. Also the discription does say that the brilliant pink corolla resembles Phlox
  9. For Number one I would say Flabbergasted!!!!!!!!! For Number Two I would call them Centaury; Rosita (Centaurium calycosum) Found Picture and discription in the Audubon Society Field Guide. Just do not know how to post pictures from a book.
  10. There were no Geocaches prior to May 1 of 2000.
  11. Is he really??? Because from the moment I grabed it... it is not moving!!! did I used more force while I was grabing dead fred and I killed him??? and waiting to see who won????????????????
  12. Are you logged in? The off topic thread is just below this one three threads.
  13. Yes, As a Premium Member you can set up a pocket query that will do most of what you ask.
  14. Just checkin in and letting everyone know I'm still around. snowball 58
  15. Bumpadabumpadabump I hope this Mission Didn't hit an Iceburg!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Awesome coin Add me to the list snowball 58
  17. Bump Speaking of bumps watch out for pot holes and foreign objects in the road Also always wear your Helmet
  18. Opalsns, KD1EJ Recieved my set of 2010 Cachin Crows Yesterday Great looking coins. Thank you
  19. 2,12,22,32,42 Great Idea for a cointest, My favorite Game is poker. Someone mentioned SlapJack Boy does that bring back memories playing with my sisters. You deal the cards out equal to all players then take turns laying down a card, when a Jack comes you Slap it the first to do so wins the pile of cards. when one player has all cards they win.
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