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HELP from everyone

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OK this is where you can let your creative talents run wild, not so much Britains got talent more "Cachers have even more talent than that lot that try to show off on telly"


I am doing a puzzle cache and part of the cache needs me to describe what type of cacher you are. Now I dont want you to describe yourself, I want you to come up with funny names for a type of cacher and a brief explanation.


Something like


Cacher Twitterer

A person who gets all excited when they spot a new cache anywhere in the British Isles and rushes off to get it.


Any used on the cache page will be credited to the author/inventor


So over to all of you no matter how long or otherwise you have been caching.


I won't be using the term Newbie ;)

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Coasting Cacher is happy to amble along, just doing 2 or 3 caches a month. A casual relaxed style, enjoying the outdoors and the new locations.


Tenter Eventer lives for the camping events. Never happier than when under canvas, frying pan in one hand, bottle of sustaining refreshment in the other.


Record Cruncher has the UK Caching Records memorised. Sits in bed at night planning the next challenge for the next Bank Holiday.


Trail Trekker just loves their numbers and cache-rich circular walks. Another 600feet?... there must be another one here somewhere?


Cache Magpie wants bright shiny things! Instantly attracted to any cache with an interesting geocoin icon they haven't seen before.




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The Night Owl only caches achieved during the darkest hours of night satisfies the needs of this cacher.

The Riddler even the most devious of puzzle caches aren't a match for this cacher.

The Microphobic yes, there is a phobia for the fear of micros :sad:

The Multiplexer one or two caches isn't an option for this numbers cacher, only saitisfied when they have found more than 10 caches in one trip.

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The Worker Cacher - goes out in their lunch break and tries to find caches in thorn bushes without snagging their suit


The Clumsy Cacher - turns difficulty 1 caches into difficulty 5 caches by fumbling them, dropping them into nearby rivers.


The Park-n-Cacher - obsesses over just how close they can park to the cache. The Park-n-Cacher would rather risk puncturing their car tyres than walk 100 yards down a track.


The Bug Hound - only ever goes for caches containing trackables, and takes all the trackables from every cache regardless of how many there are.


The Vacant Cacher - gets to the general area and then spends time staring into space, as if hoping for divine inspiration regarding the final location


The Hygienic Cacher - wants to find the cache but refuses to retrieve it, because it's wet and dirty. Usually found in parks where caches are, well, wet and dirty.

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I am doing a puzzle cache and part of the cache needs me to describe what type of cacher you are. Now I dont want you to describe yourself, I want you to come up with funny names for a type of cacher and a brief explanation.



You have no idea how much that worries me...



The social cacher - only ever caches in groups and appears to be afraid of going out alone

The Procrastination cacher - often found out hunting for caches instead of doing work, housework, uni work or anything deemed to be less fun. Can be identified by having a messy house and loosing stressed around deadline times.

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I nearly forgot... one example I know well...


The Trad Lad will only seek trads! Not for him the joys of wandering around collecting numbers, working out equations, cryptic clues or Sudokus. Nope - stick co-ords into GPS, go there, find cache, sign, on to next one...


MrsB (carefully not mentioning any names :D )

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The Archer: Whatever the obstacle they just follow the arrow, hacking through the bracken, jumping streams, snagging trousers on barbed wire, only to arrive at the cache site and find a pleasant path joining their route! :D


The Indian: Plugs in Tom Tom and drives. Beep, stop, cache, go. What cache page? :D

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The archer - Hey that was me a few months ago, bought a map now! :)


I think most people go through an archer phase. Hopefully, with age comes wisdom and you eventually realise that it's usually good following the path until reasonably near the cache! Most cache setters generally take the easy way when placing, so why not use it when finding! :blink:

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