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  1. Why was a cache hidden then published without the landowners consent in the first place.
  2. I would just like to say that I think the NT are great I have a few on NT land and they couldn't have been more accomodating, as long as you are upfront about it all and are sensitive to any impact caching my have on the enviroment around the cache site you shouldn't have any trouble. After all we place caches at these sites because we love them and we want to share them with others just like bodies like the NT do.
  3. Yes its like walking in treacle. Just taken me best part of an hour to log three caches. Waymarking seems to be ok though.
  4. I have cache hidden in a holly hedge thats guarded by nettles when in season and I don't get any complaints, well not many.
  5. Don't worry about getting a ftf just chill but if you want to hunt around like a headless chicken go for it. but in the end just play the game how you like it, if thats how you get your geo kicks no-one will judge you. .
  6. Went out with a friend in late 2002 to find three caches which we had to travel quite a distance to get. Got my own gpsr and signed up the following summer. I still use the same gpsr too a good old yellow e-trex.
  7. Hi, I'd do GC6451 Crack'in up with tree coverage, just because its an old un. Its also close to Kenilworth castle which also has a few caches around it and is worth a visit, although a ruin its not disneyfied like Warwick castle.
  8. All trees in a park should have numbered plate on them so they can be tracked, if the tree is not plated up it is probably a self set, all trees are protected now self set or not. Do you think the elf an safety people at any council would think climbing up a tree was a good idea I doubt they would encourage it for fear of being sued.
  9. Three of my all time favourites are GC7505 and GC1C5F both old uns and GC157TB which was I hate to admit it was a micro sadly archived now .
  10. You do mean ssw and not British waterways. ssw I haven't dealt with but I have contacted the waterways people and they were very negative, although since then lots of caches have appeared on their land ,so I can only assume they have mellowed and allow them now.
  11. I do this a lot but not because I didn't find its because I didn't look. I select the ones to go for usually the odd one or two decent sized caches in a series where the rest are pointless micro's that are there just to fill a small gap on trail to find the next pointless micro.
  12. Well put, good idea so probably won't happen. I think most cachers are a responsible group of people who love and cherish this countries fast shrinking open spaces, so we should be doing more to get rid of the geo-litter. We should remove it wherever and whenever we come by it, if that means we get a visit from plod so what its hardly the crime of the century and they have got to prove you were the one that took it, if its been re-cycled how are they going to do that.
  13. I would be a little unhappy if this happened with mine and would delete the log. I don't think its to much to ask for picture and the answers to few questions really. A waymark yes you could use old photos and previous visits Earthcaches no.
  14. Plus you have to seriously think about your hides and if you have the time to look after them, they are a commitment after all. I've placed all of mine so that if problems were reported I could go and at least see what the problem is the following weekend. I'm not sure how those with 100's of hides cope with this. It is fairly easy if you have a lot of hides. I have 83, a small amount are now archived having served their time. Although it isn't something to rely on, it is always worth having a network of local caching friends, so that if you can't get to one of your caches that there is a problem with, you can call on one of your caching friends to step in and do maintainance or check on it. Then at other times you can reciprocate. It works well around here. And yes, it does become addictive putting out new caches, just don't put them out for the sake of it. Yes putting out a quantity does not mean quality, I try and put out the boxes that will fit the enviroment. e.g not a micro in a wood . The children prefer to find a proper box with things they can swap, a good cache page describing local events and the history of the place will always be my choice too over a short the cache is here type. And it is fun placing, finding a spot doing the research getting the land owners permission which can be frustrating but worth it in the end. Good luck with your placements
  15. Is it worth saving, if its archived whats stopping someone else using the area the cache is in which could have been by some weird coincidence muggled the very same day the new cache is placed.
  16. Hi, we stayed in York last year we didn't do any cache boxes just a couple of virtuals, they were holes in the wall and The stonegate Devil. We enjoyed doing them anyway. York is a great historical city. Enjoy England and good luck for the match againt that French team from down south.
  17. If a cache is placed on someone elses property without permission why would they feel the need to justify their request for it to be removed.
  18. Why was it published in the first place without the proper permission.
  19. Like everything else different folks like different caches, I personally avoid micro's but I still do em now and again. for me a good cache would be before during or at the end of a walk in the countryside with views if possible and a good sized traditional box, if you have kids with you these tend to go down better. Happy caching.
  20. I know of a cache in a green lane but modesty prevents me and all that.
  21. ... which reminded me of something... Someone once told me that if you have a parcel sent to you and it's addressed to e.g. Mr Reelcutter and family then you won't be so likely to be charged for duty/tax because it's presumed the enclosed items will be distributed between several individuals and so the total value of the contents are divided by at least 3... Anyone know if there's any truth to this? Any Revenue & Customs experts around? (Just in case I need to hand out my next import of "must have" glass geocoins to everyone in the house...) MrsB That sounds like a plan to me, its worth a try
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