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  1. FF (and occasionally IE, Safari, Chrome) on my PC. I design websites so I need the lot to test on! FF and Safari (mainly FF) on my Mac. Oh, but I do have IE on my Mac even though I never use it.
  2. He was rubbish! He even got a get out clause, lol. "Erm, my friend asked me to check under his car" is a bit obvious, lol. He could have really dropped a pen and been "trying" to retrieve it or something.
  3. My Ben Ben coin (released in September) made it as far as 1 cache before not being logged for a long time. It was picked up in Feb by someone who said they'd move it on soon. It's now June and nothing. I've tried polite emails but no reply. Looks like this person logs on but doesn't cache - or caches under another name. It's all a bit odd as they haven't logged the cache they got the tb from. I'm still quite upset as it was my first trackable and it never made it past yorkshire!
  4. The Geo Cacher - Only ever found at earth caches or cache sites which have geological interest.
  5. The tenacious cacher. It doesn't matter if it takes 2 hours of searching, they WILL find that cache if it kills them!
  6. Every phone has a pin number so that you can stop anyone but yourself using the phone. If you set the pin number then, when you switch the phone on, it will ask for your pin number. Generally you have to enable it through one of the menus in the phone. The default for all the mobiles I have used is 0000. You might try that. The phone handbook should give you more information. I hope this helps. The PIN for Geocache Navigator is entirely different. Try following these instructions. http://geocachenavigator.com/GetStarted/In...99/Default.aspx
  7. I think these GROEPers are a bit confused. I'm about 99.9% sure that throwing something into a lake classes as environmental vandalism. Aren't they meant to be against that? I'm really sorry to hear about all your caches and trackables down there though.
  8. 21.5 miles from my part of Newcastle. I'm right on the Northumberland/Tyne and Wear border but I think the vast majority of those caches are south rather then north of me.
  9. Mine's been picked up and noted as such in the log but not logged on the coins page (as is stil showing in the cache). I'm hoping the person's going to move it very soon and remember to log it properly. He's had other trackables before. I've got 2 trackables at the moment I need to drop. I had planned on going somewhere to drop them last week but due to a family crises never got out and haven't been near anything bigger then a micro since. If I don't get out this weekend they'll be dropped in a local cache - sadly not far from where they were picked up but I don't want to hold on for too long.
  10. I use an N95 on with Geocache Navigator. The software is free on a Nokia (I believe!) but I've discovered that is doesn't like showing non regular caches (for example even if I know I'm right on top of a multi or mystery there's no sign of it) which is annoying. That might just be me not setting something up right though. I *think* GPS is free. However, to get best use out of GN you need to use your phone's internet to download the cache list/logs/hints/etc and allowing the network to connect (if I believe what people say!) helps the phone work out where you are quicker as it can base things off your phone signal. I'm still working all this out though as I've only had the phone for a month - a data plan is worth it though I think.
  11. I'd like to see more in Northumberland in general! There's really not many at all once you get north of the A69 (if you exclude the clusters around Hardian's Wall and Kielder!). I know Northumberland if full of beautiful spots - it deserves more (if only I had the time!). I also wish there were more caches aorund Plessy Woods (just north of Cramlington). There's only a multi at the moment but the place could have a few regular caches at places of interest and it's nice to walk around at least (and I'm terrible at multis!).
  12. Was in the Metro Centre, Gateshead today and Blacks didn't have any. They refered me to Millets where I was lucky enough to get the last one they had! I'm now the happy owner of a London Eye. Just need to think up a mission before I release it now.
  13. Thanks for the hello and hello back to you too! Indy Alex and I are sisters and we started caching (as the result of mentioned friend taking us!) just before the Garmin Promo (I'm still yet to get one of those coins from a shop. ) Really enjoying the caching and chance to get out and about but I'm just about to head into the final year of my degree so I don't know how much time I'll be getting soon.
  14. Too far away to help as well (and my GPS is my phone!) but good luck! We've done Geocaching with our Rangers and we all loved it - it's actually how I got started. We're all the outdoors sort so we're planning on writing more into our programme this term. Maybe next time we go on camp somewhere with the Guides and if we can get hold of/discover parents who have GPS units we can try it with them sometime. I think most of them would be really into it given the chance.
  15. Been into Blacks and Millets in Newcastle this morning. The people in Millets seemed confused at the thought of them recieving the coins and they don't stock Garmin products and didn't even know they were listed on the website. The people in Blacks (as was the case when I enquired on Monday as well) were totally clueless, had never heard of a Geocoin and didn't know what on Earth I was on about, nevermind if they were getting any! I really want an Angel of the North but looks like I'm going to be out of luck.
  16. I popped into Blacks in the Metro Centre today and asked if they had any coins left. The man I asked told me they had none. He also confirmed that a new set were meant to be released each week and that despite expecting some last week, nothing had arrived and they were hoping for some this week. Apparently they only got 20 coins and they'd all gone within 4 hours. I got the feeling this wasn't the first time he'd been asked about this recently as he seemed a bit like "not another one of them..."
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