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  1. I just send to gps from Geocache.com then simply download from gps to MM simples*
  2. I noticed that an update was available so came to see what it was, but instead wasted half an hour of my life reading drivvel. Keep 'em comming TT I use them on my legend all the time and I'm fully aware of the limitations, as I have been from day one.
  3. Amongst others I wanted to send stuff from Gsak to Memory Map andd was given this link http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bcmoore/New%20Icons%20Guide/ which worked a treat.
  4. Hi, is there any general tutorials for GSAK online that are good for us not very teckies?
  5. Love the maps and want to fill some gaps in round my way. HOW DO I DO IT????
  6. When do you take the photo? I want to "camo" mine, it would be a bit of a give away if I post a photo of the finished item!
  7. Hi, I've tried this a few times and got nowhere (not comp lit) when I unzip the file it saves as a paint shop proflie is this my problem and if so how do I change it. I have just brought a legend.
  8. It would'n be too hard to find it would it!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I just brought an Etrex Legend you get the cable with it and its USB
  10. I haven't got a clue what your all talking about but WOW did that open a can of worms!!!
  11. I made my own for a Geko 201 using the back of an old bike light, it works a treat.(I should be on Blue Peter)
  12. hre's one for us computer illiterates out there. How you get the highlighted "QUOTES" to come up when answering a thread??
  13. I smear myself in Horse Raddish, does the trick and I enjoy being a perv
  14. The archer - Hey that was me a few months ago, bought a map now!
  15. When we do the Benn Nevis event why not leave a cache at the top with an invite for them to trash it, lets see how serious they are!
  16. goodluck I thought it was a nightmare process
  17. I've only written one bad comment as the cache was in a bad state, the owner then reponded to say he no longer lived in the area and asked for someone else to take over the cache. I only have 1 hide but I would rather be told if there was a problem so I could sort it.
  18. THE DASHER CACHER, dosen't know how to walk and dashes from car to cache and back again.
  19. I've only hidden one and found just over 100, but I'm already looking to only do "decent" finds. I found the proccess of getting my hide published less than user friendly, which dosen't leave me wanting to hide many more but that said I would love to do a "mega" cache or a physically challenging one!
  20. guess that's that then, maybe more people should open the feature
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