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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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To me, it was the tower wot gave it away. Quite WHY I've not idea, never having been there, nor know anyone that has (that I'm aware of)



Edited to Add where it is!!!




And again to add the caches (three in that picture)

GC13X64 at the tower

GCR7AX (top right of picture)

GC14XNJ (bottom left corner of that big white building)

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OK, back from lunch (Lamb Korai, & 2 pints of Carlsberg in case you were wondering :-) and the server is now behaving (maybe it's had lunch too?).


Anyway it's Saltaire, the mills and village were built by Titus Salt, and we moored up by the mill on our trip over the pennines on the Leeds Liverpool canal, and went in the David Hockney gallery, didn't go to the pub because there aren't any at the specific behest of Titus himself.


The nearest cache is GC1G692 "Tale of Two Mills" which is currently disabled.


Edit to add: Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh beaten to it!

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Edit to add: Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh beaten to it!

Yep. And I was too busy to give the ding. But its moved on now.


Though its good to know I wasn't going completely bonkers and there WAS a cache on that bridge! :ph34r:


If someone posts a picture of a Fjord, I'm SURE you'll have a big advantage over everyone else. :huh:

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If I might be so bold as to assume a ding...


Try this one, a bit closer to home, and perhaps a little more difficult...

Name that cache:


(being a puzzle cache, it's not at the coords shown - but it is very close by)


Easy, Station X on the West Coast Main Line! :rolleyes:

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In an email I just wrote, I said the following and thought I should post this here too...

I liked the one with the Google pictures since our whole focus for geocaching is seeing things you might not ordinarily see. This topic sort of does the same thing. I like the way the community members brought it home by asking about certain caches near the pictures posted. That is great work by the people in the topic.

We run a pretty tight ship of course, but I've said before that we are a little looser in the local forums. This has been a fun topic to read and I liked your answers regarding why this topic was not shut down (nice post jerryo). Fun stuff, and I really thought this one was way cool.


Looking forward to more good stuff.

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OK, moving out of Europe in a westerly direction, what is the name of the VIRTUAL cache at the end of this lake



As no one else has responded....


Lake of Little Fishes?


Is looking at your finds list cheating? :(


DING to von Horst. I looked back at the rules guidelines and they don't say that you can'.t

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One for the Monkey Hangers.


Hartlepool - Star Trek 1: Start Wrecks GCYDPP


HMS Trincomalee is in dry dock. Used against the French.


Been round the exhibit. Very interesting. Probably the only thing interesting about Hartlepool

I thought Trincomalee as the first iron-clad warship. Probably used against the french.

But as that was only for brownie points,



Two more interesting things about Hartlepool (either is quite likely to be urban myth!):

Residents have (had?) the right to dig coal from the beach. :(

The only place in the world where, when they built a nuclear power station, property values went up! :)


And a third (What inquisition?) - It MUST be the only place to have knowingly voted a monkey in as mayor.

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