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  1. Hi there How do I add a caption/title to a photo attached to a log on the new logging page please? I've looked and looked and there is no mention of it on the little video and the only way I can see to do it is by editing the log after submitting it which is awkward, time consuming and ridiculously inconvenient. Thanks!
  2. There appears to be a zoom level 'missing' between the zoomed in 'local' map with big icons (where you can see your finds) and the zoomed out 'overview' with coloured dots (where you cannot see your finds). Previously there was an intermediate zoom with small icons and a semi- regional view that showed your finds and which was the most useful level of zoom for going on days out. Can we have it back, please?
  3. So glad that it isn't just me, and that there's a workaround...
  4. People gave money to support the event not the brand. Please give the excess to charity as you (publicly) said you would.
  5. Could you do it again but with the (sightly) older counties used on the old INATN maps and GSAK UK maps?
  6. Or whatever you are - there's at least one canine forum moderator...
  7. I don't think I've got that many "extraordinary" caches within 15 miles of where I live even today! []
  8. Depends on where I am! Given the choice countryside wins, but urban Caching has it's own joys and challenges.
  9. I walked it in May. Took plenty of water and saw many lizards and F15s but no snakes and no scorpions. It was fun.
  10. I doubt it, because for most of the world 10/11/12 is in November....
  11. Congratulations on going Meg-yaaaaarr!
  12. Why not call the cache "The King's Therapist", "Bertie's Oscar", "Colin's Speech" or something similar so that it is clear what you are refering to without mentioning it. The APE caches didn't/don't have the name of the movie in the title, after all. In the description all you need to mention is that the location was used in a recent movie for exterior shots to represent the premises of the speech therapist who helped the King of England to cope with his stutter (or whatever it was used for in the film). There's no need to actually mention the name of the film. Just my 2d worth Mike
  13. "Most" FC properties are covered by the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW) so access shouldn't be a problem after they are sold. As for the rest, the Forestry Commission operate a permissive right to roam policy. I cannot see this continuing after those woods are privatised. Also, although the government has promised to "make sure that public access is maintained and biodiversity protected" there has been no detail as to what this means (will car parks suddenly be shut after the sale, for example). So no, not sorted.
  14. It might be worth asking in the EarthCache forum....
  15. Dave was a lovely bloke and a real character. He will be missed. Not sure what to say, really but "Bugger" is at least a start. Farewell Dave, and it's nice to know that there is an angel with a Brompton rather than wings!
  16. For what it's worth, I'd say that the Golden Ammo Can SHOULD be taken to as many events in as many locations as possible so as to advertise and raise the profile of each year's 'official' UK Mega but that the Can and it's contents should ONLY be discoverable at 'official' Mega-related events held during the week of Mega festivites each year... Mike
  17. I broke a leg at my own pub event.....those 1/1s can be tricky!
  18. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? Country, State and County fields Macro Mike
  19. GCKFBD "tiwep" is in the middle of Portsmouth Harbour...
  20. The EarthCache program is run by the Geologcal Society of America and I guess that they're keener on geology than anything else..... If a reputable organisation were to approach Groundspeak and offer to coordinate (i.e. set up and pay for!) a globally inclusive educational caching program related to historical sites then I'm sure we'd soon be surrounded by historicaches!
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