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  1. I don't frequent this forum that often any more, so I've only just spotted this. All good suggestions so far. If you're in the south lakes and fancy a more gentle day, Kendal and the area around are excellent. The caches around the Helm near Oxenholme station are all very good and a very pleasant afternoon stroll, as do Martlake's Safie series caches along the River Kent. Without suggesting we've got the best caches too much, we are rather spoilt by excellent caches. Anything by Martlakes (and Ragnar Swordswift), Fellsmanhiker, Bog Bears or Duncscott are worth doing. And without wanting to promote my own, I do think my two puzzle/multi caches (Scrabbling Around, Alphabeticus) are on a par with the caches we've enjoyed most.
  2. Rules, Scmules. Its a bit of fun. Seeing as I'm a semi-pro photographer ( ), I DO get offended when my picture isn't picked. I set a theme last month because it can make you think a bit. But I chose one I thought could be interpreted so widely that it really was almost themeless. I think the reduction in entries may be down to a general reduction in use of forums and also an element of 'same thread boredom'. Look at the pub quiz thread - that goes in fits and starts. Nowt for weeks, then 3 or 4 pages in a couple of days. The initial 'rules' were that the previous month's winners set the rules and they are flexible/open to interpretation. The only prize was getting appreciation, so it really didn't matter.
  3. Right. Not too many to trawl through this month. I think the one that really caught my eye was The Blorenge's underground pic. Just that bit different. Close second were martin&lindabryn. Over to The Blorenges for December.
  4. Thanks to Hobgoblin Kiteflier for choosing my pic as the winner for the Ocotber Competition. As usual, there were some excellent entries in there. The October 2012 competition can be found here. I've been trying to think of a theme that's broad but give you all something to aim for. I did originally put water, but someone pointed out that was September's theme. So I've had a rethink. I decided Fire to tie in with bonfire night might be a bit too difficult. So lets go for another element: Theme: Earth. Good luck to everyone. The rules are: 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher. 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Follow the theme
  5. Oh Aye, Its November now isn't it. Time's flying. Nearly be Christmas. Anyway, Thanks for choosing mine. And I promise, I'm not a ringer! There were plenty of really good photos. I particularly liked Bobo Frett's. Just have to try & think of a (very broad) theme for November. But can I add a 'No Mankinis' rule.
  6. WAAAY off the mark! But I'll take it as a compliment. I have had a couple of photos published, accompanying an article I submitted to Cumbria magazine about caching - they published it in the September issue, so missed the Cartmel mega. Best thing about digital cameras is you can use the scatter gun approach. If you've got a vague idea what you're doing, take LOADS and one will work out half-decent. As you do more, the hit rate goes up as you work out what works and what doesn't.
  7. Added to the shopping list - good tip! Can you recommend any good DSLR training resources on the web? I'm too mean to pay for a book. I ummed and ahhed whether to send this as a PM or post here. Then decided it might help others, so I've posted it here. Mods, if I have broken any rules (I don't think I have!?), sorry! Beechers Handouts is detailed, possibly a bit too heavy going for a beginner, but covers everything. Digital Camera World and Photoanswers are good resources. PhotoAnswers is the website of Practical Photography and Digital Photo magazines. PP have, in the last 3 years, run a 6-part DSLR beginners course that is good, and made more effective by joining in with a Flickr group set up for students on the course, independent of the mag itself. I think they did a book version of the 2010 course. But when the course starts, they usually do an offer of the 6 issues for £10, in the hope you get hooked on the magazine. The course explains the basics in a simple way, using the magazine and videos, and sets you an exercise. It works well. Alternatively, get down to a library and take out one of the many books. I can't remember any of the titles I've borrowed from the library, but all of them have had useful bits.
  8. I wish! Combination of absolutely brilliant autumnal light, polarising filter and a little tweaking of exposure, colour balance and contrast in the RAW editor. I have some better ones from the afternoon stroll, but none quite fitted the theme. I particularly like this one.
  9. Not been there much, but I remember Fort Victoria having a few caches nearby and was a quite fascinating place. There's one that you need to get a cache at each side of the solent to get the final. GCTKM3i think. It was a fair while ago we went.
  10. I've had owners offer to let me log a found when I've found the remains of a cache, or in a couple of cases, seen the cache but been unable to retrieve because its been thrown down a drain or 4 feet behind a fence that has been put up since the cache was hidden. I don't think I've ever taken the offers up. I have seen logs on other caches saying something along the lines of 'I found the obvious spot, but no cache, so I shoved a piece of paper in there' logged as a find, when I've found the tatty bit of paper 6 inches from the cache. The only times I do log a find when I've not signed the log are if the log is unsignable (full, shredded, soaked), a nano where the log is so tightly wound and subsequently destroyed that its impossible to extricate it, or where there's no writing implement available. Usually I offer to send a photo to the owner.
  11. The trouble with 'open consultation' is that you'll get a large bunch of contradictory comments from people who cannot possibly be wrong. You'll never please everyone. Get 10 cachers together to discuss a topic and you'll get 12 opinions. The original interpretation did appear to be a bit OTT. But you could argue that by using a spike, you're enlarging holes that already exist, rather than creating a hole. ground is rarely a homegenous surface. And to put something into such a surface would require a lot more than a spike. A spike is doing on a small scale what we do with our hands when we move rocks to find the cache underneath. Spike = OK. 3" drainpipe hammered into the ground = not OK? What about a cache hidden in a 3" drainpipe that was already there? Or the remains of a signpost that creates a handy hole?
  12. My legs start hurting at the thought of Hardknott, Wrynose and The Struggle. I think I'd rather chop my leg off and fry it than attempt that one. Whinlatter from Lorton is acheivable for me, I hope - doing it as part of the Jennings Rivers Ride in a few weeks. I managed Shap with much huffing & puffing and now manage 2000ft+ climbing in 20-odd mile loops around home. I must get organised and head out on the Fred Whitton ish tour. Not too sure I could bring myself to keep stopping for caches though, particularly when I've got my rhythm going.
  13. Eton? Basically, I reckon its one of the early teams, so after this it'll be The Wanderers, but I think they won it more than once.
  14. Seems a bit bizarre for some of the outlying venues. For example, Old Trafford is unlikely to be getting the same crowds for the Olympics as they get week-in week-out for Newton Heath. Same for every football venue bar Coventry City.
  15. I'd have thought the 'normal' icon with a superimposed (green) tick for the correct coordinates and a superimposed '?' (maybe red?) for the original.
  16. A bit of history on that one - There'll be a story in the Westmorland Gazette a couple of times a year about a spate of robberies from Pay and Display car park machines, or from cars. So the police are quite alert to people snooping around car parks on an evening. And quite rightly too. As for the OP, it does seem a rather OTT response from the police - a simple phone call would've been a more sensible use of police time, unless the car was just passing anyway. I once had the joy of being muggled by a policeman, sort of. I was looking for a cache and a police car arrived and he started following me (on foot), so I stopped and asked him if I could help. He was actually patrolling the spot because people had been stealing flagstones from the riverside.
  17. All you need to know about Identifying trees. No 3: The Larch. And not forgetting the Quercus Maximus Bambergascoinii, which float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia.
  18. I'd go with that. It definitely went there first. Then once its weakened, the rubber stretches slightly, so it works loose all the way round. What glues work with rubber/plastic/remnants of double-sided sticky tape?
  19. You prompted me to contact Garmin about mine. I bought it used from another cacher who upgraded. unfortunately, I've been told £68.08. To be fair to Garmin, they're under no obligation. It still works, so I'll just glue it back on.
  20. Boo! I demand a recount. That's blatant cache promotion there. In all seriousness, a worthy winner. we really MUST get out and do that circuit. I suspect its another of those places in the lakes that's different every time you go. It'll make a change to the usual route up Gummers How. PS - I believe the gun is for sale.
  21. That's a DING! Sorry its taken so long - I've been away. And the Telly program is The football league highlights - the Midland (on the right) pops up twice in the title sequence, and occasionally in the program too. Its all very different from when I lived there.
  22. Have a look at the Sony Xperia Mini/mini pro or Xperia Neo. As well the geocaching app, trekbuddy is worth a look too, along with mobile atlas creator.
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