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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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Must be "The Hottest Place on Earth" which is Erta Ale and the Volcano EarthCache GCB5D7.

In Google Earth, the cache appears to be down the red hole itself when you zoom in... :unsure::)


Correct :D over to you

Gonna be cheeky and jump in with another one to keep this thread going.....


Name the Multi-cache shown on the right....


Watch your step, if you trip and bang your head you may see stars.....

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Second chance at an easy one. Which cache is at 'A', it's not a multi and it's not a puzzle...


Tsk. Dodgy cache promotion, I'm sure! :lol:


Its the UK's second mega event at Weston Super Mud.


We can't go as we are on holiday :wub: However over to you for the next picture :wub:

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Thank you for the clue - in which case the big white building is the PSA Peugeot Citroën Vigo Plant in Spain, the stadium is the Balaidos Stadium and the cache is GC1FC9E Parque de Castrelos. I think :laughing: There just happens to be a big water fountain frog in that park ;)

Spot on!

Sometimes the hardest thing is getting a location that is reasonably identifiable!


I'll have to have a look at that park now.




Over to you

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Well I've been waiting to post this one - but the questions are either (a) too hard, or (b ) someone else gets there first... Anyway, I found this while searching for one of the other sites. Name the featured location in the centre of the picture, and the cache:



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