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A Pictoral Mapping Quiz


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Okey dokey................


Other than geocaching, we also love riding rollercoasters!


The photo below is of one of James' favourite coasters.


The park also contains a great wooden rollercoaster (which is Jenny's favourite coaster)!


So.......to get the 'ding'............what is the NAME of Jenny's favourite coaster?????????????



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The Park is Porta Ventura in Salou, Spain. The rollercoaster in the picture is Dragon Khann. The wooden coaster is I believe Stampida......


The nearest cache, to keep on track is El Piló de Sant Esteve GC1J9VW.


dadgum it........ Took too long to find the details

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The rolercoaster in the picture is Dragon Khan at Port Aventura, south of Barcelona.


In the theme park, there are two wooden rollercoasters, the duelling Stampida and Tomahawk (for juniors) :(:anibad:

So Jennys favourite will be.........


That's it! :blink::ph34r:;)


Stampida was the answer we were looking for!


Over to you............

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Upload your picture to the "gallery" of one of your own caches.


Else, use Photobucket or similar.


Edited to add:

To capture a screen-grab: hold down the Alt key and press the Prt Scr key. This will copy the whole screen to your clipboard. Use something like IrfanView to trim out stuff like the co-ords etc.

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Grenada and the cache is Sam's Golden Apple. GC12MJC


I really need advice on how to get the satellite image on here. I have tried right clicking and don't get the option to copy. Anyone advise? Oh, that's dependant on me getting a BING of course.


You've definately got the correct answer! :(


As for placing the image, I think there may be several ways, but we did it by......

1) Using the 'Prnt Scrn' key to capture the image from the map

2) 'Pasting' the image into suitable software (we use Photoshop)

3) Cropping the image if needed

4) Saving the image as a 'JPEG'

5) Uploading the image to a photosharing website (we use Photobucket)

6) Copying the link from Phobucket into your forum message


Hope this makes sense. I'm sure there is a simpler way, but this seemed to work!

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Thanks for the help. Did it by adding it to one of my cache galleries. Hope cachers don't expect to find this view when they go after my London based cache!!


Anyway, in keeping with my Movie Memories cache theme, this is the location of a famous film opening.

What is the nearest cache and for a bonus, name the film.

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While an inmate at Cranditz I spent a very boozy weekend here on an "exchange" visit, drinking our naval hosts under the table, literally`.


I See No Ships..........Or Do I?


Edited to add the proper answer to Q2:

HMS Dartmouth, sometimes known as "Britannia".


Bloody silly habit the navy has: treating bases as if they are ships. I got a bollocking from a stroppy Petty Officer when I was there, for stepping off the marked path. His admonishment: "Sah, yes, you Sah. You're overboard Sah!".


The RAF doesn't treat Stations as aircraft, so why does the navy treat naval bases as ships?

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Staying with the nautical theme, what's the purpose of this structure?


How, and why, is it used?


Oh yes, to keep the prefects happy, tell us a nearby cache too, but the important bit is the nature and purpose and use of this rather unusual structure.



Edited to add a couple of minor clues:

It's in the NorthWest quadrisphere.

To give an idea of scale, the Eastern mole is approximately 288 metres long.

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Recognised that one straight away as I spent many a time walking through that cemetery whilst working nearby when the Royal Tournaments used to be held at the nearby Earl's Court.


It's Brompton Cemetery, the nearest cache is Team Peppers (GCX869), and 3 movies filmed there are GoldenEye, Johnny English & Stormbreaker.

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A Ding to Mr Pancake. I work at Earls Court and love the cemetery. Don't forget to see the new Sherlock Holmes film with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jnr which was filming here in the summer as I walked through.


Sleepynow, sorry, still don't get the connection to Dan Brown.


Anyway, last pic is Alcatraz. Went there 3 years ago. Cache is Escape From Alcatraz. GCF7A2.

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It's Anwoth Old Church in Dumfries and Galloway, location from the original Wicker Man film. One of the stars Christopher Lee has been my idol since I was about 10. All my friends were into the Bay City Rollers and I was into Dracula. I got to meet him at a book signing a couple of years ago and was absolutely tongue tied. Muttered thank you and ran.

Oh and the cache is The Wicker Man - Here Lieth Beech Buchanan GCPGAP


If I get a Ding I will leave it for someone else to post the next question as I appear to have taken over. Too much time at work with not enough to do!!

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