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IMSpider hits 5000 caches in 24 months!

Old Navy

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CONGRATULATIONS to IMSpider who persevered through all types of weather, never missing a day in over a year to accomplish a superman like Geocaching feat of finding 5000 caches on the eve of his 2 year Geocaching anniversary! Way to go Spider! stayfloopy look out! Congrats, Old Navy

#5000 Cedar Ridge trail #3 GC1HDAG

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IMSpider, IMSpider,

Can outwit the craftiest hider.

Finds the cache, any size,

To micros and nanos, he is wise

Cache On!

Here comes the IMSpider.


Is he far gone?

Listen bud,

He's got caching in his blood.

Satellites overhead

Takes his GPS to bed.

Hey, there

There goes the IMSpider.


In the chill of night

In the thickest fog

Grabs the ammo box,

and signs the log.


IMSpider, IMSpider

Friendly neighborhood Tupperware finder

Thorns and ticks, he's ignored

FTF is his reward.


No matter the difficulty

Wherever there’s a multi

You'll find the IMSpider !!!



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