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  1. Describing the exact cache component would b something a cache owner may feel is giving "it" away. (unless the cache owner says, its a shiny, bullet looking thing in their description.)Now the next catcher will read the log and instead of taking the full journey, they now know what to look for.take cues from previous logs. You may want to edit your log before it gets deleted and say that this was amongst the first caches found and you hadn't seen something like that before. And lastly, thank them for the cache.
  2. This is something I have been keenly aware of since I started caching. I have been to many Mega events and even then, there are very few minorities present. It could be a socio-economic thing- however as a member of the minority, I don't think it to be true. Many people have smartphones, they may have DL's the apps, but either the game didn't take root or they may have had issues with muggles or felt out of place at geo-events. People at the events tend to stick with their cliques; I don't begrudge them, its human nature to stick with the herd but its hard breaking into Geocaching events, when 90% are 40+, predominantly male or retired couples and their friends are present and not really open to newbies. I tend to stick out like a sore thumb. So, I stay away from events, unless there is someone there I will have already known. So, I cache alone, probably like other minority cachers. BTW, this is not a "woe is me" post, I like caching by myself or with a friend.
  3. Brian, May I say thank you now for the wonderful Caching in NJ videos you make. I always think about them. Missing the tri-state area...... Take care!
  4. NY Style? LOL Well, Thats a first. What region could they be speaking of? "NYC style" "Long Island" style? Captial region? or the various other regions of my great state. Thinking about it, it could mean either a magnetic nano or bison tube. or Film canister hiding among fauna or other rat infested areas.
  5. I literally just moved to Scottsdale, Arizona from NYC and this would make for a great first cache placement for me in my new area. PM me details! Buttaskotch
  6. I guess I am not into numbers....I still have about 2600 caches to log.....
  7. Best advice, don't look like a tourist. Hopstop is a great app don't leave home without it. Foursquare has checkin specials at many restaurants esp if your AMEX is tied to it. I have saved a pretty penny with that. BEst places for pizza, don't come in slices, but pies. Arturo's on Houston or John's on Bleecker are my 2 faves in Manhattan. The best pizza though is Paulie's in Greenpoint, BK. That man knows how to make a great pie! More good grub found at Chelsea Market, get on Yelp and see what the locals say about food, shopping etc. for more intel Highline is a great stroll as is the greenway on the WestSide which goes from the Battery to way up to the top of Manhattan. Gorgeous views. Ft Trylon is my favorite parks and has the MMA The Cloisters in it.
  8. Don't know where you heard about our "reputation" but we NYers (and I specifically mean NYC folks) have always been friendly and its not because of the Towers falling. That is a huge misconception.
  9. Try: Take a Hike GPS 2524 Marr St NW Apt 16K 866 797 4687 http://www.takeahikegps.com/handheld-gps-rentals.html
  10. +1,000 The sense of entitlement has become staggering. If you want to break the chain and keep it, well do so at your own risk. If you don't want to create a cache and put it in to pay it forward, simply move the coin to the next cache. I have seen a few hundred TBs and Geocoins in caches that didn't have a mission printed out with it. Either the mission statement was lost (it does happen) or was never there in the first place (we'll never know) So now that you know, move it so someone else will take up the mission.
  11. Don't fret about it, think of it as a normal TB and pay it forward by placing in a cache you will place.
  12. Sounds like its time for Groundspeak to step in. There is ample proof that you tried to log DNFs and it was subsequently deleted and more than likely your correspondence was thru the GC.com PM system for further proof of your issues.
  13. I see your frustration and folks are genuinely trying to help you. But with the limited information you have initially given are you really surprised that we are confused. If the last few posts were also incorrect in their assumptions, you may want to post the the coords of the cache you are actually speaking of. If not, then its going to be a game of guess the cache. Keep calm, carry on.
  14. Its always great seeing an expert emerge after a year of geocaching. As you state there are areas that are not saturated. If you are so keen on placing a cache, then do it there. Otherwise, first person there, is one to place the cache. And as for your respect of the cacher? its very curious to me on how a veiled forum post, equates your respect of said cacher. He put those caches out there for people like you to find, he is a prolific cacher in your area. Yes some may need maintenace from time to time, and its sometimes hard to maintain caches, because life takes you in a different direction. (Since I haven't cached for a long while, I need to get on a maintenance run soon). So in other words, keep calm, carry on.
  15. If caches were automatically delisted, how can we keep the retrieval of said caches in check? Many would be oft put by an auto delist and not bother retrieving and then adds to geo-trash. I don't think its a good idea, nor a fair idea. Just because and area is saturated by those that came before a new cacher, doesn't mean it must be opened up for others. Discover another area nearby, and start there.
  16. I just crossed into Ontario a few weeks ago and mentioned Spring Fling and geocaching and boy did the border guard get suspicious. He wanted literature, maps, etc. I told him it was all in an app on my iPhone, which made him more leery. These guards, are not interested in Geocaching and talking about using multibillion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods may make you sound more like a terrorist than a geocaching fan. Next time, I am just gonna say that I am driving in to sightsee and get some tourist souveniers,
  17. Ahem....Canada is a country, eh. And you don't need a Premium Membership to find out about events. You only need to subscribe to the weekly Groundspeak newsletter. Or...when you're logged in, check out the "newest caches in Ontario" in your profile that will let you know all the newest listings of caches and events. Opps, I forgot about those methods. I prefer a visual. 50 miles away down I-95 is one thing, 50 miles through the New Jersey forest backroads is another beast entirely. I thought Canada was part of the U.S. though... Why do they have teams on the American leagues for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hokey? I seriously hope you are joking about Canada being part of the US. If not, our education system has indeed failed.
  18. Why is it ok to have a military association of cachers, or born again christian caching club, but the question of a gay group coming up presents all sorts of resentments. The last time I was this offended by posters on a thread, was a thread about a cache I placed in a cruising spot and a breeder got all paranoid about it. Then the euphemisms followed, each more offensive than the next. which really perturbed me. I see they started already. Which I am surprised Groundspeak let it go. Really folks,why can't people with something more than the love of caching form a group? Why is the military assoc of cachers ok and not a gay group. The arguement made about being straight holds as much water as an argument about a "white only" club. BTW, I am a straight, gay friendly woman from NYC. (And quite proud of what my state just legalized!) Good luck lcandela123!
  19. New power trail activating in Nevada in late August. 1500 caches, here is the event http://coord.info/GC2WK80
  20. I do too, one cacher decided to host flash mob events in every port of call on the Alaskan cruise after GeoWoodstock last summer. That cacher ran into problems with 1 reviewer. Don't know (and don't care) what the outcome was but whatever. Everyone plays differently. As long as rules are followed and no laws are broken integrity belongs to a cacher alone.
  21. How abt a Yarmulke or get a small t-shirt that says geocaching in Hebrew That doesn't seem as....polarizing. I say this very loosely. I understand your caution, its a slippery slope. @Fjordi From the events I have been to where it was organized by someone visiting, they either look to a local group for suggestions or find an all purpose pub centrally located and has loose restrictions on purchase with assembly. I went to an event in Stockholm put together by a visiting German, I asked him that very question and he gave me the reply above. For me that sounds like a "safety cache" to be sure to be able to log a cache in an area / a country with very few caches. To get a new flag in the statistics on gc.com Of course that may not be true for all who host an event abroad - that's only my personal opinion... But if it is reviewed and published, then I suppose it is ok. But that's too much offtopic So, by your logic, going to an event in another country while travelling is a "safety cache: Whatever floats your boat. But the cachers I know, do it to meet local cachers, talk about many topics and arrange a time where the locals can take them around to the fun spots for caching or sightseeing. But of course, that's only my personal opinion.
  22. How abt a Yarmulke or get a small t-shirt that says geocaching in Hebrew That doesn't seem as....polarizing. I say this very loosely. I understand your caution, its a slippery slope. @Fjordi From the events I have been to where it was organized by someone visiting, they either look to a local group for suggestions or find an all purpose pub centrally located and has loose restrictions on purchase with assembly. I went to an event in Stockholm put together by a visiting German, I asked him that very question and he gave me the reply above.
  23. I have found wood caches, and they can get really nasty, smelly and fungus ridden. If there were one that didn't have these detrators then I would be happy to find one. As for glass, its would be hard to place a cache made of glass and guarantee that it won't break. I can see a nasty cut coming from finding a broken glass container in a wood stump. Remember there are a lot of critters out there that tend to displace caches. I once found a mason jar tied to string in a storm drain.....in Brooklyn!
  24. I have Canadian relatives who visit regularly. If I had a choice between Cuba and Mexico. I would go visit Fidel and Raoul with out hesitation. Two words. Mayan Ruins. Winner, Mexico. Sinaloa Cartel Gulf Cartel Juárez Cartel Tijuana Cartel La Familia Cartel Los Zetas Cartel Beltrán-Leyva Cartel Winner: The Adirondacks in New York State HA! love it. +1 But seriously, leave the GPSr at home, they apparently aren't allowed around Cuba for 2 reasons, flashing expensive equipment may get you mugged and they don't want anyone taking coords of anything sensitive. Beware, that once you return you may be flagged and stopped by Customs on future trips for extra security measures.
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