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  1. I picked up a lightly used Garmin Colorado a few years ago. I previously had a 60CSX but wanted one that can load the cache info too. I didn't care for the touchscreen models at the time. Perhaps they have gotten better but I found them tough in sunlight. As Jerry said, perfect combo of hobbies. I only wish I didn't live in flatland. Only a dozen summits in NJ. :-( Chasers paradise. :-)) If you give us your call, I'll look for you on the air. Good luck! 72/73, Chris KQ2RP
  2. I don't have any APRS capability right now, but I have watched some of the SOTA activators APRS tracks as they trek up to summits. 73, Chris WB2VEN
  3. Pluses for the 60CSX -- a bigger screen (0.2" wider and 0.5" taller), an altimeter & electronic compass, auto routing, longer battery (rated 18 hrs vs. 14), can hold 1000 waypoints (vs. 500) and can save 20 tracks (vs. 10).
  4. Thanks, I think I've got a handle on how ebay works. MY advice to YOU is that next time someone lists something and you dislike the price, make a private offer or simply ignore the listing altogether instead of turning their listing into a discussion thread. This is my last reply.
  5. You made your offer and I declined it, yet you felt it appropriate to argue the point. Again, with the maps included, this is what I consider this fair. If anyone doesn't, they don't have to buy it, just like any other posting. And don't drone on about other 'better' 'free' maps out there. I could care less. That's not what I'm offering.
  6. And for the record, contact Garmin and ask if you can install/transfer their maps on another unit once they've been installed on a different one. I have.
  7. If you don't want it, don't buy it. But don't tell me what to sell MY things for. This is going to ebay tomorrow.
  8. Not with City Navigator and 2G card.
  9. No. Once installed, it 'belongs' to that unit.
  10. Sorry, no bike accessories. Also, your comparative pricing doesn't take into account the City Navigator maps, which sell for $89.
  11. I have a used, but in great shape, Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX. It is a well taken care of spare that has been sitting idle for some time and deserves a good home. It has the original box, USB cable, Mapsource CD, belt clip, manual, lanyard - basically everything it came with. In addition, it has expanded memory with a 2 GB micro SD card, and City Navigator North American NT maps (disc), so you are able to do turn by turn directions to your caching locations (or anywhere else you wish to go). I have the northeastern US already installed, but you can load whatever you want from the disc. Original cost for everything was $389+. Asking $220 shipped. Payment via Paypal.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/Garmin-eTrex-Venture-H...=item2eb202080f
  13. Way to go Walkin' Ed & Pugnuts!!
  14. Checked on a cache of mine that he logged (with a 'TNLNSL'). No sig on log. I deleted his entry.
  15. See the posted note for this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6e-d8f4f38e3fd4
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