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  1. Recommend Secaucus Panorama which is the oldest cache in the county. There is also an earth cache a few hundred feet away. Both re in Laurel Hill Park.
  2. Absolutely! Kicking myself in the rear for not shelling the 12$ permit fee earlier. Newark Watershed area ranks up there in my NJ book with Abram Hewitt State Forest and Wawayanda (Terrace Pond).
  3. Newark Watershed & Farny State Park A really nice loop hike which allows for grabbing 19 caches (if you dont bother solving any puzzles) and 3 NJ1K peaks: Green Pond Mountain, Mount Newfoundland, and Buck Mountain (Kinnelon). Ended up covering 23.2 miles and seeing absolutely no bears. Just saw some deer and bobcat scat. Did get to cross a nice beaver dam! Of course, the views were tremendous with blue bird skies. I saw the lenticular clouds on Friday and knew its gonna be nice and clear, albeit windy and cold. For those less ambitious, this hike can be split at where I parked and be done across 2 different days.
  4. I dont charge anything for my weight loss programs and my clientele is not very numerous. Would be happy to take on some more clients.
  5. Thanks for posting that! Will have to check out that park sometime.
  6. What are your interests? Looking to find lots of caches, looking to go on an extended hike and pick up some caches, looking to go on all out outdoor adventures?
  7. The 'we' would generally include ThirstyMick and myself (as was the case with this hike). However, it does also include wjgrun at times when he forgets how unforgiving my pace can be and lapses in his judgement and sanity by actually showing up at the trailhead parking.
  8. Actually logged that cache on 02/28/2009. Also, the high point you reference is not official as per NJ1K (http://nj1k.org/list/). I remember that ridge being quite lovely near your cache.
  9. Wawayanda State Park & Abram S Hewitt State Forest Have hiked many times in both Wawayanda State Park & Abram S Hewitt State Forest but have never been able to connect the dots mentally. So, we decided to do a massive loop hike which ended up being 20.0 miles and routed to go over 3 of the NJ1K: Boulder Pine Peak, Bearfort Mountain North, and Bearfort Mountain. As it would so happen, found out we had been to these peaks a few times already before in the course of various geocaching escapades. Nevertheless, for those who are in shape, insane, and enjoy peakbagging / geocaching, I would recommend this loop. We started late at 11AM and finished a little after 8PM by means of headlamp. Trails Used - Old Coal (Red) - Unmarked Trail (used as single track for mountain biking it would appear) - Banker (Green) - Cedar Swamp (Blue) - Double Pond (Yellow) - Hoeferlin (Blue) - Appalachian Trail - Ernest Walker (Yellow) - Unmarked Trail (woods road used by hunters and possibly ATVers) - Bearfort Ridge (White) - Terrace Pond North (Blue)
  10. We definitely had some frozen precipitation last year, not as much as in previous years. Hope we get some snow to continue the tradition!
  11. Planning on going to Monksville Reservoir tomorrow for a nice relaxing kayak, explore some areas by foot and take a look for some caches by boat. Be sure to bring a fishing rod!
  12. Monksville Reservoir Area Hike Planning on starting around sunrise from the LPIW Visitor Center tomorrow, Saturday. Planning on hitting up the area NJ1K peaks: Big Beach Mnt, Jennings Mnt, and Long Hill. Any caches along the way will be addressed. Hike will be aggressive, just ask wjgrun. If interested, please PM me, email me, or reply to post.
  13. If you have your own vehicle, would suggest Pelham Bay Park.
  14. I felt great Sunday night! A few tablespoons of Hemp Protein and beer... felt like a million dollars
  15. This is why I only have maybe 4 finds in the past 6 months. Instead of smilies, have been collecting patches! - Catskills 3500 - Catskills 3500 Winter - AMC NH4000 Currently working on AMC NE4000 and Long Path Much more satisfaction with completing a REAL challenge.
  16. Have completed in Winter 2010-2011 the Catskills 3500 club requirements for both summer and winter patches. That was 140 miles of solo hiking in the summer and 123 miles of snowshoeing with ThirstyMick in the winter. Both times, summitted 35 peaks over 3500ft, half of which are bushwhacks through some thick spruce. (Kudos to BrianSnat for shutting my year for the Devils Path last year which was part of the above 'project'.) With the warmer weather, have just finished all 40+ miles of the Lenape Trail in Essex County, NJ in one weekend. Now focusing on section hiking the Long Path, Long Trail, and bagging the rest of the NH summits (22 down out of 48). So suppose those are my goals for the rest of the year in addition to planning some nice kayaking trips (maybe the Saco River?).
  17. Highly recommend Aircrash 4 (GCPY3E). Very rarely visited, and probably the best cache within the NJ/NY area. Includes a plane crash and a summit canister of Doubletop within vicinity.
  18. Anyone available (and wanting company) to go caching and/or hiking tomorrow, Saturday? I am thinking those new Schunemunk Mountain caches or perhaps something in Harriman. I promise to go a decent pace as the next day I need to summit North Dome, Sherril, and West Kill. Also, anyone up for anything on Monday (if your fortunate to have Holiday)?
  19. Looks like my snowshoes lasted only a little better... 80 miles and the tube snapped w/o doing anything too crazy (ie, scraping up rocks). Let me tell you.. it was 'fun' bushwhacking 800 feet of elevation in 0.5 miles to the top of Kaaterskill High Peak in the Catskills w/ broken snowshoes. Anyone that hates winter have any MSR lightning ascents for sale?
  20. At least Im not the only one snowshoeing 1/23 snowshoed Windham, Blackhead, Black Dome, and Thomas Cole (also did Camel's Hump). 1/29 snowshoed Plateau, Sugarloaf, Twin, and Indian Head. If you want to make some nice loops in the Catskills, I guarantee those ridgelines are well packed in now Anyone up for Vly and Bearpen this Saturday with Panther? Planning on KHP on Sunday. Let me know.
  21. sounds like fun. please keep me posted. Would definitely be interested if there is no reparking involved Let me know.
  22. Bear Mountain / Harriman State Park Awesom loop hike covering 16.4 miles with +4,845 elevation gain while visiting the following: - Bear Mountain - Fort Clinton / Fort Montgomery - Popolopen Torne - Queensboro Lake / Turkey Hill Lake - West Mountain Started around 630AM and finished around 330PM (parking off Seven Lakes Drive where the 1777W Trail passes) with enough time to beat out the traffic home and have dinner w/ wine and beer The following is a trail listing (mentioning the least number without accounting for points of overlap): - 1777W Trail (Red) - Appalachian Trail (White) - Major Welch Trail (Red) - Appalachian Trail (White) - AT Bypass (Blue) - Fort Clinton/Fort Montgomery Trails (Poorly marked on NY/NJ TC Maps.) - Timp-Torne Trail (Blue) - Popolopen Gorge (Red) - Summer Hill Road - 1779 Trail (Blue) - Anthony Wayne Trail (White) - Beechy Bottom Road - Appalachian Trail (White) - Timp-Torne Trail (Blue) - Suffern Bear Mountain Trail (Yellow) - 1777W Trail (Red) Only found 5 new caches, however, passed many more that I had previously found.
  23. Brian - If you want to carpool and check out some brewpubs in the area on the way, let me know Currently I have nothing else planned for the weekend.
  24. Figured with the cold weather upon us, a thread for local winter clothing deals should be in order. Marshalls (NJ Area) - Stocking Marmot Base Layers (tops and bottoms for around 20$), 650 fill down jackets for around 100$, and light water resistant and wind retardant jackets for around 60$. They are also stocking Snozu and Spyder ski pants which are excellent for sitting in the snow and taking time to log into a cache. Campmor (NJ Area) - Good clearance section in the shoes department, recently I had found Scarpa hiking shoes for around 70$ and open box Kahtoola Microspikes for 25$.
  25. Looks like you missed a couple of caches - wuss. He was running so fast he overshot them I was actually aware I passed them within 500 feet, however, it was starting to get dark and I have prior given multiple excuses to the park police about being late to the parking lot to leave before dusk. Didnt want to go through that again. Thus, next time I will just do another nice long loop from Skyline Drive to grab the Cannonball series caches and get the other 3 I need which I skipped. Apparently I was also within 1 mile of 23$K... unfortunately, I was not the finder on that one
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