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Walking trousers


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This is similar to the "waterproofs" topic from a little while ago. I'm looking for some decent walking trousers. I currently wear jeans, which is good for protection against thorns and nettles, but not so good from a sweat perspective (and unfortunately I do sweat quite easily).


Something breathable and waterproof would probably be a good bet (no need for separate waterproof overtrousers), but I have a slight problem - I don't have a tumble drier (or room for one).


I currently have a Gore-Tex jacket and the care instructions say you should either tumble dry it after washing, or have it dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning isn't too much of a problem for a jacket because I don't need to clean it after every use. But trousers are a different story. Partly because my definition of a good walk is one where I come back with mud on my jeans :D, and partly for the fairly obvious hygiene/smell reason.


I'd welcome suggestions or comments about what people have found to be good or bad.

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You're not going to go wrong with Craghopper Kiwi trousers. I don't know if this information is useful but Mountain Equipment trousers are generous in the leg - useful for me as I have long legs. Mountain Equipment trousers are expensive, mine had a RRP of £55! but I got mine off the rail in Cotswold Rock Bottom for a shake over £20. I've had them 3 years - and still earing well.


Others have said it but the best thing about walking trousers is that they are light and dry quickly.

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Thanks for all the replies. I hadn't thought of Army Surplus, but now it's been mentioned it makes sense. I've only been to the local Surplus store once (looking for ammo cans - which they didn't have), but I'll take a wander down there.


I'm on holiday in Cornwall next month, so I may well pay Trago Mills a visit to look for Craghopper stuff. :)

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I like my Craghopper Kiwi trousers - I have 3 pairs - Loads of pockets... they dry really quickly (unlike jeans) and are cool to wear. I then have a separate pair of breathable overtrousers.


I'm sure there are better options - I just went with them because our local out of town superstore (Trago Mills!) has Craghopper gear at about a third of it's rrp.


I was about to offer the same advice!


Trago Mills near me (the Newton Abbot one) has the standard ones for £16.99 and the zip-offs for £19.99... tis a bit of a hunt to find the right size tho!


As for the pockets.... everytime I wear them I find more hidden ones, even found a hidden pen pouch type thing the other day. :)

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Paramo Cascada for me (and my husband also has a pair)


They are expensive, but I have had mine since 2004 and wear them just about every time I go out walking whether summer or winter. Nice and snug when you need them, but breathable/waterproof as well (and don't look like you are wearing 'waterproof' trousers)


The only time they failed for us was when we were in sitting in a high speed jetboat in New Zealand and our bums got wet (but they are not designed to be waterproof in those circumstances e.g. standing water)


They can be put in washing machine (use the Nikwax Tech Wash in a clean washing machine) and then just drip/line dry. And occasionally use the 'Nikwax TK Direct Wash in' to re-waterproof.


I think they are great and definitely worth the money (as with all the Paramo kit we have).

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Another vote for Craghopper and Rohan


Lightweight Craghoppers in the summer (water resistant, dry quickly, don't need ironing which is always a bonus and their ladies' trousers are actually quite well cut and DON'T have the unflattering elasticasted waist which is not a good look) and heavyweight Rohan striders (I think) in the winter.


Actually, the heavyweight Rohans aren't confined to the winter - I wore them caching today (British summer - what British summer? It's like winter but with nettles ;) )

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Thank you to everybody who suggested Craghopper trousers. Thanks in particular to Birdman-of-liskatraz who suggested Trago Mills for them. I've just returned from my holiday in Cornwall. While I was there I visited Trago Mills in Liskeard where I picked up two pairs of Kiwi trousers for £17.99 each. I've already used them while caching and they fit the bills nicely. Very comfy.

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In this month's BBC Countryfile magazine:


Walking trousers on test


Keep yourself warm with our selection of the best walking trousers for autumn.


Haven't read it yet but I use Rohan trousers myself as they are usually hard wearing and quick drying.

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are they nettle thorn proof though?

I haven't given them a good enough workout to say for certain yet, but I reckon they should be. The fabric seems to be similar to the outer fabric on my Gore-Tex jacket (not the Gore-Tex itself), and that (the jacket) hasn't been damaged by thorns yet.

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I normally wear soldier 95 combats but i think i might get some craghoppers, just wondering what the sizings are like? Are the waists spot on or would i be better off getting a larger size? Cheers.




I would suggest going to Millets (or simular) and trying on some as I was surprised that

I actually found the waist larger than I expected Im happy to say Im now a Medium :huh: didnt half boost my ego and without a diet too :(;):)

As for length, being a shortie I have to shorten everything so don t know how they fit mr average.


Hope that helps :huh:

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