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  1. Really want one of those. Email sent.
  2. We are also very interested in the Prince of Wales feathers.
  3. I'd have to second any responses saying this is getting old. Although, it is hard for anyone to really know there is an issue if it is only affecting a small number of people. I know the PQ's are not working for me, but the Groundspeak guys see that is working for others and then it gets hard to explain. I'd just like to get my PQ. And at this point, if it cost $10 or $20 more for the membership to pay for additional hardware to keep up or sys admin's to write better software I'd be up for that.
  4. I am very impressed with this flashlight. https://www.fenix-store.com/product_info.ph...products_id=195 I was so impressed, I bought one for one of our friends who regularly caches with us. I read some reviews http://www.flashlightreviews.com/reviews/f...l1dce-l2dce.htm .. In my searching, my first requirement was AA batteries. While the CR123 ( I think those are the ones) are really good and Surefire is a great product, you may find this is a middle road cost wise. Comparing this flashlight to others I have, AA Maglite (non LED), Led Lenser single AA LED, and Rayovac LED there is just no comparison. Thanks
  5. We use Rohan or Craghoppers.. Both seem to be very good.
  6. I can confirm that blacks on Oxford (ok Rathbone place) has them. And Kensington High Street has not received theirs. It is a lovely coin, and glad to be spreading the work about geocaching and England!
  7. Actually you'd be surprised what can be learnt from things found laying about in a field.
  8. OK, quick and easy as we are leaving for Spain tomorrow. Who is credited with hiding the first geocache?
  9. You asked for replies from people not in a wheelchair, so I will add my thoughts. I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Without going into too much detail, it means some days I have better mobility than others. I usually have no trouble walking far as long as the terrain is relatively flat, I find a slope can be very hard on my ankles. As far as the cache's hiding spot; I usually cannot kneel, if the cache is on the ground and is not obvious, then I have to actually sit down to search. My hands/wrists are also in bad shape so if I have to manipulate the cache out of its hiding place, I am in trouble. Obviously something that requires climbing is out, I am short so this means the cache is best when hidden about 2-5ft off the ground. As for containers, nanos are bad as I can't get the log re-rolled. Ammo cans can be very hard for me to open as can lock and lock and Tupperware sometimes. I know this doesn't leave much, just mentioning it. My suggestion would be that if the cacher can't open the container but can prove they found the cache, they can still claim a find. Usually I cache with my husband or a friend and I have them open the cache because I can't. It doesn't seem fair to me that just because I am incapable of opening the container, I didn't find the cache, esp as I was holding it in my hands. OK, rant over . Just remember an accessible cache doesn't have to be lame or a park and grab. A well cammoed container that takes a good amount of time to find is just as much fun as something that has a higher terrain rating. Physically challenged doesn't mean mentally challenged. (Not directing this comment to you personally, mousekakat, this is just the way some of the comments strike me when this topic is raised). Anyway, good luck with your cache. plasmawife
  10. So sorry to hear you are in pain. Take care of yourself.
  11. Have been watching to see where you will be carrying the torch, hope to be able to see you. Managed to get one of the beautiful coins .
  12. Ok how about something for the season. Easter is a movable holiday as it is not fixed with the calendar. When is Easter? (And no the answer is not Sunday )
  13. I am on Dave's team (London), so please anyone who can help with Liverpool please contact us! I was looking at the Liverpool page myself and noticed there was a great demand for local cachers, almost tempted to go to Liverpool and try it myself
  14. Actually I was pulled over in Ohio for not having a front license plate and was told that they couldn't give me a ticket for it. They just wanted to waste my time I guess. I had been in an accident the year before and the repair place stole the screw that held on the plate. I just never got around to replacing it. This was a few years ago now though, could be illegal now.
  15. These are really nice coins. Hope I am able to get one.
  16. I see someone from the UK beat us, but would still be willing to release for you. Will also be in Rome in April, Spain in June or Scotland in August if you want any dropped there and are willing to wait.
  17. DING! to plasma. You always knew that map would come in useful one day Well I was hoping to visit New question: When does the American holiday of Thanksgiving fall?
  18. Thanks to my map of Ankh-Morpork, the answer is the Patrician's Palace. Though I did suspect that was the correct answer without referring to the map.
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