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'MWGB Mystery Parrot' Coin

MWGB Mystery Parrot

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I was sitting with TMA & Clamm on Saturday night watching them trade with others and sneaking a look at some really cool trader coins at the same time. The table was really busy with people coming & going & wanting to trade. At one point Tank Hounds (I think it was Sue - I was pretty tired by that point) walked over to tell me something & then pointed down to the table. There was the most adorable little blue MWGB Mystery parrot sitting next to my bag of coins on the table. :D And then a little while later another blue one showed up on the other side of my bag as I was talking to Sarah - Crowsfeat30. I was glad to hand that one to her. Pretty darn cool!


Thank you MWGB Mystery Parrot for bringing some more fun to such an awesome event! We are honored & thrilled to have received your coin.

Yep, I was the recipiant of GPX Navigator's generosity that night - Thank you so much! :P I put the li'l bird in my pocket for safe keeping but when I went to bring it out to show to my b/f, Strider, I couldn't find it!!! Emptied ALL of my pockets (and boy did I have a lot of pockets to empty of a lot of stuff...) and no sign of it! :P I wanted to cry! B) Then I spotted it on the edge of the table. Must have fallen out during my frantic search. Whew!!! :) However, when I got back to my hotel room and emptied my pockets again TWO identical li'l parrots fell out onto my bed! :D So somehow I ended up with an extra parrot! :D I am going to send the extra one on to someone. I don't know who yet but someone will be getting one in the mail. Thank you, Mystery Parrot, for your lovely Parrots! ;) I never saw a red one but the blue one is just lovely. I'm not quite sure how I ended up with two but I will quickly send one onward to another person! :D




Aww, not me Sarah. I just passed on someone else's kindness.

Glad you didn't lose it. I had the same fears when we got home! It turned up though. :D

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The MWGB Mystery Parrot was very good to Shadow's Friend and I. Out caching on Friday we came upon a log in the cache by the Mystery Parrot. We followed his clue and came up with a nice blue parrot. Then Saturday night we were sitting around trading coins and PT I looked down and there was a red/yellow one. We love them, they are great! Thank you Mystery Parrot!

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Thank you so much MWG Mystery Parrot. I was wandering around in the merchant building and had walked past this table several times before I noticed this parrot coin. I asked if it belonged to anyone and no one claimed it so I pocketed it. Little did I know that this was for the taking. I showed it to one of my friends who did not know what it was and yes, we all saw the note before hand about magical things that would happen when you weren't looking. Today, when I got home, my friend told me I had a very special coin. I looked it up and was very suprised to find that I was a lucky recipient of this coin. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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We were pretty fortunate at MWGB with finding parrots. It started when we found one in the crack of one of the support beams on the porch of the log cabin. We were thrilled with finding that coin.


Next as I was picking my share of coin winnings in the poker game I received two more parrots, a red and a blue, along with many other mystery coins. We kept the red to go along with the blue one we found earlier. Later that day I seen one in the Wherigo cache that I left behind for the next cacher and I found another one on the table next to us in the trading area. We pointed that one out to another cacher that had been searching for one all weekend.


It was great that we ended up with a parrot and helped others get one as well. Thank you to the mystery parrot for your generosity!

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I too had the pleasure of having the MWGB Mystery Parrot pay a visit to me. I was keeping myself busy with a little silly project over at Area 51. There were a ton of people around having a great time. Over the low roar of the crowd I heard a shout of "RING OF FIRE". This got my attention and when I looked up, there was a small blue parrot coin sitting on the counter top. The poor little guy seemed to be thirsty, so I set him up with a little something and he was very happy. I really don't know why the Mystery Parrot choose me, do you think it had to do with the head gear I was wearing?? :laughing:




Whatever the reason, I was very grateful for the visit and coin, it will have a special place in my collection.



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The parrot left a dropping at the table I was sitting at as well. Unfortunately I had not been following the forums and didn't realize what it was. A newbie trader was trading me some coins and asked about the coin sitting on the corner of the table, if it was mine. I knew it wasn't and said so. She replied "Well, I will take it then. Finders, keepers." When I got home I found out that between my son and I she had traded us 3 activated coins for 3 unactivated coins....................... I also traded coins with lots of kids who found them with the metal detectors only to find out later that the tracking numbers had been ground off :unsure: It is a good thing that I "don't sweat the small stuff"! Thanks Mystery Parrot for your good intentions anyway, your generousity does not go unappreciated! ^_^

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I had one, but gave it away.
That is very thoughtful of you Cav Scout. Loved looking at all your awesome pics in your profile this evening. We enjoy traveling and seeing beautuful places we otherwise would not know of if it were not for geocaching. We love taking pictures of all the places we visit and have alot of nice pictures as well, your pictures are amazing tho.


Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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