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  1. I am glad that you stop by and got our cache and that your son enjoyed it. I believe that all residental caches and well as business cache give the feeling of being watch, at least that is what we feel. Hopefully you did not find it creepy. We have wanted to place one on our property for a while, but we wanted something obivious so that it would not be creepy and it took some time to find the right container. As for the neighbor, don't worry about him he knows about the cache. As a matter of fact, we both checked out the container a couple of days ago.
  2. According to Geocaching.com's glossary of terms, FTF does not mean First Time Finding, it denotes First to Find a NEW geocache. Here is a copy and paste from GC's site: FTF First to Find. An acronym written by geocachers in physical cache logbooks or online when logging cache finds to denote being the first to find a new geocache. Here here is the link to that page: http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx
  3. that is pretty impressive. I think at the right time of night, that would make me soil my pants if I walked up on it. Pretty cool TB. This time I think I have to agree with Who-Dey. If we head your way, I will plan on bringing an extra pair of pants.
  4. Oh sure....post a picture of the hide. Way to ruin it for me johngie. I guess there is no "Joy in Mudville" now with this cache. Off to put this one on my "Ignore List" now. Let me know if you camoflauge this one and then maybe I will hunt for it. now where did I put my "shaking fist" emoticon? Ok it's camouflaged right now as a snow bank.
  5. What is creepy about this cache? This cache sits on the side of our garage. We have busted a few cachers here and had a great time talking. Now with that being said, I also want to add that we do feel uncomfortable searching for a cache on private property if it is well hidden and a lengthy search is needed. We don't mind private property caches if the hide is pretty obvious and the cache page states that it is on private property. We need to stop generalizing, and look at things on a case by case basis. Not all private property caches are uncomfortable.
  6. This past Friday, my wife and I were caching with 3 other friends of ours when 5 new caches were published somewhat in the area we were at. We diverted our plans and belined for the new caches. We ended up getting the FTFs on all 5 and all of us claimed the FTFs on all the caches because we were caching as a group. We also met up with the cache owner at the last cache and he thought it was great that we were all working together. I think that the best thing said in this forum is that this is a game and it should be fun. People play it different ways and we need to respect the way they play if we want them to respect the way we play it. Again, lets just have fun with this game (obsession).
  7. If FTF don't exist, why was I able to copy this from GC's Glossary of Terms? FTF First to Find. An acronym written by geocachers in physical cache logbooks or online when logging cache finds to denote being the first to find a new geocache. So based on this, it seems that GC does recognize FTFs. In our area, the majority of the cachers like to race after the FTFs in friendly competition. We all like the thrill of the race, but even more, we like meeting up with friends and having a fun time searching for the cache. If a group of us met up at a new cache, we all work as a team to find it and then share the FTF once it has been found. Also a majority of cache hiders leave FTF prizes in their caches. In our latest cache we left an unactivated geocoin. When it comes to a FTF prize and a group search, we let the actually finder keep the prize.
  8. Interesting that you're pointing out "abusive and irrational," but not saying that SF lists caches that aren't there. I was just about to reply to another local above when I read this post. Two locals. Two different experiences. Ok Who-dey is only giving half the story here. The behavior Who-dey is talking about was in response to false accusations made by Who-dey in numerous forums on this site that could of resulted in a major negative consequence for another cacher (me) with their employer. So if SF behavior was "abusive and irrational", he was not completely at fault. Now in response to ST caches existing. First of all, let me say that most cachers in this area know that when you go after a SF, you probably will be looking for awhile. There have been a few times where I have been stumped by some of his caches, like many other cachers have. There have been times when I have called SF to see if I get a hint out of him. Instead of a hint over the phone, he has shown up and given me hints while standing there watching and I eventually made the find. On other SF caches that I did not find or go look for, other cachers that I know have found them. I have never heard that his caches did not exist. Now for the cache in question. I believe that the cache existed. SF has never given me a reason to doubt him or to believe that one of his caches was never really there.
  9. In talking with the cache owner, he recieved an e-mail from Groundspeak (which I have recieved a copy of) over the weekend and they are standing behind the decision to archive the cache. They believe that there was never a cache container placed to be found. The cache owner did tell me about the cache container and I am not surprised that it wasn't found. It was a very cleaver hide. I am sure that everyone that searched for the container looked at it, including me, twice. Now that I said that, please don't asked me about the container because I will not give out that information. The cache owner has removed the container and it is no longer there sadly to say.
  10. Points of clarification: 1) I work in Law Enforcement but in the jail and do not have a patrol car and not able to cache while I am working. Accusations, especially when they are incorrect, can have negative ramifications and should be checked before being made. 2) The third "guy" was a couple in their 30's WITH two of their young children.
  11. Points of clarification: 1) Yes I work in Law Enforcement, but in the jail, so there is no way for me to cache while working. 2) Making accusation about caching while on duty (spending tax payer's money) can have bad ramifications for the person being accused, especially if its not true. 3) Accusations should be check to make sure they are correct before making them.
  12. right on. Around here, it is the same half dozen guys. It is ridiculous. I mentioned in another post, they posted on one Cache that one was driving in to the parking area, and he looke din his rearview, saw another hound, and as the pulled up the cache...saw another one drive from another direction. all men over 40. All with no kids in tow. Someday it would be nice allow some kids the fun....but alas, not in West Michigan. Oh, and one of the 6 is a cop. So he is free all the time for FTF's. Points of clairification: 1) 2 of us were over 40. 2) The third was a couple in their 30's WITH 2 of their children.
  13. Thank you so much MWG Mystery Parrot. I was wandering around in the merchant building and had walked past this table several times before I noticed this parrot coin. I asked if it belonged to anyone and no one claimed it so I pocketed it. Little did I know that this was for the taking. I showed it to one of my friends who did not know what it was and yes, we all saw the note before hand about magical things that would happen when you weren't looking. Today, when I got home, my friend told me I had a very special coin. I looked it up and was very suprised to find that I was a lucky recipient of this coin. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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