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  1. Garmin needs a swift kick to the pebbles. I can't believe they keep releasing versions to fix issues and add new issues while doing so. Don't they test what they are putting out? Within one day of updating to 2.8 I have seen the shutdown problem when switching profiles as well as the background changing to the stones. I tried to reproduce using the steps you provided g-o-cashers and it was hit or miss. I was inside so getting lock was part of my problem. I'll try again outside with good lock and see if it is consistent.
  2. Run WebUpdater and make sure you have the latest firmware. I also had this problem until I recently loaded the update.
  3. We were pretty fortunate at MWGB with finding parrots. It started when we found one in the crack of one of the support beams on the porch of the log cabin. We were thrilled with finding that coin. Next as I was picking my share of coin winnings in the poker game I received two more parrots, a red and a blue, along with many other mystery coins. We kept the red to go along with the blue one we found earlier. Later that day I seen one in the Wherigo cache that I left behind for the next cacher and I found another one on the table next to us in the trading area. We pointed that one out to another cacher that had been searching for one all weekend. It was great that we ended up with a parrot and helped others get one as well. Thank you to the mystery parrot for your generosity!
  4. I did find a setting that gives you the choice to view the caches by name or GC#.....unfortuantely you can't toggle between the two as you can on the Colorado. It is a "setting" versus an "option".
  5. I have not been able to find a way to search or display by GC# vs. Cache Name. I also really miss my favorite screen on the Colorado - Compass/Map combo screen with cache name, size, dif/ter ratings.
  6. I know I complained three times and only got the standard replies such as, calibrate, reset, auto-locate, etc. The rep I spoke to each time didn't really seem very knowledgeable. finally I just told them to send me a new unit which they did. I received it yesterday with software version 2.5 (not the 2.5.1 beta) and GPS 2.6. I will watch it closely to see if the problem still exists. My guess is it will. This unit is going to end up going back as well though as the fit for the battery cover is really awful. I even tried the back from the first Colorado and still got the same fit issue so it is not the cover piece that is the problem it is the unit itself. The back slides off extremely easy, not that nice tight fit I was used to and the gap near the top is a joke, water will pour into this one.
  7. Sounds exactly like what I have seen. We probably have similar vintage 400t's since I bought mine at REI the first day it was available, mine S/N is 18Z001xxx. I'm beginning to think that these early units may have this problem, issues with battery life and the loss of time when powered off issue to varying degrees. I wouldn't be surprised if all of these problems are somehow related to a power regulation problem in the CO hardware. Mine's going back. GO$Rs Yup, mine is an early unit as well S/N 18Z001xxx. It was the first one purchased at the REI in Troy, MI. I didn't get the time to contact Garmin today but I'm sure this one is going back.
  8. Turn off the compass and your accuracy will improve when moving slowly. As I stated the compass is and always has been off. I've never had success using the compass on a Garmin unit.
  9. Last weekend I was caching with a large group and there were two of us with Colorado 400T's. A bunch of other folks had some 60csx's (and other units). After a half mile bushwhack to a cache the guys with the 60's stopped and started looking for the cache and I asked what they were doing since my Colorado still showed another 180 feet to ground zero. As I said this they pulled the cache from about 5 feet where I was standing. At this point I looked at the other Colorado in the group and seen her's was just as far off as mine and we were both getting an EPE of about 80 feet. Power cycling the units fixed the problem. Since paying closer attention to this issue I see it happening more often. I also get more erratic behavior when moving slow. For example, the compass needle will be pointing away from the cache while the distance will be counting down as I walk closer. I always keep the electronic compass off. Sometimes the distance does not move either requiring a power cycle. In the examples above both Colorado's are running the beta software (2.51) and GPS 2.6. My back-light was set on with 30 second shutoff, not sure about hers. Electronic compass off, waas on. I am a huge Colorado supporter and have had it since day 1 when it hit the REI in Michigan. However this location problem has to be fixed soon as it is a problem I can't live with. I'll be calling Garmin today. Edited to add: I use regular alkaline batteries and the other user had the low discharge rechargeables in her unit.
  10. Our best day was 130. This was done with my wife and 18 yo daughter. We set it up as a power cache run with targeted caches in the Nashville area and we cached from 6:00AM to 9:30PM with maybe 30 minutes for a drive-thru run and a couple of bathroom stops. I would say that 90% of the caches were within 350 feet of where we parked. We also logged 18 dnf's that day. Power caching can be exhausting but very exciting at the same time to keep pushing for "just one more". I know 15 hours of this was enough for me as I did all the driving and got out with the girls on most every cache (except a few lightploes). I'm sure those 200+ records out there are more people and more hours, and possibly a tour guide that has already found many of the caches.
  11. Thanks for the cool web app. I've tried it with my iPod touch and it works great. Since I have a Personal Hotspot wireless EVDO device I am my own "wi-fi hotspot". This allows me to get wi-fi anywhere I get my cell service and being wireless it works for the iPod touch. Your web app just gives me another way to route to caches. Thanks again!
  12. I have been a Sprint customer for years. I have used a PPC-6700 for geocaching....you can look up caches, log your finds, etc. I do find it easier to log my finds through the wap since it is quicker than loading full pages. I only load full pages when I want to see the entire cache page including logs. I am now using a Motorola Q and find it is even better for caching. It is more rugged and can be used with one hand to log the caches with wap while I am at the cache. No touch screen took some time to get used to but I am definitely liking the Q better. The PPC-6700's just are to fragile in the field. Good luck with whatever you go with.
  13. We are going to be there with our trade coins as well.
  14. Woo hoo! UPS brought me a big, heavy box filled with our new personal coin today. I have packaged up all the trades I have agreed to previously and will be visiting the post office on Saturday 4/14. Thank you everyone for the trades, I have had fun doing this and I am happy this was a trade only coin. I still have a few left for trading if anyone else is interested.
  15. Thanks Pete. I'll keep one of these to the side for you...I'm looking forward to a face to face trade with you. The response to this coin has been excellent, the trade offers have been plentiful. I already have more than half the coins spoken for.
  16. Well we finally took the plunge and had our first personal geocoin made. We have samples in hand now and the production coins are only a few days away. At this time I will be offering them for trade only as I would like to grow my collection. These great coins were designed by Chris Mackey. ICON: COIN STATS: Size: 1.75” Thickness: 3.5 mm Metal & Quantity: 250 total minted, 100 Shiny Gold, 100 Shiny Silver, 50 Shiny Copper Trackable: Yes Icon: Yes Activation Codes: www.geocoinclub.com/code.php TRADING INFORMATION: If you are interested in trading, please send an email to: bill@billlegendre.com Subject: Trade TL4 Geocoin (Copy and paste the following into the email) Geo Nick: Real Name: Country: Mailing Address: Contact Email Address: Which Finish(s) you Want: What Coin(s) You Are Offering:
  17. We would like two sets of these nice looking coins.
  18. Pretty sweet looking.....now we need the details!
  19. Email sent for a trade. I love pugs!
  20. This teaser looks awesome.....gotta get a couple of these!
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