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Tippi's Caption Cointest!


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Hi all,


Well our baby Tippi the Caching Cat did something the other day that was too cute not to share, so I decided to make a contest out of it. Chip and I went out to dinner the other night at one of our favorite places Cracker Barrel and we brought home left overs as we usually do and when we left the bag we carried it home in on the floor, Tippi decided he liked it and wanted to keep it, so it is now one of his favorite spots to climb into.




The Cointest:


I took a few shots of him after he climbed into the bag and it is now your job to create some captions (words) for the shots. There are 4 pictures and there needs to be a caption for each shot. BE CREATIVE. Feel free to do whatever you want to do with the pictures. Add things with photoshop or whatever program you may use. The most creative caption will win a geocoin of our choosing. The contest will run until Friday March 7 at Midnight (EST) to give everyone a chance to enter. Have fun!

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Sorry, I do not have a photoshop or something! I will just post what the lovely cat is saying!


First line of photos: 1 & 2 (from left to right)

Second line of photos 3 & 4 (from left to right too)


Photo 1: Grrrr...They went geocaching without me!! are all these cache goodies?? the bag is mine!!! nobody will take it from me! they have to pass over my body to take it!


Photo 2: Hmmm the bag is a litle small for me but I am sure I can find some geocoins in it! Let's see...


Photo 3: Oh come on!!! Nothing yet? Only left overs? who put left overs in his cache? Let's search a litle deeper! OOOOh a litle more.... something is there.... what? a potato?????


Photo 4: Oh.. I got tired! I just sleep for a while...maybe eat something..!

Hey, go away! I am guarding this bag!!!

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CITO - Cat In Take Out!





Picture #1 : :D:sad: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah :blink::) I go out shopping. Ready and packed.


Picture#2 : Yep, i've got my wallet and creditcard.


Picture#3": Where is my Mamy now, i get sleepy of waiting.


Picture#4 : I am shopping.. :):D:):) .. in my dreams.


These are both good :D

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The # 1 picture looks as if the cat is saying: "I'M R E A D Y !"


#2 " My family goes out to eat and all they bring me is the scent of THEIR dinner"


#3 would be " My family goes geocahing and all I get is this lousy sack for consolation "


#4 "If you can't join them, ruin their leftovers :blink: "

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My second thinking (pictures as I posted in my first post)


photo 1:

See...if you put this bag as a chache I can be in it too! Who wouldn't like to have me???


photo 2:

Oh, just leave some food and I will be perfect! I will sleep all the time! It is a confortable bag and smells good!!!!


photo 3:

Hey wait! That meens that I will not be with mama and pappa anymore (nochipra)???


photo 4:

Oh no! this is just a bad dream! I am sleeping...see? My eyes are closed! I love Chip & Nora so much!!! (are your manes correct?) :blink:

I will never leave them alone!!

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:blink: a new one!


1) Hmm...during geocaching I was always hearing about travel bags (TB !)! That is probably one of them!!! Ha! No olny I am grabing it, but I will sit in it!


2) Oh it is nice!!! comfort, warm, geat to sleep in it!!!! Oh love it!!! Miaou!!!


3) HUH? who is that guy with the camera? A muggle?? Oh Daddy!!!! Stop that....!!!!


4) I feel so ashamed!!! They have a photo with me acting like a kitten!!!

I hope they will not post it in the internet!!!

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So Here is the Plan....


When they come back from Caching and want some food, maybe they will notice me, and remember that a cat has got to eat too!


Q: What has a cat got to do to get noticed?

A: Eat the Take Away when nobody is watching, and blame it on the dog!

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1) Isn't that bag the one you take for geocaching? Well, take me too! I fit in the bag..!!!


2) See? I will be quite! Come on!!! shall I hide my self in the bag to take me??


3) So??? Miaou!!! will you take me??? PLEASEEE!!!!!


4) HUH!!! It is so hard being a geocat!!!!

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Pic 1: Ohh, this bag really is a nice cat-ch!


Pic 2: *ashamed* Rats, that last joke really was a cat-astrophee...


Pic 3: But just mentioning caching and look cute, will make them forget about the joke in a whisk...errr...moment...


Pic 4: That's a purr-fect plan! They cache, I sleep...

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1) What? Since you started caching you dont eat frog legs anymore?

2) I know that dang micro is in here someplace.

3) I would never take the geocoin without logging it, not cute little old me.

4) New caches are publish at 2am, must stay awake. Must be FTF, must.....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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How about another song?

(no need to give the tune if you were born between 1950 and 1970)....


1) Tippi the cat, the wonderful caching cat.


2) Whenever she gets in a fix, she reaches into her bag of tricks.


3) Tippi the cat the wonderful caching cat. She’ll track your bugs, she’ll move your coins.


4) Your heart will go pit-a-pat, watching Tippi, the caching cat.



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Hmm... an other one!


Photo 1: How I will ask them....How I will....


Photo 2: Come on!!! Think something!!! I will probably have to be charming for that...!!! Let's be cute once again!!!


Photo 3 : Will you take the cat lovers geocoin for me, pleaseeeee???? !!!!


Photo 4: Hey, I hope they took the message!!! Otherwise... I will have it only in my dreamsssszzzzzzz..... :anitongue:

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Well, since the cointest is still on, I will place an other one!


#1: Huh! You came back??? It was about time!!! what's in the bag?

#2: Mmmm!!! smells nice!!! Let's see.....oh!! food!!!!!

#3: You brought me food???? food for Tippi???? Oh I love you!!!!!

#4: I feel so ashamed by being angry with them because they left me home alone!!! They went to bring me food!!! Well....I'll take a nap now! Miao!!!

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