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  1. My missing four are here now. Too bad that I'm back home now and didn't have them while I was out all day. Such is life.
  2. I ran 5 last night and one came through. - on gmail -
  3. I generated 5 yesterday evening. Only one came through. The others never arrived at my inbox. Now I'm stuck not being able to generate anything until the 24 hour time is up - so I'm out of being able to Cache today where I was hoping too. I think there was something wrong on the Geocaching.com site. Now I have to look around and try to find were to report a problem - and then wonder if it will matter since it'll still likely be after the 24 hours before anything could be done. Either way - I'm typing today obviously, instead of caching.
  4. Yes i do have "an axe to grind". coins I purchased are not activated!!! Activation of a coin takes all of what 1 minute tops?? Now I see another poster who has "non-activated coins" aslo. It seems that at least 6 of the 16 coins that are supposedly unactivated are in the hands of just 2 board members. this seems odd to me. I do see and understand the purpose of this project and I appreciate the person who posted the template for adding the hero's photo to the coin holder. I feel this is something that should have come with the coin. now a company that gets it's coins minted in china and calls themselves USAGeocoins is kind of an odd thing. I really wish I had never seen these coins. Wow - Tell you what. I would be willing to buy your coins and pay the cost of shipping so as to ease your frustration. How would that work? Let me know.
  5. I won? I've never won before... It's been a really ruff week - this is happy news at the end of it. Cool. Thanks - and congrats on your graduation.
  6. For Turtles I’ll rhyme As much as I must If the turtles are coins, Please find this rhyme just A cointest I’ve one, Not once er’ before But now hopes return For a coin at my door.
  7. If someone is selling these on Ebay - they should be reported to Ebay for selling stolen property. What is to keep them from next just going to a cache, removing coins and selling those as well?
  8. I see the activation or non activation of a coin as being next to irrelevant concerning its value. For a Geocacher it can be adopted. So, no problem. The actual value will always be an eye of the beholder situation. Concerning the Ebay thoughts: I would imagine that some percentage of coins purchased on Ebay are not even by folks who Geocache. There may be some people who just have an interest in a unique coin that reflects their interests or experiences (i.e. a state coin from where they live, a unique landmark souvenir of a place they have visited, a private collection of some type of item like cats or dogs or bears... etc…).
  9. Is there a place to go and find if a coin has been/is being made for a particular state? Wondering about Missouri and California (or SoCal) in particular for 2008.
  10. I'm down for 5. I knew a few soldiers among those lost.
  11. Where are the activation codes found for the 4 piece interlocking Puzzle Coin set (Challenge, Quest, Research, Find)? Thanks in advance.
  12. I suppose my song writing career has met a quick death… But thanks for the cointest.
  13. How about another song? (no need to give the tune if you were born between 1950 and 1970).... 1) Tippi the cat, the wonderful caching cat. 2) Whenever she gets in a fix, she reaches into her bag of tricks. 3) Tippi the cat the wonderful caching cat. She’ll track your bugs, she’ll move your coins. 4) Your heart will go pit-a-pat, watching Tippi, the caching cat.
  14. It's a song... from left to right, Top to bottom. (Row, Row, Row Your Boat) 1. Tippi, Tippi, Tippin Cat 2. Startin to top 'ore 3. See the Tippi Caching Cat 4. Fallin on the floor
  15. I've seen logs on caches some two years after they were archived. I guess the owners were not watching those caches anymore or the just didn't care.
  16. Having worked with paper maps for 30 years, I only use North up. The brain has been trained to know, the same as working with a compass.
  17. By the logic of the original poster it would seem to follow that any travel bug or Geocoin you pick up in a cache could now be considered your own property… hmmm – come on, even language and generation differences can’t qualify this kind of false reasoning. I suppose that everyone now and in the future will need to note on *their* coin’s page a specific list of caches where we don’t want the coins placed because the owner of the cache would then have dominion and authority over them. Please don’t place my personal property in ________ cache, because the owner then believes it belongs to him.
  18. You can post this over and again - for some it still does not seem to matter. I had a cache with some pretty good swag, including a new baseball. A cacher with over 5000 finds took the ball and left a plastic copy of a geocoin in it's place. Even noted so in the log. Some folks just dont care.
  19. Hello Cinema Boxers. I've sent an email to you and a note through your web site. Perhaps they are not working. I've seen you post a couple times in the forums since I sent the first not a couple days ago, so I thought I'd go through here... I've PM'd you a request for information about a coin ordered.
  20. O.K. Maybe 192 and 6 of them are Starwars. recount recount ---hanging chads
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