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MISSION: Secret Leprachun


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We currently have 35 missions from 6 different countries. If you have only signed up for one mission and have thought about doing another just send me an email and Ill get you down for another. only 5 more days until name exchanges. Thanks to all that are participating

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I don't have enough posts yet but would love to join in. Joyce (this makes 29 posts.....)

you are welcome to participate i have you down for one mission.


WOOHOO!!!! I'm in. I'll be rummaging through my stash of unactivated coins tonight getting packed to go on a weeklong cache run in Oklahoma next week so this is a perfect opportunity to pick out coins for the mission.

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5 More missions and we will have 50 total missions come on people only a couple more days til name are traded.


Are We THERE Yet :D !


Three more and we will make it come on people we can do this


All right, ok you twisted my arm. I'll jump in for one mission even though I'm still waiting for my last one.

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1. Participating yes email sent 2/10/08

2. Received Name Name received, will to to see what they would like

3. Mission Complete

4. Mission Arrived!



I have no trader list...but a couple suggestions


maggie's zoo

mrs. potato head

unnecessary Bushwacking

minnesota loon

GCC december2007 winter caching the hemispheres

animals & flowers


if not able to get these, anything is fine.....ooohhh shineeee!!! :blink:

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1. Participating- email sent

2. Received Name - yes, researching...

3. Mission Complete

4. Mission Arrived!


St. Patricks Day is totally unknown here in Germany (ok, we have heard of it, but we don't celebrate it etc.). I will have to do my homework to make a nice package, and I guess I don't find anything in the shops here :D But I will do my best :blink:

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1. Participating: e-mail sent 2/10/08

2. Received Name: Yes, 2/16/08...now researching

3. Mission Complete

4. Mission Arrived!


I'm a pretty easy person too. I like non-trackable items, pathtags, pins, turtles, jeeps, and the color yellow. My "seeking list" is up to date but if you don't find anything on it, surprise me...i'll be happy with anything I receive!

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1. Participating: Yes

2. Received Name: Yes

3. Mission Complete

4. Mission Arrived!


No coin list for myself or KAboom...KAboom will be easy as he has all of about 15 or so coins. He LOVES dragons, wolves, glow in the dark and sparkly coins (to list a few) and just LOVES the surprise!!


I am also easy, any new coins that came out very recently I likely don't have. I LOVE Jeeps, Yimes (gotta dream lol),glittery or glow coins, animals and the like!! Truly, ANY coins would be GREAT!!


Now...the research is ON!!!!

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I totally forgot to sign up for a mission. Does anyone want to take me on as a mission


But then you'll know who has you :blink:

or if someone wants to surprise me then my address is in theaddress book


what's this ??


thanks for the replies to the above you guys, much appreciated !


And to my secret mission person, thank you so much !! I have five coins that you have on your seeking list, now to decide which ones to send. This was easy : )

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