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Romance & Geocaching?

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It would never happen.

Yeah, you're funny!

Stunod's Log

CarleenP's Log


I don't think to many cachers will be able to log that cache in quite that manner.


The Snoogstress and I plan to do the drive-up version on our way to GW6. We already got married last year, but we plan to do it again for fun. :D



BTW- JoGPS and 9Key by way of pre-planning GW4 are indirectly responsible for this happening:


I don't think I could ever thank them enough. :P

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Or maybe you have a romantic geocaching story? I'd love to hear them!! :D


Maybe I should explain my earlier post..... And since no one has really told their story yet....


I decided to go to GW3 after hearing Mustard Devil rave about GW2 and lament not being able to go to GW3.


I went to GW3 and had an AWESOME time! Lots of other stuff happened that would make this post digress too far, but let's just say I had big FUN. B)


At the end of the event it was a great big mutual admiration society among the lingerers and during that time Joe told me it might be a good idea for Texas (of which I was the only representative of our local organization) to put in a bid for GW4. I said that I would take that suggestion to our leaders of sorts and the folks that could pull an event of this scale off, the TxGA. Namely 9Key who did a great deal of the actual work.


So, 9key started a Yahoo group to get a bid together...... Wellll, I don't care for the user unfriendly way Yahoo groups work and after becoming particularly frustrated I went on a bit of a rant about it. I mean here we had a perfectly fine forum (texasgeocaching.com) and we were using a crappy Yahoo group.


So I calmed down the next day and while I waited the agonizingly long time it took for posts to appear, I clicked on an ad for Yahoo Personals on a whim, because the picture was of a cute girl and it said she lived in my zipcode. Seriously, I was just bored.


Anyhoo, there were these three girls that I thought I'd like to talk to and for good measure I fired off a free icebreaker to about a dozen others. :P


I hafta mention that I basically cut and pasted my geocaching profile and a pic of me and Cujo taken by Yuaza Cat the night before GW3. I asked to meet a girl who geocaches or at least had geocaching aptitude. :D


One of the first 3 girls that I liked emailed me back right away and from what she said, we had a great deal in common. Bonus, she worked at REI with a good friend and fellow geocacher known as CherokeeCacher.


Welllll, as I said, I did this on a whim, since I was scheduled to leave for my annual 6 week trip home to the Eastern Sierra, but we had spent so much time talking that I just HAD to meet her before I left.


The first date was great and a few days later she made me a care package to take on my trip.


After just over two weeks on my trip we had burned through over 2,000 minutes on my phone card and that's not counting what she put on hers. I packed up my stuff and went home 3 weeks early to spend some time with her because she was set to go home on vacation for 2 weeks just 4 days after I got back if I had taken my full amount of time off.


When I got home, my AC was broken (July in Texas. It was freakin HOTTT! That's why I LEAVE.) and she suggested I come over. Welllll, I pretty much never left. :D


The night before GW4, almost a year after we met, I proposed to her, in our camp, after hosting the Meet & Greet, and while wearing a coconut bra and Hawaiian lei. We were married 10 months later and our little cacher came along on 12/12/07. :D


An interesting aside note: While the Snoogstress DID have geocaching aptitude, she totally doesn't care for the activity in practice. She loves the events. Especially when an event involves camping, but she swears she'll never be a cacher.


So, our son has been born half muggle. At best, he's a Halfblood Prince of geocaching. :D:D


He certainly wouldn't be here if it wasn't for geocaching, but mostly because Joe made a polite suggestion and Will (9key) picked a discussion venue that easily bored me. :)


There's probably a cautionary lesson in there somewhere. :D:P But hey, I get 30% off everything I buy at REI and 50% off anything with the REI brand name. B) (And NO, I won't buy anything for you with my REI spouse discount.) :D:)

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Podcacher just did a great episode on this exact topic. In fact there is an interview with Meesa and I, we met through geocaching. There is also a very special question I ask Meesa at the end of the interview ;) . Check out the episode here: <link removed>Show 152


Edit: sorry, I had to remove the link to commercial site. <ducks and runs>

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My boyfriend and I did not meet while geocaching, but it was actually his invitation for me to go with him to get his GPS that started our friendship. And then he started taking me caching. Because we were in an intense service program at the time, it was the only real alone time we got together, and it started our relationship. It's taken us a lot of cool places and on a lot of cool adventures together. It's neat to hear people's stories of how they met through geocaching, too.

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While I met my boyfriend through WheresGeorge, my BF was a GeoCacher ~ he been caching since 2002 and have been caching sine 2005.


Last year, February 15, I was caching my way to a WG gathering Salina, KS from Willis, TX. trying to get as many TX counties along the way. It was after dark by the time I got to the TX-OK border. I knew that my friend was staying at hotel (he was going to the WG gathering, too) just over the OK border, so I stopped there for the night and called my friend and we had dinner and as they say the rest is history. So, caching did lead to romance.:lol:

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