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  1. I tend to lurk here on the MB, only posting occasionally....but I do look forward to sitting down at the office every morning with my cup of coffee and reading all the new posts. I have learned so much that helps me in my cache hunting, I have gotten to know more about my fellow local cachers, and I really enjoy reading most of the posts, whether I agree with them or not. So I will say "Thank you" for keeping me entertained and providing a way for me to become much more knowledgeable about this activity that I enjoy so much!
  2. I work for a law firm, babysitting the lawyers
  3. Hi...I was wondering if anyone would mind explaining to me the difference between the Garmin GPSMAP 60csx and the Garmin GPSMAP 76csx? I've been shopping around, and as far as I can tell, they just put the 60 in a new container that floats, and call it the 76, however I'm not sure if there are other differences. If anyone can expand on this, I would be very appreciative! Thanks!
  4. Thank you for a great story, Snoogans! It's nice to know that geocaching can result in more than just poison ivy & smileys! The little one is absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I was wondering if anyone has met their significant other through geocaching? At events? Or even possibly while caching? Or maybe you have a romantic geocaching story? I'd love to hear them!!
  6. No GPS! I lost in while caching in another state (I think!) and I've been going crazy with caching withdrawals!!
  7. I personally would love to find a cache with a "surprise"...sometimes going beyond the norm is fun!
  8. I took a road trip over Christmas, and somehow, in between the last cache I found and the time I unpacked, my GPS disappeared. It's been 2 weeks now, and I'm suffering from withdrawal horribly! And the worst part was that the GPS wasn't really "mine" it belonged to a friend that's loaned in to me until I could buy my own...so now I need to replace his, before I can get myself another one! So meanwhile, I'm having to live vicariously through you guys in the forums! I assume I'm not the only person out there that's had bad luck like this??
  9. If I had been asked and was debating, the Riesling would definitely make it a yes! the champagne sounds killer...but I bought her a bottle of Riesling for tonight when she gets off work.
  10. I was recently notified by a fellow cacher that the tree I had my cache hidden in had "disappeared". When I went to the park to check on the situation, all I found was a ground-level tree stump and piles of sawdust! Luckily, whoever cut the tree down left my cache laying on the ground nearby, and I was able to rehide it.
  11. "SweetnSour" was my CB Radio handle back in the days of old (My mother was the Queen of CB's, so I grew up around a CB...also known as the 'internet of the 80's'). When I moved to Austin a few years back, I just added that on. What's funny is that everyone assumes I use this name because I like sweet and sour sauce...and I hate the stuff!
  12. I just started Geocaching with my 3 kids this summer. They are 13, 11, and 6, and they absolutely love it. I have never came across anything while caching that I disapprove of, concerning the kids, and it has been just what we needed to bring us closer as a family. I highly recommend this for families!
  13. Ok, I'm sitting here in my office, in broad daylight, and I was scared to death watching this! Even knowing it wasn't real! Great entertainment!
  14. While out caching this last weekend for the first time since my big virginal dose of Poison Ivy, I was very cautious about the 3-leaved bandit...but here I sit today, with new, painful breakouts. I did some reading yesterday to find out that it's not just the leafy plants themselves that you have to watch out for...I was tangled in these vines, that were fuzzy and dangling from trees, only to find out that they were poison ivy vines. I had no idea, and therefore had no qualms about grabbing them to get them out of my way, or letting them brush up against my exposed skin. Now, I'm paying the price! Here are a couple of photos of the vines, just in case anyone didn't realize that they, too, were dangerous.
  15. I was dressed like a kitty...decided to dress up spur-of-the-moment & "borrowed" my daughter's costume!!! I'd love to upload a pic if I ever figure out how to! Ok, figured out how
  16. I'm sorry. Was just feeling the Halloween Spirit and wanted to share it with my geocaching friends. I didn't mean to cause any irritation. Will stay completely on topic from this point on!!!
  17. Happy Halloween Ya'll! I'm sitting in my office, and of course I'm the only person dressed up! I don't care...I may be 33, but I don't have to lose that kid inside of me! Now fess up, who else out there is all dressed up and ready to go trick or treating today?
  18. I encountered this situation the other night, on a FTF run...I was in the car, getting ready to get out and grab the cache (it was a lamppost P&G) when another car pulled up. I waited for them to get out and go into the store, but they just sat there. After a moment, I realized what they were probably there for, and they must have surmised the same about us, as we all decided to get out of our cars about the same time and meet up at the cache. We made the introductions and laughed, and signed as co-FTF's. This just made my night, and I look forward to meeting other geocachers as I continue the hunt!
  19. All I know is that my 3 spongebob-lovin' kids would be ecstatic to find this cache! That's why geocaching is so fun...it appeals to people of all ages, and brings us all together! And Mousekakat, I am with you 100% !!! If there was a cache big enough to leave my kiddos in, the next cacher would be greatly surprised at the swag he/she found!!!
  20. It could have been one of these: A Tarantula hawk. The sting, particularly of Pepsis formosa, is among the most painful of any insect. Ok, had I been bitten/stung by one of those, I wouldn't have felt it...as the heart attack that I would've had from just seeing it would've immediately done me in! I have a near-phobia about stinging insects like wasps...just seeing that picture is going to give me nightmares for months! I was joking about the geocaching platemail armor, but upon second thought, it may not be such a bad idea!
  21. I take care of an office full of lawyers...and really earn that paycheck! In my spare time, I raise three mini-geocachers & go to school at night.
  22. My first day of solo caching, I led my kids into the woods to find a cache...let's just say that by the time we found our way out, hours later, not one of them was speaking to me, and McDonald's was bought for dinner out of fatigue and guilt!
  23. Well, being pretty new to GCing, I don't have the experience of a 1000+ finds under my belt (heck, I don't even have a belt!) but I know that there are times each type of cache holds appeal to me. There are times I want to hunt, but am tired, crunched on time, etc. I have a bad knee, so hiking isn't always easy for me...and in these cases, micros & PnG's serve their pupose for me. On the weekends, I prefer to plan on more challenging caches, and have the energy & time to go hike and find the bigger caches. This is definitely the type my kids prefer as well. I'd like to think that each cache, micro or large, is just right for someone, at some time
  24. I seem to be in the most common age range...woohoo, I'm not alone!
  25. The doctor that saw me said she thought she could see two holes...
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