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Introducing the lindsychris GEOsmirk Geocoin


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Finally, at long last, we are announcing our new personal geocoin. We received the final set of samples a little over a week ago and the coins are currently in production and are expected to arrive in mid May (in time to have them for Woodstock!).


* Coins are produced by Oakcoins

* There will be two different metals (nickel and black nickel)

* Each coin is 1 5/8 in diameter

* Each coin is 3.5mm thick

* Imitation hard enamel on both sides with recessed metal on the front

* Trackable on geocaching.com with unique icon (the four colored square smirk) 32icongif7.gif

* 300 total coins were produced

- 100 nickel (75 for sale, 25 set aside for trades)

- 100 black nickel (75 for sale, 25 set aside for trades)

- 35 LE black nickel (special coloring for lindsy)

- 35 LE black nickel (special coloring for chris)

- 15 XLE nickel (special coloring for lindsy)

- 15 XLE nickel (special coloring for chris)


Limited editions pictures will be posted at a later time and all limited edition coins will be for trade/gift only.







$8.50 each or

$16.00 for a two coin set. A set consists of one regular edition nickel and one regular edition black nickel coin.



Due to the fact that the coins will be shipping after the May 14th change in postage, we are not posting exact shipping rates at this time. We anticipate shipping to be about $1.50 for one coin and .50 for each additional coin. We will post exact shipping rates before invoicing.


International shipping will be calculated on an individual basis.



At this time, we are taking reservations only. We will send PayPal invoices once we have the coins in hand and exact shipping rates have been determined.



If interested, please email us at: coins@lindsychris.com Please include the number of coins you would like in each finish, PayPal address, and geocaching name.

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Wow--thanks for all of the positive feedback so far! We're so pleased with the way the coins turned out, and we're glad you like them too! Sara and Oakcoins did a wonderful job of taking an idea we had and general artwork done by Chris in Photoshop and making them a reality.


We've received many emails and Chris is working on a database and then he'll be getting back to you ASAP.


Please remember, when you email us, don't forget:

  • Your caching name
  • Your Paypal address
  • The total number of coins or sets you wish to order.

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Everyone who has placed a reservation should have received a confirmation from us. If you haven't received a confirmation, please email us again: coins@lindsychris.com.


All trade requests (for the regular edition coins) should have also received a reply. Again, if you haven't heard from us, please email us again: coins@lindsychris.com.



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We've still got plenty of coins in both finishes left for anyone that is interested-- but they're going faster than we thought!


If you've already eamiled us, your request has been reserved, and you should be getting a confirmation tomorrow if you haven't already heard back from us.


A big thank you to everyone that has expressed interest already-- since this is our first coin, we were very nervous about how it would be received by the public. It's really awesome to see other cachers and collectors excited about our coin ;)

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Just an update-- we've got less than 40 of the black nickel coins left for sale, and about 50 of the nickel left for sale, for anyone that is still interested in reserving them. ;)

I sent an email yesterday, but haven't heard back. I hope you got my email.



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I sent an email yesterday, but haven't heard back. I hope you got my email.




Marky, we did get your email, and it looks like Linds responded back to you about 4 hours ago. I'll resend the email now, just in case. Either way, your reservation has been made. Thanks!

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Just a quick update, everyone that has emailed us so far is in our database, and your reservations are set. You should receive a confirmation email from us tomorrow, if you haven't already.


Only 31 black nickel coins and 42 nickel coins left for sale, for anyone still wanting one!



Also, if you've emailed us a trade request, we'll be replying to those as well, but are trying to hold off on arranging too many specific trades until the coins are in hand. Don't hesitate to email us though, so we know you're interested and will set the coins aside :blink:

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Actually, the inspiration for our coin came from a number of sources, including Bon Jovi (our favorite band), geocaching (our favorite hobby), the compass rose, Pittsburgh, and our general feelings on life and having fun. Basically, it's a combination of many things that we enjoy.


As for the physical design, I based it on the Bon Jovi idea, and then from there, sketched out our own version (quite literally, it started out on a post-it note at work), scanned it, designed the basic shape, colors, and elements in Photoshop, and then handed it over to the professionals for "clean-up".


We're really happy with the final product though, and hopefully, others will enjoy it too once the final product arrives! <_<

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Just an update for everyone-- we should have our coins in hand sometime next week, if everything goes as planned. So for those that have pre-ordered, we'll try to get invoices out to you as soon as the coins arrive!


Also, we still have a few of each metal left for pre-sale for anyone that is interested.

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Oakcoins received our coins on Friday the 18th. We had to decide whether to risk them shipping them (and the possibility of not having them in hand for Woodstock) or wait until Saturday and pick them up from Christian. We decided to wait to ensure that we have them for the trades that we have set up for Saturday.


However, Sara knew that we were anxious to see the final results, so we received the updated and final pictures of the coins, including the LE black nickel and XLE silver coins.






We don't have too many left for pre-order, and our trades are running low as well. Remember, the LE and XLE coins are for special trades only. If you are interested in purchasing coins, please send an email to coins@lindsychris.com as soon as possible. We are trying to get the envelopes addressed so that once we start sending invoices on Sunday and Monday we can begin shipping by Wednesday the 30. Shipping will be $1.50 for one coin and .50 for each additional coin.


We activated the first GEOsmirk, and you can see how the icon looks here: GEOsmirk XLE coin page

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Email sent for ONE black nickel.....hope I'm not too late!!!





You're not too late. All orders that have been received so far can be filled. We're behind in sending confirmation emails because we're getting ready to leave for GW5. Look for confirmations and PayPal invoices later this weekend!

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All U.S. pre-orders (received prior to 5/25) have been invoiced. The coins are in hand and are ready to ship. The first batch will go out tomorrow. We still have coins available for sale, and we're still sorting through the trade requests. If you have requested a trade only, we haven't forgotten about you. Look for an email from us in the next few days confirming our trade.


Again, if you want to purchase a coin, please email us: coins@lindsychris.com

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