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I'm currently using an under-and-over knot, plus a bow. But they keep coming undone, maybe a couple of times per outing. I think the main cause is brambles grabbing them and loosening them. This means that I have to stop and retie them, which isn't as easy as it used to be when I had less padding around the middle.


Does anyone have any suggestions for how to cure this horrific problem? The bootlaces that is, not the padding.

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Don't tie them - use a cord grip (like the one on the waist elastic of your fleece) to hold the 2 together, and pull them as tight as you like.


One of my friends likes this method, but I don't - you have to cut the laces to be short enough to not trip over, and when you want to take them off, the laces then aren't long enough to get the boot off comfortably.


It might be due to the material of the lace. a slippery material like polypropelene would slip out easier, but a rougher material like cotton might grip against itself better, allowing you to tie them tighter and resist more force from the grabbing brambles.


Another option: wear gaiters over the top of your boots. They will cover up the laces and keep the brambles away from them.


another option - get Ladysolly to tie them for you <_<

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I'm currently using an under-and-over knot, plus a bow. ......

Easy and free method.....<_<


After you have done the first bow knot and pulled it tight, do a second knot using the loops <_<


Just don't pull it too tight or you'll struggle to get them undone!


To release them; put the palm of your hand through one of the loops, take up the slack, then wiggle your hand. If they are loose enough you should be able to start to pull the end of the lace towards the knot. Don't pull it straight though, instead, take hold of the end that moved and pull it away from the knot. They should then come undone quite easily. :ph34r::D

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You could always try this method, holds perfectly even when wet, and is easy to undo <_<


Unthread the lace and tie a stopper knot in one end. Start threading the lace from the bottom up, going through the first hole from the inside to out. After putting your boot on and tightening the lace, take the free end snugly around the top of the boot once or twice. Tuck the free end underneath the turns just past were it comes out of the last hole or hook. pull tight in the reverse direction and tuck the free end around the bound part a couple of times using up the free end.


A SQMS taught me the method and under all conditions, I never had a lace come undone. <_<

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Double bow. ie another bow over the first.


Gaiters help, nothing to get snagged.


Also found that laces become loose from the front... The slack from the toe end works its way up to the leg and then the laces become loose. I solve this by looping the laces around the eye/hooks a time or two before tieing the bow.




Ahh buy some miendly boots they have a lace gripper halfway up to help you have different tension in the lower half to the upper half really usefull on the bigger hills as are walking poles <_<

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A SQMS taught me the method and under all conditions, I never had a lace come undone. <_<


And with practice can be done with one hand :ph34r:


And tends to be better wearing high ankle boots.. DMS, Patrol Boots, Magnums etc. Still wear me high boots.. I didnt for one walk an bust me ankle.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <_<:D

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Not sure if any of the other posters' links have said this but here's an idea:


When you tie a lace, if you then pull the loops through to form a knot, you should end up with a reef knot. If you do this and what you get is NOT a reef knot (loads of pics on the Interweb) then that's what your problem is. You'll be looking at a thief knot or a grief knot instead.


Basically if you're first tying is left over right and under and it's not right afterwards as described above and you don't have the makings of a reef knot then try right over left and under before making your loops. You don't need any fancy gizmos either.



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