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  1. Well, I've been to Hurghada about 6 times now kitesurfing and diving, and although I agree with some of the comments about hawkers and people on the make, it all adds to the local colour. I suppose Hurghada is a special case in that as well as the ordinary police there are tourist police who will generally take your side in any dispute. Anyway, the last time I went May 07, there was only one cache in the area and after reading the logs about security guards and other stuff I satisfied myself by doing a drive by and not even logging it. But I have just been to the search page and there are now three in the vicinity of the town and all are being actively found and logged and even have trackables in them. So it depends where you go, I have never had a problem using a GPS in Egypt - although I would hardly stand in front of a check point to waymark it. Have fun, but just don't forget to pack the one thing most tourists leave at home - common sense.
  2. Well, I'm coming up on the 4th anniversary of my first find and have only clocked 70. In fact the last 23 months have only seen me find 20. Partly it ties in with the cost of petrol thread - I wait until I'm going somewhere and have some time to spare then see what's around, and partly it's the fact that that there's nothing but **** micros in the area. I know this is one other forumers bette noir, but what is the point of them? Especially a series of 10 on top of each other in nice country side where just two or three 'proper' caches would be much more in keeping.
  3. Remove from any cache you find one - regardless of its mission Hang on to it for a few months Place in any cache within 30 miles of Southampton * Wait for it to disappear * just one of many areas that spring to mind
  4. Thanks for the responses, unfortuatey I've been offline for a couple of days. But you both have PMs.
  5. I'm currently holding This TB which I picked up in Cornwall. It's goal is to visit a bunch of Capital Cities and have its picture taken. When I grabbed this I had a couple of trips to London planned and thought it would be a piece of cake to get a picture of him in front of some City landmark and then if I couldn't find a proper sized cache bounce him in and out of a virtual for the mileage. However, things went a bit Pete Tong and on a total of four trips to London twice I was in some hell hole near (but not near enough) to Wembley with absolutly no photo ops, and twice thwarted due to being stuck working when there was daylight. Now I'm not sure when I'll be back in the smoke. If any London cacher would care to volunteer, could I post this chap on to you to help the mission. I'm beginning to feel guilty as I think it's important to play the game and this bug has been in the UK since June and not gotten anywhere near London. TIA
  6. Same here, actually looks better than before - different scale?
  7. I trod on one the other week whilst wearing sandles and shorts when retrieving my model glider! I sort of twisted my foot in a cattle rut and as I stumbled I looked down to see and angry looking chap trying to tag me in the ankle, but I had sort of pinched him too close to the head for him to reach. As the weight came off the foot pinning him down he gave up trying to attack and ran (slithered) off into the long grass. Still not sure who was the most surprised. Never been bitten by one, but I'm hoping it's less unpleasant than a weaver fish or a tarantula (don't ask!). BTW I missed the prog. was it any good?
  8. It is a bit. That’s what fences are for, surely. One side of the fence you can access and the other you can’t. Unfortunately, in this case the cache has gone through to the other side; it happens. If you take your point to its conclusion, you wouldn’t be able to put caches anywhere near any boundary in case they ended up on the wrong side. Quite, but from the OP it would seem the cache was originally place on the 'other' (i.e. inaccessible) side. I know from house stuff that the side of the fence with the posts defines its ownership, but IT is the boundary, and it would seem that if the cache is placed though a hole to the side of the fence that is not accessible it is therefore on (dare I say) private land surely it is agin the rules. Sorry for playing devil's advocate here, but it is from a point of (bad) experience....
  9. Sorry if this reply is seen as a bit confrontational; but if you can't access the other side of the fence then should something even be placed there?
  10. Not long after one of my caches were set someone was so impressed to find a nice watch in the cache (a possible ftf prize - unclaimed) they left a fiver in the log book, it lasted about 10 visits before it disappeared unlogged! I was visiting the cache almost daily then so I know who you are I still think it's nice to find some booty in a cache (possibly why I dislike micros), but realise that the world is full of pikey thieves and more often leave items and take 'nowt'. Even geosprogs must get fed up with mac toys, so do the right thing and trade up.
  11. Get yourself POIEdit which is donateware. It also allows you to connect to loads of other sites to synchronise your POIs. poihandler.com is another good free site
  12. Well, I've trawled through this and can't see one reason the OP might be miffed: FTF prizes. So far I have been lucky enough to get to FTF's without really trying but was a little disappointed that there wasn't even a certificate for me to have as a souvineer of the occasion. The caches I have set had not only certificates, but a sealed envelope with FTF and STF prizes, plus the offer of the pick of the goodies. Perhaps I could afford to be so generous as I've only set two caches, but if the OP is even just taking time to make certificates then it probably is a bit demoralising to see them being lifted by the same suspects time after time. The answer? Don't have one gov, but a modest observation might be that there are far too many caches being set that have neither merit, interest or quality (puts flame proof coat on), which are probably only fodder for FTF ho's and of little interest after.
  13. Currently stting on four, but it's all come about as sort of an evolution: Compact Flash GPSR currently in my Compaq Ipaq - this was my first and it used to be in the car running TT. I have replaced the card for a SIRFIII one after the original died. Garmin 60CSX - this is my main handheld for geocaching etc. I did part with my Vista when I got this. TomTom 510 - used for in car nowadays, also it's my hands free phone, and traffic advisor Garmin Forerunner 301 - I use this running and sometimes other sports The only one I could live without is the CF / Ipaq combination - the others fit specific roles better than any combined unit could.
  14. Just got an email on the North Devon Freecyle list titled Offered:Mc Donalds toys Hi, have lots and lots of Mcdonalds toys....the free ones you get with Happy Meals. Lindy Thought I ought to share it with you guys in case anyone want's to stock up
  15. AFAIK just stay away from the high speed cards - there is an issue with the firmware that fries these on the first write attempt. Get a bog standard card and you should be fine - officially only 512mb is supported, but I have 1gb and I've read on here that folks use 2gb without problems too.
  16. I actually got the idea from someone on here, and yes they have lasted with a discovery on each only yesterday - nothing else does though, if I'd a quid for every time I've tramped up that hill to discover a passing coin or TB to find it gone already....... There was one accidental removal of one of my coins but it was posted back in a few days with an apology, but I suppose in the end it's down to luck - it only takes a muggling......
  17. Er, I think you could be in for more burnout. The number of caches has increased just a bit in two years!
  18. I suppose that helps a bit. FWIW I have left the allow invites turned on given the content of my post, but I was just concerned that the way the original request was so off the wall. "hi there my naame is <removed>. im new to this and accidently came across this site plz can you help me?" From a user that has only just registered, call me a miserable so & so too, but that is hardly going to elicit a response.
  19. That was one of the threads I found as mentioned. AFAICT it doesn't answer any of my questions.......
  20. Well, I've obviously been asleep for a few weeks, cos I've done a forum search and read a bit of banter about this, but I have my doubts: #1 why is this 'new' feature turned on in my profile by default without any warning so that the first I know about it is when a freinds request arrives #2 is it secure? the first (and only) request I receive comes from a member who only registered yesterday, lives at the other end from the country from me and with whom I almost certainly have nothing in common. In fact it has all the appearance of a 'bot mail' #3 I don't recall any official announcent about this (other than the two threads that the search threw up) so wonder why it wasn't better 'launch' with some explainations and etiquitte guidelines Legal bit To the person who made the request - if you are genuine I apologise in advance for my scepticism (I find life simpler if one always carres a good supply) and if you would like to reform your request explaining why you think I would be a suitable and helpful freind for you, I will be all to happy to accept. To anyone else - I am prepared to find out what this feature is supposed to achieve so if you know me, have vistited my caches or have some other connection, please feel free to send an introductory request
  21. I find about the only use for the base map is when you are flying over a country, it will tell you which town you are over
  22. As I recall, each time you add maps from mapsource it re-creates the single file that stores the map data on the GPSr, so unless you include the tiles you already have, they will disappear after the next load. This was a pain on my old serial interface Etrex because to add one more tile, you still had to send all of the others again or end up with only one map tile in the device. Hope this helps......
  23. Well, the Iphone is still vapourware, but th Nokia N95 must come pretty close, I'm just not sure about uploading waypoints....
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