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  1. My desire to have the coordinates for lab caches started within a week of the release of the Adventure Lab app due to the diabolical representation of the points on the map of the adventure lab app. Very disappointed 15 yaer geocacher who can't cope with the inprecision of the location having been indoctrinated by 15 years of accuracy implementation within standard geocaching.
  2. Hi, See you are really new to geocaching. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it. Did you realise you have logged each of the three caches you found twice. Ireland is a country I'm yet to visit hope it brings good times and geocaching experiences for you.
  3. The most sensible solution to the problem to date. The only failing perhaps is if first log is accepted but not known to the poster. Poster minimally changes text to get it accepetd. Then two logs exist. That was the problem with the early duplicte logs. Second log submitted because acceptance report not seen. Still like the idea though with perhaps a % similarity check/rejection.
  4. Maybe you should read the previous posts. We know that it's currently not possible. But is it impossible to change that? It does, by the way, look like it's possible to log on this page: http://trigpointing.uk/ Yes you can log on Trigpointing.uk I've logged some there but not all of my finds. I guess the major difference is it would not be solely geocachers logging finds there. The geocaching site as you've seen created a greater sense of community. As I've said before in previous posts I believe that site to be run by a private individual rather than a commercial entity. A generous provision but only valid as long as that generosity continues.
  5. Yes, the change is coming to the website earlier than the API. So people that want to continue to log multiple finds on the same cache until May 8th, will have to do so through GSAK or any other API-enabled app (c:geo will not do work). At first I thought they might have set that you can only log Owner Maintenance if A Needs Maintenance was present but a test on one of my "Self Owned" caches went through ok. A note on the adopted one ran ok and the notification came back ok. Only thing different on the adopted one is the owner name has been left as the setter with my name in brackets. They should be using Owner ID and certainly the note worked as expected. Hope they are not using the name as many placers mis-spell or use something diverse. The try for Owner Maintenance was rejected 4 times. A little baffled.
  6. With an Owner Maintenace log for one of my adopted caches throwing a 500 Server error one imagines some changes are already in effect. Envision a lot of problems in the days to come.
  7. The Original Poster spoke of the changes coming, gleaned from GSAK, and said, "If you implement this please remember that some cache can be logged more than once, including the much loved http://coord.info/GC45CC in the UK and http://coord.info/GC43F3 in Canada". Just shy of your percentages maybe, "cache logged more than once" also includes all of the moving /traveling caches, and all the "monthly, every other wednesday, etc" events that have kept the same GC#. Folks (for some odd reason) just haven't really started on those yet. The game is diverse. Some of us (myself) was unaware that GC codes could be locked and reused for regular events etc. Must be confusing to reviewers when considering proximity clashes for events or is that just another (UK only) application?
  8. The chances of a new icon is somewhere between slim and none I would think, considering the previous clambering for a Challenge icon. I over complicated my thoughts there. If there was a new "repeat visits" smiley for the logs section those few caches that were set up to operate that way could live on as intended to operate. Current log count locked, new logs unless first instance get "repeat visits smilie. All viewable on the page and founds not confused with notes used for other purposes. Likely "Repeat visits" a register not incrementing found count.
  9. Certainly none of my posts have been April Fools as perhaps I've been accused. There has been a discrepancy of logging through evolution rather than any intent or malice in many cases. I also consider it difficult perhaps senseless to manage affairs with the multiple historic logs remaining in situ. Time for a spring clean. Suggestions to remedy; Create a single or multiple new icon for the grandfathered YOSM / Cuckoo / Event Temporary Caches or a secondary logging channel. Change cache page to that Icon or move all logs from log two to reside under that Icon (secondary channel). Delete any other duplicate or owner placed erroneous logs. Logging process going on wards detects if it is a first or subsequent log and routes it correctly to cache page or secondary Icon. Moderators / Administrators / Management feedback invited.
  10. If you don't mind, I'll just bypass the bizarre, off-topic stuff. Okay? Curious, are you saying that a reward requirement is a "British thing" ? - Because I thought it was just society today in general... As an American, I believe many here understand full well what the appeal is. In fact, it's popular enough that many have enjoyed that part of the hobby without the need for a "smiley" to find them. They're not included in the find count here... We know of a few folks with over 800 benchmark finds. With none on the "smiley count", yeah, I think we get it. The difference being US benchmarks are catered for under the main site umbrella. The 3 US benchmarks I have found are easily viewable on the main site together with a running total. When the UK asked for a similar system we were refused. We took the only route possible to us at that time which is now causing such uproar. Geocaching is supposed to be a global hobby but seems very discriminating both in the past and once again now. If benchmarking fall under the remit of geocaching then the global benchmarks should be included within the site framework or alternatively the US ones removed. Dual standards are not conducive to harmony. Is now is the time to standardise logging then it is time to do it universally.
  11. I know a few people that really like going out and finding benchmarks, the closest equivalent we have. They still enjoy it even though their find count doesn't get a +1. Although I don't have specific details I believe a request was made by a UK cacher asking to have a combined or similar scheme to the US benchmarks for the UK Trig points a few years ago. Such an implementation was refused. The YOSM was the only route we could take under the "roof" of geocaching as a whole. I certainly and I'm sure many others also do prefer the under "one roof" approach. The YOSM had extra appeal to many of which Trig would become a YOSM next. Yes there is the UK Trigpointing site and I have used that for some logs but certainly not all of the Trigs/YOSMs that I have visited. As far as I know the UK Trigpointing site is provided by a private individual. Though the site has run for a great number of years, will it continue forever? I guess it depends on that individuals continued generosity and longevity. Please consider a scheme to retain YOSM "in house". The concept of having a split accounting system "you found X YOSMs as found logs and Y YOSMs as note type logs seems totally alien to me. Please develop an acceptable scheme for the YOSM to continue. Geocaching is supposed to be a global game. I have logged one perhaps two of the US benchmarks just to add variety to my caching. I would have liked to think other global visitors to the UK would have appreciated the YOSMs existance and uniqueness would have had reciprocal appeal but no all we have seen is hostility within this thread.
  12. I dont understand. The only thing I understand is One cache = One find. Does matter how "wonderful" the cache is, its still against the guidelines. Stop putting lipstick on a pig. A pig is a pig. Is there any particular need for your constantly snidy remarks? I am not going behind anyone backs... I am right up front. Snidy is the wrong word. Try again. I see why you are here... you found that cache 67 times and a few other caches. Would you find those caches over and over if you only get one find? No you wouldn't. You are just upset that GS is taking away your "fun" loophole. I guess that UK got some funny idea about logging caches and GS is finally putting the stop to it. I'm afraid you are completely wrong there. I don't care over much on losing the smiley. I do care about management of past and ongoing logs (if they continue in any form) being a sensible and workable system. At least I am still an active cacher, your finds seem to be a bit lax at the moment.
  13. I dont understand. The only thing I understand is One cache = One find. Does matter how "wonderful" the cache is, its still against the guidelines. Stop putting lipstick on a pig. A pig is a pig. Is there any particular need for your constantly snidy remarks?
  14. If it's not done for the numbers, why not just post a note? The cache will still be findable (but you only get one smiley). Are there really no other caches to find near the survey monuments? I'm trying to understand why this one cache is so much more important than the ~3 million other caches. OK. I seem to have triggered these rather extensive threads. Until a couple of years ago I didn't log GC45CC multiple times and at that time raised quite an argument against multiple logs. I got converted much as anything by a reviewers comments amongst many others. I started logging them and rather enjoyed seeking them out. I'm not a youngster or in good health. A walk into them or often up to them is often excrutiatingly exhaustive. I arrive there as I've said often exhausted sometimes their siting is such that to just record the details of each monument I cling on tightly. Next I wonder how the hell the engineers created each unique monument in such an environment. I've struggled just to get myself here; they have had to carry materials here and then spend time and effort in creation. Some have a uniform shape many others do not but each will be unique in some way just as our logs are unique in that we have to submit a photo showing ourselves at the location. My original trigger post was merely a where do we stand on YOSM's previous logs or future. I can see the need to quell duplicate and erroneous logs but am unsure of a few aspects; 1) Any duplicate logs on my account were as a result of connection timeouts at time of logging in my early days of caching. It often took hours if not days to complete just a handful of logs at the end of which you were so exhausted you would likely not spot the duplicates. Presumably when creating a new log now there has to be an extra access/interrogation of servers to confirm if the log is legitimate. Whilst many have super speed broadband these days many others do not. Will we hit a time out phenonema again? 2) Yes there has to be concern of how the new ruling is implemented; can old and new systems co exist? i.e. can previous logs remain or need to be lost. 3) Does the Grandfather status of the YOSM caches have any presedence over the new logging regime? The threads seem to have drifted from the YOSM nature of the original intent. The write note might be an option but equally how do you implement it; Do existing found logs stand or get converted to notes? Changing existing logs would also change any milestone claims. Locked milestones would display one value, statistics generators a different one. Lots of unanswered questions and the original correspondence to api partners seems quite vague as to how they should approach or make adaptions.
  15. I agree with this. These caches have lived long past the time they should (since they are basically locationless caches). I hope that Geocaching HQ doesn't spend a lot of time producing special cases for a handful of caches that wouldn't be possible to publish today in any case. They had their time. Now it's time to go. Perhaps the re-instatement of the American Ape cache should be squashed then~ that was an exception for a single cache and a backtrack on previous rulings!
  16. That won't be the case after April or May. One GC#, one find. You have answered this very positively and very quickly. May I ask as a Moderator of a forum how much of the decision making you are privy to, or what other roles you carry? One would think on the two caches quoted that the Grandfathered rights associated with those caches would persist with all of the conditions with which they currently operate. Can you answer will grandfathered types continue to operate with conditions unchanged.
  17. Hope you stick with it and master what you desire to create as I've certainly enjoyed your work in the past. Like you I have met with the problem you are experiencing and that adds another dimension to my earlier post comments too. That being "reserved placement" i.e. cache pages initiated but not yet published. One of those cost me a couple of hundred miles and several weeks wait before I could resite my cache. The only way I can see things could be made easier would be to scrap the display of circles on the submission form or any distance visualation. Theory being a test location submitted would just throw a "Location Currently available" or "Cache Separation Exceeded" reply when tested against all current and reserved and/or restricted (unallowable) positions. Less chance of anyone playing battleships or even knowing to which cache any sub element applied. Perhaps the way forward is to propose a schema as above, or to your own thoughts and push that forward in a new thread.
  18. It makes no difference if you are a Premium Member or not. You will still not see the locations used by PMO when submitting a cache. Only way to be sure is to go out and find those PMO ones or ask a reviewer ahead of putting too much effort into your page.
  19. Ten actions on trackables I've moved in the past today but not a drop amongst them. What is the joy of continual dipping?
  20. Powering it through a mount is the way to go and charging that way will charge the rectangular battery via a 12v supply. It is only the rectangular battery that can be charged by any source. Charging via USB will always give the effect of showing the USB connected screen. Battery duration was better on my 600 than on my 680T changing a setting for screen/power saving has increased the duration. I've built up stocks and have 3 of the rectangular batteries now so I'm good for quite a spell of caching. I did spend quite a lot on a mount I've got the rugged one and a load of Ram Mount Items. Also have an unpowered one for a bicycle.
  21. I've been a GSAK user since I started caching in 2005. The text below outlined what I send to my Montana but should work on any GPSr with just length of what is seen being the variable. I probably pick a poor example as the cache I've shown is not from a series. If it was a series the number would be shown within the brackets. " I export lots of valuable information (to me) before the cache name; %code (%Custom_Identifier) %User %mtag="placedday" : %name GC1EA2D (0) *KoL-*CNeed Boat 10/09 : Aldermaston Oxbow Lake So I will see and can search on; GCcode Number associated with cache or series A set of my own identification short codes. Day and month of placement. Cache name. My short codes for this one; It's unfound for more than a year, I need the cache or D/T for a challenge, It needs a boat to access it. I use a lot of other short codes also."
  22. St Martins Ferry will be a day trip from St Marys. Boats usually go 10:15 ish and return around 4:30 from the Quay. No need to book, just turn up if going with the Boatmens Association. See their website for more details. heartradio Many Thanks.
  23. Paul, Is it just in St Mary's that we need to book accommodation. Think that is the way I've read the page and ferry to St Martins is as such a day trip. Is there a link to pre book the St Martins Ferry?
  24. Well done on your achievement. I too was another to break the yearly value for all of my 10 years caching. I signed a challenge cache in America for which I needed to equal the year value. It looked possible when evaluated in September but by no means a certainty. 430 in Nov/Dec was more than I had found in either of those months before too. Managed to reach 2015 before Christmas so can now relax a little and enjoy more leisurely caching again. High numbers or low, enjoyment is the important factor. I'm glad of some of the challenges to give me a focus.
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