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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Contest Logging Thread

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(Accidently double-posted my last message.)

Edited by Doc Geo

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Only 3 recovered today. I spent most of my half day on the RR tracks. Found several poles that I believe are/were telegraph poles? Most were destroyed, a few standing. Of all the poles, only one pole had glass insulators on it in good condition. I was lucky there was a climable tree right next to it...




Now, on to my recoveries...


BM0405, REG

BM0406, REG

BM0413, REG

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KW2887, ???


..not sure how to classify this one - a "NF" & 2 "See Descriptions" in the official NGS logs


- E

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5/4 Recoveries:

RK0425 REG

RK0426 REG

RK0427 REG


5/5 Recoveries:

QL0471 REG

QL0214 REG

QL0477 REG

QL0163 REG

QL0164 REG

QL0203 REG

QL0204 REG

QL0472 REG

QL0215 REG


The following two are intersection stations, the remains of which were found in destroyed condition. I believe the evidence and the remains will prove that I found a portion of the correct stations, which have now been removed. PM if desired, but it's up to the judge's discretion.


QL0459 REG

Link to the NGS datasheet for D.M.S. coordinates as shown on GPSr


QL0455 REG

Link to NGS datasheet with coordinates in D.M.S. format.

Link to the ASR search result for the registration number visible in the photo for the newly constructed (1997) tower. Coordinates for the new tower are within .2 seconds of the published coordinates for QL0455, the remains of which are also visible in the photos.

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A frustrating day, with highway improvements making for a lot of non-recoveries. The scenery up near Lake Roosevelt at the end of the day made up for all the difficulties.


Recoveries for 5 6 2007:


DU0477, REG


DU0470, REG


DU0463, REG NGS datasheet*

DU0463 Geocaching .com


DU0263, REG


DU0261, REG


DU0309, DNF


DU1280, REG


DU0362, DNF


DU2029, REG


DU1288, REG


DU1289, REG


DU2381, DNF


DU0366, REG


DU1294, REG


DU1637, REG


DU1634, REG


DU1566, REG


DU1630, REG


DU1631, REG


* I must beg the judges indulgence for this one. I quite understand if it is unacceptable.

Edited by AZcachemeister

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MB2388, REG


Not sure about this one as far as the contest. The disk is in fine shape, but the entire concrete post is uprooted and on its side, thus rendering the mark useless for surveyors. I have logged it on gc.com as destroyed(with pictures) and have sent an email to Deb with pictures.

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LC0506, DNF*

KB0530, DNF


*The previous logger indicated that they had found the benchmark. However, they also said they had only found the witness post and they thought that counted. So, technically, since they admitted they didnt find the mark, this could be a DNF.

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Found this BM right at the edge of a Forest Service Rd. This road, with a creek right

next to it, was one area where firefighters were able to stop the spread of the Hayman

fire. This fire ended up being the largest wildfire in Colorado history. It started on 6/8/2002

and burned 137,760 acres.

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Had a pretty successful day hunting on Saturday 05/12


OF2560 - REG

OF2632 - REG

OF0997 - REG

OF2603 - REG

OF2600 - REG

OF0999 - DNF

OF0671 - REG

OF1722 - REG

OF1719 - REG

OF1075 - REG

OF1074 - REG

OF1677 - REG


The rest of these are judges discretion. I am 100% confident of the finds, but dang it all, I could not get these disks cleaned off. Many were 1-2 feet deep in their tubes, and most were covered with a 3 inch layer of mud I had to scoop out. Photographs were tough into the pipes, mud was tough to get off. I tried water, but it filled the pipe up. I tried powder, but it combined with the dust. Also tough when they paint the marks because then its tough to get any definition with the numbers. And no thanks to Monroe County for not stamping the designation in the covers either. :)


OF2588 - REG

OF2587 - REG

OF2586 - REG

OF2594 - REG

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LC0386, REG

LC1681, REG

LC0569, REG

LC0567, REG

LC1678, REG

LC1680, REG

LC1679, REG I couldn't get a better shot of this one. The number seems to have been mostly worn off. The cords were very close and the description was right on but I just couldn't get the numbers to pop up. So, I leave it to the discretion of the judges to decide and fully understand if it doesn't qualify.

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My brother from the left coast is visiting on a marathon caching trip. He paused log enough to allow me to log this one:

KU2643 REG

(I wish I'd known about KU2642 beforehand, and brought my digging gear!) Oh, well.

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Saturday was a good day out on the Apache Trail, but Sunday was not so good as the radiator in the JEEP blew out and we had to abort the mission to Prescott. :rolleyes:


Recoveries for 5 12 2007:


DU0574, REG


DU0572, REG


DU0571, DNF


DU0459, REG


DU0458, REG


DU1314, REG


DU0449, REG


DU0447, REG *


DU1312, REG


DU0446, REG


DU0444, REG


DU0443, REG


DU0442, DNF


DU0438, REG


DU0439, DNF


DU1310, REG


DU0435, REG


DU0434, REG


DU0433, REG


DU0432, REG


DU1308, REG


DU0431, REG


DU1307, REG


DU1306, REG


DU0426, REG**


DU0425, REG


DU1304, REG


DU0424, REG


DU1305, REG


DU0428, REG


*This one is at the judges discretion. I found the mark coated with some rubbery substance, and tried to clean it off to get a good shot of the stamping, but the results were not as good as I hoped for.

In retrospect I wish I had just left well enough alone.


**This one probably won't fly either, as all that remains is the stem. Can't hurt to ask though!


Edited to add notes.

Edited by AZcachemeister

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Had some free time yesterday, and headed up South Mountain to test the new radiator in the JEEP.


Recoveries for 5 15 2007:


DV2089, REG


DV0419, REG


I doubt the next one will qualify, but considering there is a disk there with a date on it (but no designation stamping), perhaps I can squeeze it through the wringer. In any case, it's interesting that I easily found what the DOD couldn't.


DV0418, DNF

Edited by AZcachemeister

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Found last weekend:

AW5484, REG

AW4646, REG

AW5501, REG

AW4476, REG

AX2539, REG

AX0277, REG

AX0011, REG

AX0194, REG

AX2653, REG

AX0117, REG

AX0065, REG

AX2645, REG

AX2648, REG

AX0243, REG

AX0238, REG

AX0236, REG

AX0200, REG

BM0994, REG

AW5487, REG

AW5485, REG

BM0182, REG

BM0184, REG

AX2649, REG

BM0164, REG

BM0162, REG

BM0166, REG

BM0986, REG

BL1503, REG

BL1502, REG

BL1506, REG

BL1542, REG

BL1857, REG

BL1858, REG

BL1859, REG

BL1860, REG

BL1547, REG

BL1861, REG

BL1989, REG

BL1573, REG

BL1840, REG

BL1615, REG

BL1841, REG

BL1853, REG

BL1851, REG

BM0154, REG

AX0221, REG

AX0218, REG

AW4633, REG

AW6984, REG


Are we done yet? Gas money is breaking me....

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My brother, FunnyNose, is a numbers ho'.! His vacation is over and he's headed back to Seattle. He logged 159 caches in eight days in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. He graciously allowed me to log five benchmarks during his trip. :P So, I needed a fix badly! Geocachers can get their fix with cheap parking lot micros. Here are my cheap, drive-by benchmarks for 5/19:

LY2920 REG

LY2917 REG

LY2918 REG

LY2919 REG

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