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We all have plenty of complaints... I have my fair share... BUT - what do you LOVE about geocaching/geocachers/life in general?


If you want this thread to continue, I'd get rid of the highlighted text.


I LOVE that people I meet while geocaching aren't like people on the forums (including myself)..... Was that a compliment?

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I like the idea that so many people can get so excited about absolutely worthless stuff. But after all, it is not about the stuff, it is about the hunt. I like that too.

I like the fact that, as a group, cachers can be viewed as wholesome, honest people. Maybe a little corny (some more then others), but honest good people :rolleyes:

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Geocaching is a fun thing to do that Molly and I can enjoy together that we can do with as much or as little free time we have. It gets us outside and shows us tons of places and things we wouldn't have seen with out geocaching. I've liked most of the cachers we've met and we've met many friends through geoaching.

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Where else can you stomp around in the snow/mud/30' off the trail and still try to look inconspicuous, yet not feel (very) self-conscious?

And, I'm learning more about the area I live in, and exactly how sadistic some cache hiders are.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Yup - that's me, a glutton for punishment.

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I love that air-sucking sound some ammo cans make when you first open them. Good stuff.


Yep, and when you are stuck at home it's fun to take a dirty old ammocan, clean it, sand/scrape off the paint, de-rust it, prime it, paint it, camo it, stencil it, stock it, (and then eventually place it).


I said it then, but I appreciated that gc.com upgraded PQ’s and included the option of “Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs”.

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I like the SKILL of the geocacher that can hide a cache that "looks" like a straight path to the goodie box....but after bush-whacking for a half mile....I find the "sweet and easy" route, carefully camoflaged from view.


Yeah, as I pick burrs from clothing, sandspurs from socks ....with chiggers and ticks running a mini course on my body......I really have a respect for that cacher! :rolleyes:



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Geocaching is cheap entertainment (except for the cost of gas to drive to where caches are hidden, and the cost of the GPSr, new hiking boots, digital camera, a PDA, GSAK, Cachemate, a laptop computer to take with you to events and on <caching> vacations, and a backpack to fit all that stuff into, and of course the cost of all those lovely geocoins and other very cool swag/signature items).......hmmmm, maybe not so cheap? But hey, best of all, it's FUN!!! And geocachers are some of the friendliest, most helpful and fun people you'll ever meet! :rolleyes:

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I like my reviewer, doing a heck of a good job, without much thanx!

(Still waiting for that cache 2 be published though...) :rolleyes:


I like coins 2.

I like my Garmin.

I like having a new reason to wisit the woodlands, almost every day.

No, wait...

I LOVE all this stuff!!! :rolleyes:

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To geocaching.com, thanks for allowing/helping us:


to search for caches along a route,

to pay for a membership- I feel like I'm helping out with expenses

to complain anytime we want to

to ask questions anytime we need to

have a neato forum to meet other cachers

have pocket queries- this keeps us on top the game in our area

get outside the house & away from the TV to see more of our local area


Finally, to spend good time talking as a family about what we are going to do, when we are going to do it and enjoying what we find along the way. Thats priceless. Our kids will probably be geocachers for life because of the time we spend together, the laughter we've had doing all these caches, and the areas of the county that we'd never seen before!


Thanks. I can't say that enough, really! ;)

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I love it when I'm walking in the mountains with the smell of the Ponderosa Pine all around me, watching black-capped chickadees dart from branch to branch, the sound of the wind gently moving through the trees and brushing against my face, the flash of a whitetail's tail silently running off into the distance, the babbling sound of a nearby creek, and if I'm real lucky; the sight of a Bald Eagle soaring on the summer thermals. I love the peaceful way I feel when I'm visiting with Mother Nature. Life is good.


I don't cache for the numbers, I cache for the opportunity to bring my love of nature and my sense of adventure together.


P.S. Great thread!

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:) Love all aspects of caching..


1) Good for the ego (I have so little) when I have a find.. SUCCESS!!

2) Brings me back to reality.. DNF :)

a. sometimes I feel really stupid when I go back to chase a DNF and do find it.


3) Gets me outdoors. Try to pick some real challenging caches for the exercise.. (open heart surgery)

4) Something I can enjoy with my wife. (She loves it!)

5) Something that I can enjoy despite the weather, good or bad!

6) Meet a lot of different people, and different in a good way I might say.

7) Doesn't break the bank. Which is most unusual for most hobbies.

8) Didn't know I could get so excited about opening a cache to find nothing, and still leave with a smile on my face.

9) Even the so-called 'lame' caches still provide excitement.

10) and the list goes on


Dr. P

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Now this is a very good question, and made me stop and think about part of the reason I decided to try this sport.


I can remember going camping when I was young, and always being surprised when we got to campsites that people were willing to go off hiking, swimming, etc with all of their belongings either sitting in a tent or sitting on the picnic table. There was never any worry about someone coming along and stealing it, or ruining it. As a whole, these people who enjoyed getting out into the outdoors were a group that I enjoyed being around.


I'm older now, and tend to have gotten a bit more cynical. And this sport of geocaching is helping to bring back a bit of that wonder, that joy of being outdoors and associating with others who enjoy the same things. I enjoy it all; the preparation at the computer, the journey into new areas that I've never seen, the hunt, the find. And something that gives me the opportunity to get back outdoors.


I haven't had the opportunity to meet any other geocachers yet, but I hope to soon. And in the meantime, thanks to everyone who make this an enjoyable addiction.



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I like the fact that I get to purchase accessories for properly hunting caches. New GPS, nice pack or bag, tools, flashlights, mirror, extendable mirror, voltage sensor, cool containers, pens, knife, stickers, gloves, snake proof boots, etc. And i love the hunt. Especially when curious onlookers are wondering just what it is I'm doing. And then...the find. Not only have you located a small cache with the global positioning system, you also get to keep some treasure. So you open her up and look for the cool stuff. And if ya find it in there, you do a little jig, and people really wonder then.


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i like people who like forums!!! they are kind of addicting like caching!!! lol

I agree! I look forward to these forums almost as much as I do the hunt. Considering the wide diversity of the people involved in here, it's a crazy wonderful anomaly that everyone is so cool.

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Are you kidding me. I have a small handheld device, and it takes me to new and cool locations all the time. Then I get to do a small treasure hunt, usually ending up with treasure. You can't beat that. Plus the forums are a good place to unwind/wind up on a daily basis.

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