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  1. I do not need to unzip the PQ results or file. I just download the zipped filed to my desktop and drop and drag directly to Garmin/GPX directory on the 450. No unzipping or having to go through 3rd party software to get it usable. Garmin did well on this part.
  2. I have both the 20 and the 450. Set up the same. CN10, Topo from GPSFileDepot (free). As said, battery life seems better on the 20(RayoVac Hybrids) and the screen seems just marginally brighter on the 20. Wherigo is a toss up for me. We don't have a cache rich area here and none of the Wherigo items here. I find that I reach for the 20 most of the time. Might be the size mainly as it is used on a bike. Smaller seems better there. Money no object, the 450. But you will be perfectly happy with the 20. Both great units, nice software updates.
  3. I have a Dakota 20 & Oregon 450. Previously a Colorado was in the mix. Colorado very good and lot of nice features. But the scroll wheel was a pain compared to the touch screen on the 20/450. 450 better screen resolution and seems brighter and easier to read in marginal light conditions. But either the 20 or 450 would make a nice unit(s) to have.
  4. My official non-scientific comparison: Both units, no back light on. Mounted in Garmin windshield mount. 20 just plain difficult to see. 450 better and readable. But not as bright as either vista cx or 60csx. With usb power (backlight on max) to 450 & 20. Both are very good but 450 still brighter than the 20. Palser- PS Starbrand, get a hold of me when you have your 200 with you and I bring the 450 over for you to compare.
  5. I have both the 20 and the 450. And love them both. The paperless feature is a must for me. Less stuff to haul around in the field. The 450 has a better screen than the 20. Larger, better resolution. I use my units for auto navigation occasionally and when mounted to the windshield, the 450 is easier to read/brighter in sunlight. They both do well when plugged in to USB power. Plus the new 'Wherigo' thing is beginning to intrigue me?? The 450 has this, the 20 doesn't. 3 axis compass is nice but not a selling/buying point to me. If you have the bucks, I would go for the 450. Only about $40-50 in most outlets. I paid 369 on Amazon for the 450. Shipping paid. You will enjoy either one of them. Still have my vista cx, 60csx. Haven't picked them up since I got the other two units.
  6. I had the identical situation with my Dakota 20. My Colorado would hook up fine, but my Dakota would exhibit the same symptoms as your Oregon. I did as system reset to a few days earlier than when my problem started. Works fine. (Windows XP).
  7. Two of my favorite cache partners.. Jude, my grandson. Already doing a bang up job of finding caches. And my wife, Blossom.. Better eyes and instinct when it come to finds. Plus the extra scenery I have when we're out together. 8 degrees out that day. Ticks and poison ivy along the river was at a minimum though.
  8. We are in a mostly rural area out here and miles between caches, so it really isn't uncommon for a cache to be repaired or replaced as needed by a fellow cacher. I for one am glad if someone agrees to help. And every time I have returned the favor I have been met with thanks. Works pretty good for the most part..
  9. Our goals must be vastly different for sure Rev! Here in our area (mostly rural) there is a shortage of caches overall. So it is pretty hard to be selective about the quality of the cache I am seeking. I have some pretty lame ones myself for sure. Trying to archive the 'trashy' ones, update to better containers, choose my locations a little more carefully, etc. etc. etc. But my goal, as I assume is the same for a lot of us, it to 'get out'. Lot more fun than watching reruns of Law & Order, Rosie, etc., and I can only take so much of the news.. So it may not be the quality of the cache that concerns me, but the opportunity to see country I haven't, be out and about. And when I can't ride the Harley, caching is a great alternative. VROOM, VROOM! As far as 'I'm tired.........' If I was that discouraged, I think I would get out my old stamp collection and sell the GPS!
  10. I personally thank all the reviewers for keeping us sometimes arrogant, egotistical, helpless, clueless, demanding, impatient (did I leave anything out?) hiders in check. And by the way I am speaking for all of us. And as far as hugging Heartland Cacher (our reviewer for the Great State of Nebraska), he's uglier than the back end of Keystone's dog. Sorry Heartland. Dr. P
  11. First to Find-First to Log carries the same amount of prestige in my book! Zip!
  12. I had a 2 yr old vista cx with the above mentioned problem. Other than having to wait 45 min. on 'Muzak' hold, the rep gave me a RMA#. Sent it in on Monday had a new unit in my hands for the weekend. Great service!!!
  13. 342 Finds- 112 Hides = 3:1 We don't have a lot of hide activity (used to!) right now and the only way to fuel may passion for being outside (caching) is to place some hides. Things are looking up outside our area (50+ miles) with more hides, so I will be hitting those trails soon. Dr. P
  14. I have a Vista CX with the same problem after about 300 caches. Called Garmin today and they said they no longer send the rubber outside seal or the adhesive. But they would fix it at no charge (other than my shipping $$'s, which was $1.85). They said about a 10 day turn around time. Whether they fix the original or send me a new one, I really don't care. I have had no other problems with the unit after the original firmware update. Good unit.
  15. Certainly defining 'bogus' could be a help. But to take your request/theory a step further, I have a cache I drive by 4-5 times a day. I could certainly be within my rights to log this as a find every time I pass by. About once a week I could place preprinted form w/signature in the cache to verify my so-called find. At the end of the week I could have 25-30 more finds to increase my numbers with very little effort involved. Which leads to ask, WHY? And since it hasn't been asked and you did try at an explanation as to why, but seemed a little weak! Just why is it so important to log it as a find and not just post it as a note as suggested.
  16. palser

    10 things

    I'm always on the wrong side of the canal. I have gotten used to seeing my DNA. My wife is now used to long stories about minute events.
  17. On short descriptions where I use HTML, I normally type it in by hand. Not hard after you kind of get the hand of it. For longer descriptions and where I use some graphics, I resort to MS FrontPage. I believe I am using the 2003 Version. Actually it is pretty easy to use and the learning curve was not at all hard. Cut & paste works well and the WYSIWYG turns out well for the most part. Dr. P
  18. Replaced a Legend that I thought I had lost with a Vista CX. One of the rare times I read the directions it had this blip about Geocache ready. Never heard of it before. Did my research, loaded a geocache, grabbed the wife and off we went. DNF! (In defense, I later learned that the Vista was consistently 60ft. to east from ground zero. Firmware update later corrected this.) Met up with a couple of locals, went to couple Sat. morn coffee/donuts (put on by Starbrand. Thanks/much appreciated!). Had some good instruction in a few areas. Then started having some real fun. Called everybody I knew. GC'ing goes real well with some other interests. When it's too cold to ride the Harley, it's just perfect for GC'ing.
  19. I normally do a 'hamster' dance after a find. (No longer than 10 minutes!) That is always a sure sign to others of me being a geocacher, as long as I had the Garmin in my hand. The one time I left the Garmin laying on a stump close by, someone came by and I was committed for the weekend. Missed my dog, but met some new friends. Dr. P
  20. National Guard '70-'76. Freedom is something that seems assumed by our culture, especially when you figure someone like Hanoi Jane is still alive and well. (and ranting) Will she ever figure it out? Thanks for this thread.. Thanx to all that are still paying the price!
  21. Rayovac Hybrids are just all around better than most. Shelf life is better than all the others. Have about 12 sets in everything from GPS/wall clocks/flashligts(led)/digitalcamera/remotes. Consistantly out do everything else.. haven't run onto a dud yet!!
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