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Milestone Congratulations


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Hear ye! Hear ye!!


Let's hear it for GerIRL!!! He hit milestone #700 at BrianSnat's "No Redeeming Value: NJ's Worst Cache" (GC1A1YQ) on Tuesday, March 11th. Well done Gerry - CONGRATS!


As you keep racking up more & more finds.. distancing yourself from my total number of finds.. I sense that a 'joint milestone' find in the future will consist of you hitting - maybe - 800 while I'm still making it to only 700! (or something like that)



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Congratulations Gerry - and to all of the others who I've missed since I was last on here. I am sorry but I've been out of commission for a bit and have been lax in keeping up with my GC activities. That includes congratulating all of my "friends" on reaching their milestones. Please forgive me for not recognizing everyone individually but it would take too long and I'm at work right now. Again - CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!

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I'm somewhat new to this group, so I might as well pat myself on the back as well. We started caching last November, just celebrated our 100th cache this past Easter Sunday, at the "NJ Easter Egg Cache" in Loantaka Park (appropriate cache, eh?).


Will be interesting to see how more difficult geocaching gets once the undergrowth, thorns, poison ivy, and bugs show up on the scene. Snowless winter days with frozen ground certainly makes the bushwhacking easier!


ReZappers (cliffmama)

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rhelt100 and purplekv both made their 2k cache umbrella rock (western pa). what a great cache if you're ever in the area! on the way to umbrella-we stopped at manfromvan and east sandy creek multi. we also stopped at deer rock-great scenic hike among evergreen trees!

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Pat on my back for finally getting to #800 cache at Death not be Gentle


Congrats! And thanks for the cute little "Sheetz" cache. We actually had plans to plant a micro there on one of many past visits to the area, but it would've been considered a "vacation cache" for us and rejected by the admin.

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Thanks to all for the 300 wishes. I'm amazed at myself that I've made it this far in only a little over a year. Caching is a blessing and an addiction all rolled into one, but one that I'm glad that I have.


May we all have few DNF's and many adventures!


Happy Caching.


Tim aka


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