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Milestone Congratulations


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Since no one's posted to this thread in awhile I thought I'd "toot our own horn" again and say that we accomplished our 300th find on the day of the last post to this thread before this one.


Normally a 1/1 micro would seem a lame way to make for a milestone find (it was the newest replacement of a cache in the "Paladin Quest" series), but when I noticed it I knew we'd have a good shot at an FTF so chanced that we could make our milestone special that way (and we did FTF it!).

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Some notable milestone finds that I recently noticed while checking thru "My Friends" listings..


Dave w/o id finds, hold on to your hats folks, #14,000 (less than 3 months after making find #13,000)!!


Nice going you'all -- KEEP IT UP!!!


And approx 2 months later, with another 1000 down - Dave w/o id makes it a whopping 15,000 finds!!!.. and counting! WOW, Wow, wow!!! CONGRATS!!!


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A big congrats to a number of Southern Jersey & PA cachers who hit milestones on High & Low (GCQNG5) this past weekend:


gipsie - 1000

GreeneTeam - 867

SacysBlaze - 750

Uncle Fuzzy - 600


taz_can_play - 100


They earned their find as a team that also included Grunriese, sofiecat, blitznmore, SacysKeebler, theGuentherGang, and perhaps a few others who haven't logged online yet. Sounds like they had a blast and definitely celebrated their milestones in style!


Congrats to all!

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Congratulations to gerkmax for find #250 at Triangulation GC1B6WA


Thank you, thank you... please no applause. You are all far too kind. :D


First, I'd like to thank all the little people who helped make this possible. :D


Second, I'd like to say a big "HA! IN YOUR FACE!" to those of you who make those most difficult and tricky puzzle caches that seem to be created only to drive me insane. :)


Third... umm... I got nothing. That's it. :(


Thanks everyone. See you in the field. :D



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Congrats also to MaitreMind for cache #900 at BECAUSE (GC1FQVB) on 3/13!


Thanks Steve and congrats on your 800. Hmmm, 1000 isn't far away I need to start looking for that extraordinary memorable cache to do for the milestone, suggestions are welcome from anyone.




Richard (aka MaitreMind)

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Its amazing to look back on this message thread's first post - in which ekitt10 congratulates IMSpider for making this 200th milestone find. Wow - how time flies..


Now - less than two and a half years later - IMSpider has made his way up to being the 3rd ranked New Jersey Geocacher with an amazing 6000 finds as of Saint Patrick's Day, 17 March 2009! Great choice for your milestone Spider.. I couldn't have thought of a better selection than Sue&Barry's "Our 100th - Star Search - A Night Cache (GC1N48H)".


This is truly an impressive accomplishment.. but on top of the remarkable find count achievement, IMSpider is now into his 2nd straight year or caching on a daily basis.. keeping his streak alive with no signs of slowing down.





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