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Geopelli Geocoin

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I accualy thought it might of been you who made it :) Guess not.


On gc.com go to the "Trackables" page and click on Geocoin Home its listed under " latest designs" its a kokopelli holding a GPSR unit




Very cuite! I must have some , would match all my other koko stuff B).


Now remember, all ive seen is the icon and i know i want one, i bet you will too.





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I had just rescently dropped a Geopelli Woodstock coin (which I held for waaaaaaaaay too long :D ) and was going to post on here who was the owner of that, but that is kinda pointless now since they posted already, with that said, I WANT ONE OF THE NEW ONES!!!! Great Looking Coin!

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Yes, the Geopelli Geocoin is our creation. It is production now. We hope to have it before the end of the year.



Geopelli Geocoin


The Geopelli character is suppose to glow in the dark.


We are looking forward to receiving the shipment. The geocoins will be available shortly after

Are you going to be doing trades?


OT--Nice Avatar, Scoob.

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We'd love to trade too!


We are flattered in the interest in our Geopelli Geocoin. Actually, we are a little blown away since we haven't even laid hands on this coin ourselves yet. This our first endeavor in geocoin production. As most of you already know, there is a pretty hefty capitol expense to produce geocoins. The first lot of coins is always the most expensive. With this expense in mind, we hope to sell enough Geopelli Geocoins to pay for our investment and have a few coins left over for placing in caches, giving to friends and of course, trading for geocoins that catch our fancy. Currently, our small geocoin collection consists of coin bought from our geocaching friends.


Since we are at the bottom of this geocoin learning curve, we are still looking for the best way to sell our geocoins, recoup our investment and move on the making a few trades. If anyone has any recommendations on the best way to accomplish this goal, it would be greatly appreciated.

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